Monday, 10 December 2018
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Annie Lin’s Diary: Pink Parade, Coach Beamer and Go Fest

  Sunday, October 6, 2018 was the 11th annual event raises awareness and funds for Every Women’s Life, a program started by Carillion Clinic that provides free mammograms to uninsured and underinsured women in the Roanoke Valley. The featured activity is a parade and mall walk in which guests are encouraged to dr in pink Mardi Gras-style apparel. In addition to fashion and beauty demonstration and a grand-prize drawing, there was a culinary tour of surrounding restaurants for an additional charge. From 10 am to 2 pm at Valley View Mall, 4802 Valley View Blvd. N,W, in Roanoke. Free.

  At 10 am. My son, Jerry Wu and I arrived there. We wore Pink from head to toe. We carried Pink tote bags, too. WOW! A crowd of Pink people there. Jerry likes to spin a wheel to win a prize. We also play a game that threw a ball into the different size &color bras. It was fun, fun, and fun.

  We got a group picture at Valley View red carpet. There was a female dog, name is Jess. She wore a Tutu. We had a pictures taken with WFXR workers. We registered to get free tote bag and free lunch. (after parade)

   At 11:00 am, the parade started. The people followed the high school band. Jerry enjoyed walking inside of the mall. See! He passed the JCPenny, SEARS, MACY’S…We saw people taking our pictures.

   After the parade, the DJ played for dancing. Every had much, much fun. The end of the event, the DJ played “Amazing Grace”. Everyone was silent remembering people who died with cancer.

   Then, we got in line to get lunch. Jerry enjoyed his food, me too.

   Thanks for the sponsored and volunteers and supporters. We really enjoyed being a part of the event for something worth while.

   I found a link to share it with everyone.

  Wednesday, October 3, 2018 was an evening with Frank Beamer. When Beamer accepted the job as head football coach, his goal was for the Virginia Tech football program to reach a consistent level of excellence. The Hokies have come a long way since then, and, along the way. Beamer has become on of the most respected and successful coaches on the college football scene.

  The event was at 7:30 pm at Roanoke College, Cregger Center Arena, 221 College Lane in Salem. It was free admission, but tickets were required.

   At 7:00 pm. My son, Jerry Wu and I arrived there. We wore VT Hokies outfits from head to toe. We carried 2 Hokies back packs, too.

   When we walked in the room. Someone said “WOW! HOKIES!” Then they took our picture with Roanoke College background. 

   At 7:30 pm. Frank Beamer came to speak. He was humorous with his speech. People laughed…I saw WFXR TV station there. We sat in the first row of the right head side. There was a crowd of people there. After Frank Beamer ‘s speech, the Roanoke College gave scholarships to 2 students and Frank Beamer.  

   Then, we got in the line to shake hands with him, and had his autographs on backpack and VT hat. 

   We were so lucky to see him and have our pictures taken and Especially to have him sigh his autographs for us. Thank you to Roanoke College for a free incredible event. Please let me to share my pictures with you.

Go Outside Festival was an annual on Friday, Saturday, and Friday event to encourage healthy, active outdoor recreation. There was company gears, music, races and demonstrations, walk around, touch gear, try stuff out, pitch your tent, bring your dog on a leash. listen to local music, sample craft, beer and more.

  Saturday, October 13, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu and I wore Spider-Man costume. At 10:30 am, we arrived there. We went around the River’s Edge Sports Complex area to find something fun. 

  First, we watch “KEEN LUMBER JACK SHOW”. A crowd of people looked at two young guys’ show that whole logs sliced in seconds, axes hurled from 20 feet and other acts of strength. After the show, they sign autographs for children. We got two-pieces of wood from the show and we had a group picture in front of stage.

  When we went around from the booth, we got free back pack from Anthem, and toe bag from Zagster. Then, we watch the “SPRINT BMX STUNT SHOW”. The young guys wore helmets and rode bicycles, and dumped up and down and across the steel rumps. The hoster asked for the volunteers through the show. I raised my hand. he said “Spider-Man come here.” I laid down on the floor for the show. A stunt bike flew over the volunteers. WOW! Amazing! Everyone was clapping. After I got a giant poster for free. I heard people say, Spiderman! So Cool! Here is a link.

   Later, we were stopped at GO FEST REGATION booth. The employees asked our team name. I said “Spider-Man” He said “Go, Go, Spider-Man.” Final, we won the games. See! We did amazing sport exercise. 

   We stopped at the food trucks area. We bought chicken sandwiches and drinks at Martin food booth. We sat at the food area tables for our lunch. That was a crow of people there. It was a relax time.

  We walked around to the Cox Communications booth under the tent. Jerry played baseball games. He really enjoyed it. Here is a link.

