Sunday, 25 September 2022
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Use the power of positive reinforcement to train your dog with the Chord Kind Smart Dog Collar. This reward-based collar uses science-backed methods to keep your dog (and you) as happy as can be. Worn like a regular collar, Chord marks the good behavior that you see in your dog. In addition to the audible positive reinforcement or gentle vibration, you also follow up the action of the collar with another reward, such as a treat. This positive association will encourage your dog to continue good behavior. Unlike a shock collar (or e-collar), Chord never uses punishment. Compatible with any leash, the long life battery charges in 30 minutes without removing the collar. And, it’ll last you two full days. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the companion app helps you see your dog’s progress so you can meet and exceed all your dog training goals.


The Bark Box

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