Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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Assessing Dell EMC’s aggressive channel plans

Geoff Wright (Dell EMC) and Joyce Mullen (Dell EMC)

Geoff Wright (Dell EMC) and Joyce Mullen (Dell EMC)

Credit: Christine Wong

Dell EMC is delivering on the promise of increased opportunities through the channel by rolling out a fresh round of partner incentives in markets experiencing growth.

Forming part of aggressive indirect plans both locally and globally, the tech giant is actively rewarding competitive take-outs, heavily compensating individual sellers and driving business growth across multiple business lines.

The goal is to create an ecosystem of partners turning over US$50 billion globally, emphasising rapid growth from US$35 billion figures posted only 14 months ago.

Driven by partner program refinements, Dell EMC is tabling a new strategy for the channel which on the one hand, emphasises a shift in thinking for the vendor, but also recognises the successes of past endeavours.

“There’s plenty of focus on how we grow the channel,” said Joyce Mullen, president of global channels at Dell EMC. “And there’s plenty of focus on how we grow direct.

“We don’t have a goal to say that X per cent of our business will go through the channel, and X per cent will be direct.

“We want to ensure our customers can choose how they want to transact. Our goal is to grow both parts of the business as fast as possible, to gain as much share as possible and to get our solutions to market.”

In a reference to Dell EMC’s chequered channel past, Mullen – when speaking to ARN – accepted that conflict can occur between direct sellers and partners, but insisted “rules of engagement” are in place to ensure transparency across both sides of the business.

“That’s why we have a deal registration process,” Mullen explained. “We’ve got to keep simplifying this process and make our approach predictable so our partners know when they have a responsibility to drive the sale, and when the direct team should.”

Working from a black and white playbook, the tech giant aims to drive profitability through incentivising partners to acquire new contracts, grow existing customers while expanding into the lines of business.

Specifically within services and storage, billed as two blockbuster markets for Dell EMC in 2018 with the “most upside” for partners.

“From a business point of view, partners are trying to control their costs,” said Geoff Wright, general manager of channels across Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) at Dell EMC.

“They are trying to simplify their own business which is why we’ve created a single program which incorporates multiple lines of business. We have a team that can help partners sell across different segments through one sale.

“It means the channel is no longer dealing with this vendor, or that vendor, and we’re seeing partners want to lock this process down because it’s proving successful for them.”

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