Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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Bluffton Dog Park has finally opened. Here’s what you need to know before you go

After 12 years of waiting, Bluffton finally has its first dog park — and it’s officially open to the public.

Although the ribbon-cutting ceremony won’t take place until Nov. 7, Bluffton Dog Park lifted the locks at Oscar Frazier Park and finished installing its signage Wednesday, according to the Town of Bluffton Facebook page. Bluffton finalized the rules in July and was waiting for the signs to be finished before opening the park to four-legged friends.

The park has three different sections: one for small dogs, one for bigger dogs (heavier than 40 pounds) and one for senior dogs.

Most of the rules are straightforward, but some may surprise you.

Here are five rules you should know before taking your dog into the park.

1. Hours are from sunup to sundown

If you want to avoid legal trouble, don’t go into the park when it’s dark—the rules say doing so will be considered trespassing.

2. No dogs under 4-months old allowed

To anyone who has puppies, you’ll need to keep them out of the park until they’re a little older.

3. Two dogs per person

Whether you’re a foster parent to dogs or have a house big enough to match the size of your heart, you’ll need to bring no more than two dogs at a time to the park or bring someone along to help you monitor them.

4. Children under age 12 must be accompanied by parent or guardian

You may ask your young kids to take the dog for a walk by themselves, but they can’t wander into the park alone with your dog.

5. No food or dog treats allowed

This may come as a surprise to some, but Abby Bird, a local dog trainer and the owner of Alphadog Training Academy, previously told The Island Packet about the danger of dog owners having food in a public setting.

“All dogs move toward a person with the treat,” she said. “They don’t know which dog it’s meant for. Owners can get jumped on and knocked over.“

And, if you find any rules are being broken, call Bluffton Police Department — they’re overseeing the park.


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