Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Avoid Encouraging Bad Canine Behaviour

Written by Terry Broun Jr.

Unwanted pooch behavior is unwittingly encouraged. Therefore pet owners need be vigilant about what siginals they send their four-legged charges at any given moment. And being the forgiving creatures that canines are, means they move on quickly from the silly mistakes their humans owners make, especially since dogs live in the moment.

Unnecessary attention
When we first take a puppy home, we choose a place for it to sleep. But our young charge does not want to bunker down for the night and will likely wail ‘til someone comes a-running. But by going to it continuously, (which is more reassurance for ourselves) this teaches the pup that it can summon you by increasing or making noise until you respond. Though it sounds hard, you mustn’t go to it and eventually the pup will settle down and accept its sleeping quarters.

Toilet Training
Shouting at our pets for doing their business, only makes a pet want to run someplace where you can’t see them. And that’s why you’re more likely to find parcels in hidden places. The only thing that shouting teaches pets is that we’re horrible people and that we yell and scream when they go to the toilet. And so that will teach them to go and hide behind furniture or go into another room to do it. Best thing is to completely ignore when it happens in-house, but make a big deal, in the way of heaping praise, when they answer the call of nature where it’s expected.

Leash Walking
Much of getting this right has to start at pup age. What most of us do mistakenly is to put a puppy on a lead and allow it to walk ahead of us, letting it wander where it wants. So then the owner is following the pup and all that teaches the pup is that you will follow where they lead. The best thing to do is to stand still, so the puppy will feel the pressure on its collar and then it will stop and come back to you. Release the pressure naturally to teach the dog not to tug on its lead.

Timing Rewards
When you give a dog a treat and you hold your hand too high all this teaches your pet is to jump up and take it from your hand. You’ve got to keep the treat around dog height.

When greeting a dog humans generally fuss over a canine when greeting them. Allowing canines to jump all over humans allows them to think it’s OK to do so at any given moment, thus rewarding bad behavior by allowing it.

Often canine parents tell a dog to shut up when it barks. What the dog is doing is alerting their human family to a perceived looming threat of a presence or sound. And when humans yell at their dogs to shut up when barking they the dog doesn’t understand what is being said and instead thinks the human are chiming in on the cacophony. Barking is best ignored; however, this will take some time to resolve.


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