Sunday, 25 September 2022
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Cardigan woman convinced electronic collar system saves pets’ lives

A CARDIGAN woman is stepping up her campaign to legalise electronic collar boundary fencing systems which she argues protect cats or dogs from wandering out of the garden and getting killed on the roads.

Monima O’Connor, from Llangoedmor, is a passionate advocate of the system which was declared illegal in Wales in 2010. The ban is supported by the RSPCA.

“There was no scientific evidence or adverse police or vets’ reports whatsoever to justify this decision and Wales remains the only country in the UK have implemented a ban,” said Monima.

“Hand-held remote dog training aids are not the same as electronic collar linked boundary fences because in the former, it is a human’s decision to deliver a so-called “shock” to a dog whereas under the boundary system it is the pets’ own decision whether it gives itself one.”

The long-term campaigner for the reinstatement of these fencing systems is holding an open evening tomorrow (Wednesday, August 22) at her home at 6pm to demonstrate how the system works with her pets, whose modified collars lie within the law.

Alongside her will be dog-owning friends with the same system who have travelled across distances throughout the UK to take part in any Q&A. If you are interested in attending the demonstration evening, email Monima at

“Animal welfare agencies will not rehome rescue pets in properties situated near a road unless there is a secluded, contained garden or a dog/cat proof fence,” added Monima.

“Most people live near a road. If the ban on containment fencing was lifted, then it would reduce the level of euthanasia of healthy rescued cats and dogs.”


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