  We watched ULTIMATE AIR DOGS SHOW. Jerry likes dogs, but we don’t have one. The dogs everywhere, but needed a leash. Jerry had his picture taken with dogs.

  When we stood in front of the giant poster. I heard someone call “Annie”. I turn around, I saw my administrator from work. He and his daughters were there. I asked for a group picture. He said “Annie, you have all kinds of costumes.”

   “It is a celebration of what is our community strenght, and that’s the outdoors and the beauty of where we live.” 

   We were so tired, but we enjoying the Go Outside Festival. We look forward to going there again next year.

Sunday, September 30, 2018 was the JDRF One Walk from noon to 5 pm at Elmwood Park, 706 S. Jefferson St., in Roanoke. The event was free, registration was encouraged.

  At 12:30 pm. My son, Jerry Wu and I arrived there. More than 1,200 people were expected to gather at Elmwood Park on Sunday in the name of type 1 diabetes research, according to the JDRF Greater Blue Ridge Chapter.

  The group’s 27th annual JDRF One Walk was one of about 200 walks nation wide that help fund research for the autoimmune disease. 

  It was our first time to participate in the event. See! A giant JDRF Arch was there. We went around the park, and we took a lot of pictures. They were Red Sox mascot, cookie master, member one and more…We were so lucky to have a picture with Kimberly McBroom, Anchor of WDBJ7. 

  There were free kids’ activities and live music, free water bottles, and popcorn. Families and friends have come here to join together in teams and to walk to find a cure for type 1 to type none.

   At 2:00 pm. Participants walked the entire three-mile course or one mile route. We followed the group walking…

   While we walked all the way back. WOW! the volunteers held signs saying, “You’re Awesome!” “We Appreciate You!” There were in front of JDRF Arch. See! Jerry’s smiling face. We did it!!! So Cool!!!

  Thanks for all of the sponsored, volunteers, VTCC group, and participants to make a great day for the special event.

Saturday, September 29, 2018 was the Historic City Market got in the mood for all, with live music and entertainment, kids’ activities, and animals from Angels of Assis, and more…From 10am to 4pm at Market Square in Downtown Roanoke. Free.

  At 11:00 am. My son, Jerry Wu and I arrived there. We wore Minions outfits from head to toe and we carried Minions’ backpacks, too. 

  First, we got a long line to have free cartoon characters drawing. See! It was so cool! Then, we went around to take some pictures. We saw a group of dancing girls. We sat on the straws to listening live music. A giant John Deere was there. We saw dogs for adopt at Angels of Assisi. There was free pumpkins gave away at children activities area. We saw a giant pumpkin $25.00 for sale at local market booth. There also had the Art pictures for sale, too.

  Before we went home, we ate a lunch at Hong Kong Restaurant inside of the City Market building. Jerry likes Chinese food, so do I.

   Thanks for all of sponsored and volunteers to make a wonderful day. We really enjoyed the Harvest Festival. Please let me to share my pictures with you.

Saturday, September 22, 2018 was the annual fall festival hosted by Salem Red Sox benefits Katie’s place. Activities included character appearances, face painting, inflatables, a petting zoo, a silent action, food trucks, vendors and more.

  From 10 am to 2pm. At Haley Toyota Field, 1004 Texas St., in Salem. $5; free for ages 2 and younger.

  At 10 am. My son, Jerry Wu and I arrived there. We wore Salem Red Sox T-shirts. Jerry also wore a hat. I carried an umbrella. We bought 2 tickets and get in the line for waiting the gate to be open.

  The Roanoke College students passed activities schedule for everyone. Rules: Visit each vendor booth listed to get a stamp. Collect all vendor stamps and bring your card to the Katie’s place/SVH booth by 1pm to be entered into a drawing for 4 general admission tickets to a Salem Red Sox 2019 games.

  We went around the booths and took pictures. People took our pictures,too. They said: they want to put our pictures on the Katie’s place Facebook. See! MIAMONDS in the RUFF from shelter to service. Jerry really likes dogs, but we don’t have one. I don’t have free time to take care of dogs between Jerry and my job.

   We stopped at American Free Style booth. Jerry was in the class and received a black belt for his Martial Art. He liked to do punching and kicking. There was volunteer girls held all of colorful balloons to give away at Katie’s place booth. We saw a young man wore Dunkin Donuts costume. 

   We bought Burger & Fries and drink at the food booth. We sat on high chairs and watched the Roanoke College team played games. Suddenly, a ball flew to our area, I picked it up quickly. Then a player came, he signed his name on the ball for us. We also got a group picture, It was so special and lucky to have a Red Sox ball.

