Friday, 9 December 2022
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Be like Juan! What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #97

– Hey everybody, how are you? It's Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training with my What Would Jeff Do? dog training tip of the day, tip number 97 I wanna just give, again, some recognition

Guys, every day I get up to 30 emails a day I get so much email That doesn't include personal messages, tweets, Instagram messages, but so many people tell me that they just celebrate I just wanna celebrate some people this week I'm down here in Florida

That's not why I have the shirt on, but, yeah it is, anyway But I just wanted to celebrate Juan It's a short email so I'm gonna do this Juan says, Jeff, I swore off dogs a long time ago and I've told many people I'd never get a dog I hated them and they hated me

I've said many times aloud, I'm just not an animal person Three kids later and a ton of begging later, I caved Okay, dad, you're a human I knew I was going to need to prepare I stumbled on your videos and watched hours and hours of videos for a week

I picked the shyest dog I could find from the shelter, not a good idea usually I'm like, where's this going? We couldn't get her out on a leash We had to carry her out She was shaking pretty bad when I got her home I put everything you showed me into the work

One week later, she's a different dog She comes, stays in place, she sits and it knows stay, and she'll run and heel for miles It's been an amazing experience and it's crazy to say, but now I wanna train all the dogs I literally want to help them all Penny, my dog, and I are two totally different people after one week and we owe it all to you

Thank you so much, Juan Juan, actually I'm just the light You're the fire And what I mean by that is I just inspired you You did all the work

But think about this One week of education, one week of implementation Juan's journey is far from over But what I mean by that, if you're struggling, do something about it You don't need to struggle

And damn right, our videos are fricking good, and they're life-changing Jeff Gellman, What Would Jeff Do?, Solid K9 Training, dog training tip number 97, be like Juan, educate, apply, change your like That's so fricking fucking corny, isn't it? I'll keep it in there, why? I don't edit these things Love you, bye

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