Friday, 21 January 2022
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Clyde the Bully Shows Just How Photogenic, Patient and Sweet Pit Bull Dogs Can Be

Yes, pit-bull type dogs were recently banned from Delta flights, but Clyde the Bully is here to remind animal lovers that there is a soft side to these big pups. The American Bully, who is nearing his 2nd birthday, is a “super intelligent, goofy, loving, protective, really sweet and attentive dog,” according to his owner and “momager,” Melissa Molomo.

Molomo, who lives in California with Clyde, documents all these sides of her dog on Clyde’s Instagram account @clydethebully_.

“We wanted to make it fun. Just like the average person who loves their dog, I loved my dog. I just put him out there,” the owner tells PEOPLE about the origin of Clyde’s account, which has more than 65,000 followers. “Once I started putting videos up, and people started to see his personality, they just fell in love.”

Clyde’s mom says she often gets messages from followers confessing that they visit the big dog’s page whenever they are having a rough day and need a smile. Molomo admits there are regularly negative comments, too, from those who see pit bulls as aggressive.

“If you train a dog to be aggressive, it’s going to be aggressive,” she says of the negative attention dogs like Clyde have received because of the association people draw between the breeds and dog fighting.

Molomo is working “to set the right example” for her followers by showing them that with the “right training all dogs can be good dogs.”

Photos of and videos of Clyde learning tricks, trying on outfits and meeting fans fill his Instagram to prove this point — and “spread positive energy,” his mom says.

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Clyde and his owner plan on continuing to share the message that “with training, love and affection you can have the best dog ever” in the future, and may soon have another friend joining them; Molomo says she wants to get another dog named Bonnie to become Clyde’s partner is cuteness, but is waiting until she has more room before getting another big dog.

While they wait for Bonnie, Clyde and Molomo are working on their brand Bullies and Co, which offers affordable luxury dog collars.


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