   Here was Salem Fire Department Trunk 1 there. Jerry wore Firefighter uniform and helmet. That is so cool for Jerry!!!

   It was hot and humidity. We did not stay for all of activities, but we really have so much fun, fun, and fun. Thanks for all of sponsored and volunteers to make a wonderful “Salem Red Sox Fall Festival”.

Saturday, Septemer 8, 2018 was the annual Olde Salem Days.

  My son, Jerry Wu and I wore “Olde Salem Days” T-shirts and colorful hats.

  At 9 am, we went to the main street. See! There were over 450 artists, crafters and participarts, with a food court located in the farmers market and a car show over 50 vehicals, plus music and kids’ fair in Libray Square.

  We took pictures at Salem Police booth. They knew Jerry, and gave away Salem Police backpack to him. When we stood in front of Rotary Club of Salem-Information Center booth for a picture to be taken. a man wore “Rotory Club” T-shirt, he ran to take out picture. He said “He just liked our outfits.”

  We saw Mogran Griffith and Bob Goodlatte Congressmen. They were busy giving balloons away. WOW! Here was PBS Blue Ridge booth. See! The Sesame Street car was there. We met my neighbors, former co-worker, and postman. It was a long walking around the booths. Jerry liked to spin wheels, and got free gifts. He also fed a dog and had his picture taken.

  We stopped at the Farmers Market to buy food and drink. Jerry enjoyed his Lomien, Egg Roll, and Lemonade. 

  It was humidity day. I needed to go back tp work. After Jerry finished his food then we walked all the way back home. 

  It was fun, fun, and fun. We enjoyed Olde Salem Days. 

 The 48th annual Labor Day Parade was held on Monday, September 3, 2018 in Buena Vista, Virginia.

  At 7:30 am, my son, Jerry Wu and I wore patriotic outfits from head to toe. Jerry carried MARVEL backpack with 2 balloons. I carried “Support Our Troops” pillow with 2 balloons, too. I drove from I-81 N toward Buena Vista. The road was so foggy between Buchanan and Natural Bridge.

  At 8:30 am, we arrived there. I took a picture in front of “Welcome Buena Vista” sign. Later, I found a parking spot and went around to take pictures with parade group.

   Hundreds of people came out Monday for the annual Later Day Parade. This was political parade. See! Republican and Democrat signs everywhere. We met Del. Ben Cline candidates for Congress in the 6th District. Republican candidates Corey Stewart, he is Trump’s support. See! A giant elephant was in the parade. We got a picture with Congressman Bob Goodlatte in front of his convertible car.

    At 9:30am, the parade started, Jerry and I followed the line and walked down more than the 14 blacks parade route. Jerry was busy giving away fortune cookies from a MARVEL bucket. Jerry liked to do it. I saw people clapped hands for us and took our pictures, I heard someone said “WOW! Looking at her dress.” Then, we stopped at the end of the parade. We did not go to the Glen Maury Park to watch political speeches and their activities.

    I had a picture with Boy Scout and a woman who Millie. She is a judge the parade. She said “Annie, give your address, I will mailing trophies for you and Jerry.” You both looking so great today! Then, we had pictures with the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) pipe band, school cheer leaders. Please let me share it with you.

    After the parade, I stopped at Burger King for our lunch. Jerry enjoyed his food and drink, me too.

    Jerry and I won 1st place most original entry and judges choice awards at the Labor Day Parade 2014 in Buena Vista. Thanks to God for our safe trip.

    September 15. I received a PRIORITY MAIL with 2 trophies in there. Thank you to Millie. We are so grateful. Please let me share it with you.

    Happy Labor Day!

Sunday, September 2, 2018 was Beaver Dam Farm Sunflowers Festival. 

  The sunflowers festival at Beaver Dam Farm in Buchanan runs for two weekends every year. You can walk through 21 acres of sunflowers. There will also be music, food, craft vendors and children’s activities. The festival is this Saturday and Sunday from 10an to 5pm both day. It’s $5(cash) and free for children under three.  

   I drove from Interstate 81-Take exit 156 from I-81 N. Take US-11 to state Rte 639 (Wheatland Road).

   At 10am, my son, Jerry Wu and I arrived there. After we followed line for parking car in the field. Then we walked into the gate and paid $5/one person. I heard people said “Looking at her sunflowers dress and his sunflower T-shirt.” We got first group picture. 

   Then, we went around to taking more pictures. We followed people walked into the field. It was our first time for Beaver Dam Farm Sunflowers Festival.

    WOW! 21 acres of sunflowers. We never been in there before. A crowd of people and some people carried professional cameras.

