Friday, 9 December 2022
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Ask a Michigan Humane Society vet about your pets to keep them happy and healthy

We are all for pets at Live in the D, and we realize you want to keep yours happy and healthy. We give viewers a chance to ask a vet questions about concerns they may have pertaining to their pets. 

We welcomed back Dr. Lara Silveri, a veterinarian with the Michigan Human Society, to the show on Thursday. The first question one of our viewers¬†had was:¬†What are the symptoms of anxiety in pets and are there some ways to help them that don’t involve prescriptions?¬†

Dr. Silveri said some of the symptoms of anxiety in our pets are howling, indoor bathroom accidents, self-mutilation and destroying the house. Some ways to avoid or lower anxiety in our pets include coming and going quietly from the house. This is going to help keep the animal calm. If we  make a big deal about the way we return back home, our pets are very likely to have separation anxiety when we are not around. Other ways to help with anxiety is to leave the home in short intervals to help get your dog used to you leaving the home. 

Another viewer’s¬†question concerned one of her dogs who would not eat, and shortly after, her other dog started to have a difficult time keeping food down. This viewers¬†question was:¬†Is it possible her dogs¬†have a virus? Silveri said, “There are a lot of causes for both of those symptoms. It is something that I would recommend talking with a¬†veterinarian¬†if you do see those symptoms. It could be something simple that the dogs¬†ate, or it could be something serious,¬†life-threatening, and time sensitive.” She always advises pet owners to not give their¬†pet over-the-counter medications without speaking with a vet first.¬†

The Michigan Humane Society has veterinary care services at their locations in Westland, Rochester Hills and Detroit. To make an appointment, and to learn about all other programs they offer, visit their website


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