Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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Being Successful, What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #98

– Hey, everybody, how are you? Jeff Gellman, of Solid K9 Training, with my What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day Tip number 98

Do a lot of Skype's, a lot of consulting with dog trainers A lot of them want to know how can they be successful, what mistakes should I not make, what should I be careful about? This is the thing Probably the number one thing to be a successful dog trainer, or successful in any industry, is to be nice I know a lot of people are like, Oh, that's full of shit You need to be good at training dogs

I'm not saying you can't train dogs It's a given that you should be able to train a dog, or build a website, or do an account Whatever it is that you do, you should be good at

What will differentiate you between you and anybody else, is that you'll be nice In this pet industry of ours, family pet industry of ours, there's not a lot of nice people There's a lot of hateful people Now (clears throat) why there's so many hateful people? That's another thing I'll tell you why

There's so many hateful people in our industry because once they stop being hateful, they finally have to deal and confront their own personal pain and that scares them That's where personal growth comes in So you work on yourself, your personal growth So the What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day, tip number 98, is you wanna be successful in any industry? It's a given you're good at what your trade is But, be a nice person

If you're a hateful person, if you're a mean person, the reason why you are is because you've got personal growth issues, and so forth issues or things like that You're so hateful because you just haven't figured out your own struggle yet Once you figure out your own struggle, you'd be surprised how unhateful you are, how nice you are It's up to you, man It's up to you

A lot of drama in my industry I stay out of it Keep doing it Go right ahead (laughs) Makes life easier for me

Jeff Gellman, Solid K-9 Training I'm madly in love with you Talk to you later, bye

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