    It was more than 90 degree. Jerry carried a Spiderman umbrella. He could not stand the heat. Suddenly, I heard someone called “Jerry”. She was former Principal at Fallon Park Elementary School. We saw Tepees on the field, so cool! We also got group pictures with young girls. Then, we walked out in the field and got a long line to waiting wagon ride. I saw a little girl wore a sunflower dress. We are twin.

    After wagon ride, we bought BBQ and drinks at the food booth. We sat under the tent. Jerry enjoyed his pork BBQ. 

    We were so tired, but we saw 21 acres of gorgeous sunflowers in our life. Thanks to God for our safe trip.

Saturday, September1, 2018 was 7th annual America Works Labor Day Parade. The parade started at 11 am at intersection of Third Street and Campbell Ave, and stopped at Williamson Road.

  At 10 am, my son, Jerry Wu and I wore patriotic outfits from head to toe. I carried a “Support Our Troops” pillow with 2 balloons together. Jerry wore UFCW Local 400 yellow T-shirt (The shirt made in USA). I sewed an America flag(The flag is made in USA) on of posit side. 

  When we arrived there. People said “Looking at them, so great!” We had pictures taken with Steve Meador and his family(included a dog). He is the representative UFCW Local 400. We met Carlton Cliff, Chuck Simpson. The President for Roanoke Labor Day Parade. 

  At 11 am, the parade started. The parade is organized by the America Works Committee of the Western Virginia Labor Federation. We were #16, followed by Democrat group. Jerry gave away fortune cookies from MARVEL bucket. He so happy to do it. I heard kids said “Fortune Cookies”.

  When we stopped at “Parade Reviewing Stage”. the host said “Annie Lin works as a nurse at Friendship Assisting Living and her son, Jerry Wu works as a cafeteria aide at Fallon Park Elementary School. They are patriotic enjoy a parade.” I heard people clapping for us.

  After the parade, Carlton Cliff, he is a President for Roanoke Labor Day Parade. Said “Annie, I will give both of you, 3 trophies, since you come to the parade every year. You and Jerry looking so great for the Support the Roanoke Labor Day Parade. Do you believe it or not? 3 trophies maybe 4 (include 2018).

  Before we went home. We ate a lunch at the Hong Kong Restaurant inside of the City Market building. Jerry likes Chinese food, so do I.

  Marolyn told me, she saw us in a brief clip on WDBJ7 in the Roanoke Labor Day Parade. 

  Next day, I found my picture was in the Roanoke Times website. Thank you to Heather who is a photographer for the Roanoke Times. Here is a link.

  I also found out my picture on USA TODAY. Heather said “Annie, that is so cool you are on the USA TODAY website!” Labor Day: why do we celebrate the holiday?

  Here is a link.

  WOW! USA TODAY! Do you believe it or not? Please let me share it with you. What is a wonderful the Roanoke Labor Day Parade!

I received a post card that Dr. Rita D. Bishop, Superintendent, and the Roanoke City School Board invited Jerry Wu to the 2018 Convocation for Roanoke City Public Schools. 

  Wednesday, August 15, 2018  at 9:00 am at Berglund Center (Coliseum) in Roanoke. Because Jerry Wu works as a Cafeteria Aide at Fallon Park Elementary School.

  At 9 am, my son, Jerry Wu and I arrived there. We wore Fallon Park Elementary School staff’s shirts. Thanks to Principal who gave us free shirts. First, we got a picture with the Patrick Henry/William Fleming Marching Bands.  Then, we sat on Fallon Park Elementary School’s section.

  The district’s theme this year is “Dream Big”. The combined Patrick Henry/William Fleming High School Choir sang “A Million Dreams” from the movie The Greatest Showman. The event also featured the Patrick Henry/William Fleming Marching Bands and JROTC units.

  During Convocation, Jamie Nichols (P.S. Jerry had a picture taken with her) of Lucy Addison Middle was honored for being Roanoke’s Teacher of the year. She received $1,000 from the Roanoke City Schools Education Foundation. 

  This year to accommodate the schedule of feature Speaker. It was well worth the wait. The speaker is an original Freedom writer whose story was told in part in the 2007 movie Freedom Writers. By age 16, Manny Scott’s story was almost over-his father was incarcerated, he dropped out of school, had live in 26 places, and his best friend had been murdered, Manny Scott largely turned his life around thanks to teachers who believed in him.

   Mr. Scott’s inspirational message produced many tears, several laughs, and a standing ovation from the more than 2,000 in attendance.

  Mr. Scott’s appearance helped launch the district’s new initiative to become trauma-informed. Staff members will be trained to recognize trauma in the lives of our students.

  After the event, we got a long line to buy his books, signed autographs, and had pictures taken. 

