Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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Congregation sings new verse to old primary classic; training a service dog

Orson Poulsen is recovering from his second cataract surgery a little slower than from his first. The surgery itself went well.

Orson is being trained in how to train a service dog. He is training his new poodle pup to obey all the commands. It will be one of the taller breeds of poodle. Right now, it is very energetic. He will keep the pup for himself. It seems to be an intelligent dog. Jeannette likes the idea of a service dog, but isn’t used to such a highly active animal.

On Sunday, Orson and Jeanette went to Salt Lake City to visit one of her sons and his family. They traveled on a beautiful scenic route up from Ogden to Morgan, Henefer and down into Salt Lake City to see the fall colors of the various kinds of trees. Orson says the predominant color was orange on the ones that had changed color, but green was the color on the trees that had not changed yet. However, the quaking aspens were a glorious yellow in color. The couple had a good visit with Jeannette’s son and his family. Then they came home on I-15.


Zane and Laura Wheatley’s daughters, Everly, Georgia, and Ruby, were in the Sunday Primary Children’s Sacrament program. Daughter Kate slept soundly throughout. Georgia played a piano duet with Carol Petersen called “Holding Hands Around the World.” Everly had a speaking part and did really good.

Laura, Ruby, and Kate picked jalapeno peppers in their garden in preparation for making salsa. The peppers will be kept until the tomatoes get riper. Laura also made some strawberry jam from frozen strawberries. She comments it was just in time since the family had run out of the jam.

In about five weeks it will be time for a winter clothing swap among the girls. They are eager for it.

Gabrielle Mitchell is doing good in school. She loves to share what she is learning with Jim and Starr Mitchell. Madalynn is crawling like crazy all over the place. It won’t be long until she is walking.

Starr’s mom is doing well and so is Starr’s brother Patrick. Mrs. O’Donnell is looking forward to spring to see all the bulbs and trees bloom that Starr planted for her.

Starr and her brother built some hummingbird feeders and placed them near the front window so Mrs. O’Donnell could watch them eat and often fight for their places. She loves hummingbirds.

Starr says her garden is just about done except for some tomatoes. Starr has had part of a row at the community garden in Brigham City. She planted watermelons. The seeds have yielded only two watermelons, one for Gabi and one for Madi. She didn’t have any pumpkins this year.

Boyd Udy went to Ogden Friday and Saturday to a Utah Cow Cutting Association Show. He supplied and pushed about five hundred and fifty head of cattle. Shane Haviland helped him. Boyd rode his great horse Crocker. “I just can’t stand to leave him home,” Boyd laments, “But he is getting older, and I don’t want to hurt him. I’m just so used to him and his ways, and he to me and mine, so I’ll have to retire him.”

There is another bigger show coming at the end of October. It will last ten days. It will be just for cutting cows. There will be participants from all over.

Winnie Richman is back to being busy again. On Monday, she unloaded two semis of hay and stacked one of them before she and the tractor got tired. The weather was perfect. Winnie got a little sunburned. She says, “Thank you, Jake.” She was supposed to get the other two loads Tuesday, but the driver was sick. She got them on Wednesday. She was very disappointed when she realized she had forgotten about a dinner at Maddox for the family to eat with Clynn’s youngest brother, Gayle Richman, on his way south for the winter.

Winnie thanks Heather Allred of Rocky Mountain Dermatology in Logan for taking care of a few pre-cancerous spots on her face and hands. They are well healed now.

Son Aaron Richman came Thursday afternoon and put oil and radiator fluid in the hay unloading tractor for Winnie. “I’m not up to crawling up the side of the tractor to do these things yet,” Winnie says, “so I am very grateful to him for doing it for me.” He also brought April with him, so Winnie and she had a good time talking and sharing recipe ideas.

On Friday, Winnie had an MRI on her back at Bear River Valley Hospital. All went well. On the way to Brigham after, she decided to have lunch at Carl’s Jr. in the hope she would see grandchildren Brittney Tello and Zach Richman who work there. They were just leaving but joined her while she ate. It was very wonderful time talking to these very grown-up kids.

On Saturday, Starr Mitchell helped Winnie feed the cows and calves. All were hungry and all went well. “Thank you so much, Starr,” Winnie says.

Several months ago Winnie was singing some of her favorite children’s songs and by happenstance added another verse of her own to “I Am a Child of God.” When she found out this year’s primary children program for Sacrament meeting had a theme of “I Am a Child of God,” she gave it to the Primary president. She said she’d ask the music director. Winnie figured that was it and forgot about it.

Then the music director for primary asked if Winnie would write it down for her. Winnie was thrilled and did so immediately. The verse was used as the last verse of the Sacrament meeting closing hymn. The verse was printed in the program for the day and the congregation was asked to sing it along with Winnie’s chorus. Wow!

Sunday was also the day Winnie’s grandson was having his new baby daughter blessed. Since he and his family are in the Thatcher Penrose First Ward, the blessing would take place at 2 p.m. that afternoon after his ward was dismissed. Winnie wouldn’t miss that event no matter what! So she missed hearing her verse and its chorus sang at the close of Sacrament in her own ward. Several people said they liked it. That was good enough for Winnie! “Thank you, Sister Julie Esplin. You made me very happy!” Winnie says.

Home, chores, TV news and weather, and early to bed finished Winnie’s happy day.


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