Sunday, 17 October 2021
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Column: Living with coyotes while protecting our dogs with fences, leashes and good training

In my last column, devoted mostly to wildlife observations, I noted that there seemed to be plenty of rabbits around this year, and that few coyotes had been seen in my area.

Correct that! In the last few days, the coyotes are suddenly around in broad daylight.

Last Sunday morning, around 11.15 a.m., two of them, I think juveniles, were running around among our properties here. I came back from Wisconsin with my dogs a week ago about 4.50 in the afternoon, and one, again probably a juvenile, was standing in the middle of the drive. Another one was seen on Sunday afternoon running from west to east towards the pond with something in its mouth.

Early morning and at twilight, a much larger and darker one, easily mistaken for a German shepherd, has been passing through. Because I have been out with my shepherds, but inside our fenced areas, they have seen this almost look-alike cousin, which has brought about a lot of barking.


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