  WOW! A wonderful Convocation!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu, and I went to the Down Syndrome Association of Roanoke (DSAR) the annual Summer party which honored the Push America Cycling Team from 5pm to 7pm at Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke.

  Jerry and I wore Down Syndrome Day March 21 T-shirts.Down syndrome(DS or DNS), also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features, and mild to moderate intellectual disability. We walked around the zoo and took some pictures. See! A incredible mirror that distorts people. We like the funny body shapes of ourselves.

  The DSAR is paying for zoo admission and providing dinner. See! A long table with BBQ, chicken strips, fried chickens, chips, and drinks. All of yummy food from Wildwood Smoke House. I brought Chinese fortune cookies and watermelon to share with everyone. Thanks DSAR for supporting the event, and you knew Jerry likes to eat, so do I!

  Before we ate, everyone walked to the train station to ride with choo-choo train. See! Jerry enjoyed the train, me too, and of course, everyone.

  We are happy to welcome the Push America Journey of Hope Cycling Team. Push America, the out reach of the Pikappa, Phi Fratemity, Promotes, a greater understanding and cross county cycling trip in Seattle, Washington and will finish in Washington, D.C.. The cyclists stop in cities across the country and spend time with other organization like the DSAR. We are honored that they have contacted us again and want to spend some time with us. This is the twelve year that we have hosted them. Come join the fun!

  We had a group picture taken around the Tiger statue. Jerry and I also lucky to have a group picture in front of “Mill Mountain Zoo” sign there. See! So Cool!!!

  We also stopped at Mill Mountain Star to have a picture taken. 

  Thanks DSAR, members, and friends, and the Push America Cycling Team for giving a wonderful Summer party. 

    If you know someone with special needs. Please contact (540) 772-6460 for more information.

The 10th Annual Touch A Truck on Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 10 am to 3 pm at Green Hill Park in Salem.

  Both kids and adults had the opportunity to see touch and play while learning about over 200 cool vehicles. See everything from fire trucks to motorcycles, cement trucks to police cars, delivery trucks to garbage trucks and airplanes. Drivers and operators were on hand to assist in your exploration. Additional activities included events involving water such as Firemen’s Foam and water spray, a hayride, petting zoo, food vendors, Parental Supervision id required, cameras are highly recommended. Free admission.

  My son, Jerry Wu and I wore printed with USA/AMERICA red T-shirts. At 10 am. We arrived. There was a crowd of people in the park. Honk! Honk! Honk! in the air around the park. The weather was hot and humidity was high.

  First, we signed an agreement not to sue before we got into Altec bucket that raised up into the sky. We had pictures taken at the WFXR booth. We walked around in the park. Jerry sat on “Sheriff Roanoke County Special Olympics” car seat. Jerry enjoyed wearing the uniform a bullet-proof vest, a helmet and held weapon at the Western Virginia Regional Jail booth. Jerry had a picture with a marine. We had a picture in front of Lynchburg Crane booth. I stood up there. 

  There are new things every year, and we enjoy coming to see what’s new every year. I got a favorite picture while we got into Altec buck to lift get a bird’s-eye view of Roanoke County Park. So Cool!!!

   By afternoon, more than 7,000 visitors had traveled to the all-day-event. Jerry stood under a massive shower of water provided by a Fort Lewis fire truck. His T-shirt was soaked and needed to be changed. We got free T-shirts from LYNCHBURG CRANE. The T-shirts printed with FOREVER FREE, Eagles, and America flags in the front. Jerry got a picture with 2 pretty girls at Mission BBQ truck. He played as a DJ at K92 booth. He caught paper money in a giant air bag to win the Star War puzzle toy at the SALVATION ARMY booth.

   On the way home, we stopped at MacDonald Restaurant for lunch. He enjoyed his food with air condition. We really tired, but we had a fun, fun, and fun day. Thank you for the sponsors and volunteers. We look forward to seeing it next year.    

he 22nd Annual Mountain Valley Cluster Dog Show is a collaboration of the Roanoke James River and New River Valley Kennel Clubs. From Thursday(8/2), Friday(8/3), Saturday(8/4) and Sunday(8/5) from 8am to 4pm at Salem Civic Center. Free Admission.

  The annual event provides a fun, safe community activity for families and is good for local business. Spectators are welcome. Admission and car parking are free. Vendors will be available offering a last array of dog related merchandise and supplies.

  Saturday, August 4, 2018. My son Jerry and I went there. Jerry wore MIGHTY MORPHIN Power Rangers T-shirt and I wore All my friends are AWESOME! T-shirt with 4 dogs’ picture on it. 

