Tuesday, 16 August 2022
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Company tearfully celebrates beloved service dog’s trade in owners

Eagle, ID – On most employees’ last day at the office, you might expect a few handshakes, well-wishes, or a cake-cutting, if you’re lucky.

But for this TSheets staff favorite, two cakes were cut, several presents were unwrapped, and a whole lot of tears were shed.

“I mean I can’t imagine… Raising a dog, and giving her up for the good of someone else,” Megan Tubbs, recipient of service dog,

For the past two years, TSheets employee Annie Densley has been raising and training a Golden Doodle, Basil, to be a service dog.

“You know going into the service dog training that it’s not for you, and you’re going to have to give the dog up. But it definitely becomes a reality when you actually have to give them up,” said Densley.

Basil can now smell when a diabetic’s glucose levels are too high or low.

“We do training with scent samples– what we call them– or saliva samples from diabetics, and we train with those so they know what to do when they smell it,” said Densley.

Densley raised Dasil on behalf of Genesis Service Dogs, a Meridian-based nonprofit that works with youth puppy raisers to provide pooches to people with disabilities.

“It’s a dream come true… I’ve been wanting one for almost ten years,” said Tubbs.

Basil’s new owner, a type-one diabetic with what she describes as crippling anxiety, is excited to receive the dog and take her back to Utah, where she lives.

“It’s very humbling. She’s very selfless. And a thank you will never be enough — ever,” said Tubbs. 

Source: https://www.kivitv.com/news/company-tearfully-celebrates-beloved-service-dog-s-trade-in-owners

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