   First, we saw a giant pool at the parking lot. It was for diving dogs competitions. A dog was scared to jumping into the pool. Everyone laughed… 

  Then we walked in the Salem Civic Center, we saw all kind of dogs there, they waited for competitions and show. I did not know all of dogs’ name. We also went to the “Beauty Shop” area. See! A dog licking Jerry’ face. Jerry likes pets, but we don’t have one. I don’t have free time to take care of dogs between Jerry and my job. 

  The annual event provides a fun, safe community activities for families and is good for local business. We really enjoyed furry pals flaunting Mountain Valley Cluster Dog Show.

    Saturday, July 14, 2018 was a special event from 10am to 1pm at Christiansburg Recreation Center. They gave people with disabilities a chance to try new things. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s office, in collaboration with the County’s fire and rescue department, hosted its third annual “EFFORT” event Saturday. “EFFORT” stand for ” Enabling Friends For Our Response Teams.

  My son, Jerry Wu and I worn patriotic outfits. It was our first time for the event at Christiansburg Recreation Center. At 10am , the door opened and we followed the line to get in. Jerry signed the papers and received a free “EFFORT” bag.

  First, Jerry played ball with the boys scouts. He got a high score. We had a group picture there. We stopped at Rescue Squad and ambulance stretcher area. They asked Jerry to pick a toy up, and gave him a stethoscope to listen to the internal sounds of a bear toy and to listen to lung and heart sounds. Jerry got a “Congratulations!!! You have completed the EFFORT Jr. Rescue Member First Aid Course!” We had a group picture with rescue squad team. See! Jerry’s smile face even though he sat on a wheelchair to let volunteer to push him go, go, and go…

  During Saturday’s event, Jerry learned how to put out a fire, run an obstacle course and learn basic aid, among other skills. He ran, jumped, and held a fire hose putting out fire, and rescue people (a giant dummy). Police said “Pick up and run!” Jerry did it. He total got 3 awards. “Congratulations!!! You have completed the EFFORT Jr. Fireman Obstacle Course!” and Congratulations!!! You have completed the EFFORT Jr. Law Enforcement Obstacle Course!

Thursday, July 5, 2018 was my birthday. My son, Jerry Wu wore a special Virginia shirt with an America Eagle tie. I wore a Chinese qipao (旗袍) with a Dragon emblem on it. I took Jerry to the Olive Garden for my birthday dinner. Jerry carried a bunch of “Happy Birthday” balloons and a red, white, and blue cake.

  I received the birthday cards, cakes, gift cards and more…from the Geib family, the Ike family, Marlene, and my co-workers…I got more than 3 cakes. Thank you so much. 

  Jerry knew how to order his food. We like Olive Garden’s cheese on top of bread and food. Jerry really enjoyed food there.

  The waiter lit up the candies for my birthday cake. I blew them out and I made a wish.

  Chuck, Administrator, Residents and my co-workers said “Happy Birthday, Annie!” Even though I had worked on my birthday.

  Here is a link to see WDBJ7 Birthdays and anniversaries for July 5th.

  Thanks to God for my birthday. Thank you to my family in Taiwan (臺灣). Unfortunately, my father and my mother died in 2014 & 2015. Thank you to my dear friends, co-workers, and my neighbors to help and take care of us.

  I also included the pictures, we had treat at DQ, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald’s for my birthday. Marolyn said “See! Jerry’s a really smile when he is eating!”

 Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 was the 4th of July parade in Buchanan. Harry Gleason, Downtown Revitalization program Manager, he entered my parade form and information that the parade will line up at 4pm and started at 5pm.

  My son, Jerry Wu and I wore patriotic outfits from head to toe. See! Cowboys hats and boots and America tote bag. A lady whose mother lives at my work place. She gave me a tote bag as a gift. Jerry carried his MARVEL backpack and blooms and he held a giant America flag. I carried a “Support Our Troops” pillow. (It is made in USA). We walked on the main street. I was on #1 in the parade. We followed police and fire truck. Go, go and go…See! American flag waved in the air. I am so proud of Jerry. It was 98F degree. We were worn out, but I heard people said “Happy 4th! America!” They clapped hands for us. We walked down from main street and finished at the carnival area.

  Before the parade. A lady, Pat Brooks, who owner “The Flair Affair” shop at 19384 Main Street in Buchanan. She and her daughter and friends gave everyone free food and drinks at the shop. I gave her a copy of July Senior News issue. It had my patriotic article there. Here is a link to see it “Senior News July 2018 issue page 38”. “We Are Patriotic”. I also told them to visit So Salem for Annie Lin’s diary section.

  Through the parade, we met Ben Cline, Republican run for U.S. Congress. He signed autographs for us and we had pictures taken. I said “Good Luck for Congressman to him!”

  After the parade. Jerry and I sat on the bench at the carnival area. I bought famous “Buchanan French Fries”. We enjoyed food and watched performances.

  WOW! I won “Buchanan Community Carnival Fourth of July Parade Superior Performance First Place 2018”. Jerry and I held a Red, White, and Blue Trophy stood in front of stage with the BUCHANAN sign.

  We got a picture taken. We were so tired, we did not stay to watch the fire work, but we had so much fun. Especially, I won a trophy. Thank you for my award.

  Before we went to the 4th of July parade in Buchanan. We saw a statue of pig (Red, White, and Blue colors) at the corner of HOBBIES craft shop in the west main street in Salem. We also stopped at the Friendship Assisted Living for patriotic cookout. My boss, Chuck, Administrator, residents and their families, and co-workers, they liked our patriotic outfits. They took our pictures. 

  Thanks to God for our safe trip. I showed my trophy to my residents, co-workers, friends, and my neighbors. They are so proud of us. 

 WOW! What is a beautiful America!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 was the opening night for the 31st Annual Salem Fair. At 2:30 pm, my son, Jerry Wu and I went there. We saw there was a line already. Jerry and I wore patriotic outfits. Through the waiting time, I saw Melissa Gaona, WDBJ7 Anchor and her co-workers. (Brent Watts. Chef Meteorologist, and Leo Hirsbrunner. Meteorologist). Melissa interviewed me for Virginia Veterans Parade in 2011. We were lucky to have a picture taken with WDBJ7 reporters team in front of Salem Fair entrance. Thank you, Melissa gave a candy apple to Jerry.

  At 4:00 pm, the gate opened. Jerry paid $15.00 for a wrist band for unlimited rides. First, he rode the Enterprise, no single rider allowed. I was lucky to ride with him for free. It was so scary and exciting for us. Then he rode the Zero Gravity, Supernova, YoYo, Musik Express, Zero Gravity,, Cliff Hanger, Star Ship 4000, Flitzer Coaster, and more…

  Jerry enjoyed his rides and I did my photographs. We were worn out ! Jerry got his favorite lemonade. We bought food there, Jerry ate French Fries and I liked Funnel Cake. We sat at bench seat to watch Glen Shelton musical entertainment.

  Then, we walked to the Salem Civic Center exhibits room. I had entered exhibits. Such as the plants, cut flowers, cross-stiches, and art for Chinese Calligraphy. I won the first place for both of them. I also won Champion Ribbon for my Orchid. Here is a link to see “Salem Fair Blue Ribbon 2017 Best in Show”.

  We also watched XPOGO STUNT TEAM and had a group picture taken. When we went around the Fair area. People came to take pictures with us. They put a thumb up and said “America, America, America!”. See! Our cowboys hats.

  The other day, I walked around the Fair by myself. I watched the attractions. Such as Butterfly Encounter and Extreme Raptors Show. I saw America Eagles at Morgan Griffith sponsored booth. I took pictures there. See! My USA T-shirt match with America Eagles on it. I also a picture at SLUSH WORKS U MAKE IT! crazy flavor combos. There had 2 girls in the picture. 

It was fun, fun, and fun for the Salem Fair. 

Friday, June 15, 2018 was the Historical Society of Western Virginia, the History Museum of Western Virginia, and the O. Winston Link Museum had the high profile exhibit “Our  Strength is Our People”. Free opening reception from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm.

  The Humanist Photographs of Lewis Hine. “This exhibit consists of 59 photographs taken between 1900 and 1940, which reflect Hine’s life work on changing the perception of Americans in the role of the immigrant and child laborer.”

  A nationally know photographs, Hine traveled to Roanoke in 1910 to photograph the conditions for child laborers in the Norwich Roanoke Cotton Mills, and several photographs of this time will be featured.

  At 5:30 pm, my son, Jerry Wu and I arrived there. We followed visitors into the gift shop and walked down to the exhibits area. There was free reception. Jerry got cookies and lemon drink. We walked around to see pictures. There exhibited A young spinner, A young spooler, Children at the Cotton Mills, Ronald Webb and Frank Robinson, Doffers. The pictures had taken in 1911. (black & white)

  I saw a note on the wall that Pack Your Bags! Think about this; You have to leave your home forever, and you can only take what you can carry in a single suitcase. Remember, you would be traveling by boat, with no baggage carts or people to help you with your suitcase. What items would you choose? Could you fit your entire life into one small bag? What does the suitcase below tell you about the family traveling to Roanoke? Also. I saw that “Our Strength is Our People” quotation was on the other side of wall. 

  The Humanist Photographs of Lewis Hine from June 15-August 10, 2018 at O. Winston Link/History Museum. 101 Shenandoah Ave. NE, Roanoke. 

  Lewis Wickes Hine (1874-1940) focused his lens on child labor, immigrant experience, and everyday lives of the American laborer, including photos taken in a Roanoke mill.

  Exhibit funding by: The Halen s. and Charles G. Patterson Jr. Foundation.

  We were very interested in and enjoyed for “Our Strength is Our People” event. Thank you for sponsors, volunteers and supports. Please let me share my pictures with you.

Saturday, June 9, 2018 was American Cancer Society “Relay For Life”, Survivors were celebrating Life, We Stand, Against Cancer event. From noon to 10pm at Longwood Park in Salem, Virginia.

  It was my son, Jerry Wu and my first time for participating the event. We went around the vendors and stopped at the City of Salem booth. I saw “Relay For Life” T-shirts were displayed there. They asked me “Are you a team member or Survivor?” I said “A support”. They said “How many T-shirts?” I said “one small size, and one large size.”. Then I gave donations to them.

  At 12 noon. The opening ceremony started. Posting of Colors by Honor Guard, Disabled American Veterans and a group sang “The National Anthem”. Then they were all on schedule for entire event. Such as group bans, and multiple contests.  

  I was lucky to share my Tai-Chi Fans (太極扇) with everyone there. Thanks to Laura. They also announced “Annie Lin and her son are proud to be Americans. Tai-Chi is Martial Art. She would like to share it with you.” I heard them clapping hands after I did it.”

  Then, we bought lunch at Taylor Masonic Lodge booth. Jerry held cheese burgers with his hands full. Do you believe it or not? Just $1.00 for one cheeseburger. Now, we found a long bench to sit down. See! Jerry enjoyed his cheeseburgers, me too. 

   Later, we stop at a dunking booth. A guy wore a police uniform sat on top of a large tank of water. We paid $1.00 for 3 balls. If Jerry threw balls to hit a red spot. The man would have dropped into the water. He called Jerry’s name. He said “They were the school at Salem High.” I told him, he gave a special way to let Jerry to knock him down. See! Jerry pushed a red button. (not hit by a ball) Wow! The young man soon dropped into water. Everyone laughed… 

  We did not stay there for full events. Due to humid weather. Jerry could not tolerate the hot temperature. So we left early.

  Thank you for sponsors, volunteers, and supports.  Especially to Laura for letting me share my Martial Art-Tai Chi Fans (太極扇). The other thing, we got free ride with a golf car to pick my equipment in my car at the parking lot. I heard someone say “She has diary article on So Salem.”  I also have some pictures on Senior News issue. 

  What a beautiful Summer day for us. I am looking forward to coming next year.

  Here is my favorite picture that a group held “Relay For Life” band and stood in front of a giant Arch entrance to have a picture taken. The other thing, when we have a group picture with a lady stood beside Uncle Sam said “Look at him, he is wearing a tutu. Please come stood with me. Everyone laugh…) We also met VT turkey Gobble, Gobble! We saw a young man carrying a cross through the event.

Wednesday, 6 June, 2018 was 74th Anniversary of D-Day Memorial to pay tribute to solders who made the ultimate sacrifice in Normandy 74 years ago and honor those veterans who lived to fight another day.

  My son, Jerry Wu and I wore red, white, and blue as patriotic outfits from head to toe. Our cowboy hats and boots. Jerry carried MAEVEL backpack & balloons and Captain America’s shield. I carried a red, white and blue toe bag and “Support Our Troop” pillow. (It is made in USA) and held a flag. We are proud to be Americans. 

  When we arrived at memorial. People asked us for have pictures taken and they like our patriotic outfits and they gave us thumbs are up. We met heroes, veterans, John Long, April Cheek-Messier and more…We had a picture taken with them. What is a beautiful day! America is Beautiful!

  Hundreds gathered today to commemorate to the 74th Anniversary of D-Day at the memorial at 3 Overload Circle in Bedford, Virginia. At Eleven o’clock, Wednesday, 6 June 2018.

  Here was a program. Overture and Choral Prelude by 29th Division Band. Drum Roll and Attention by 29th Division Band. Invocation by Kenneth Bromage from Ivybridge England. Drum and Fife by 29th Division Drum and Fife. Presentation of the Colors by Army JROTC Battalion, Chatham High School. The Star Spangled Banner by 29th Division Band. Welcome by April Check-Messier, President, National D-Day Memorial Foundation. “Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen…” General Eisenhower’s D-Day Order by Greg Reed. Commander, Enduring Freedom Honor Team, Fredericksburg, VA. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s D-Day Prayer Dedicatory Address by April Cheek-Messier. “Almighty God: Our Sons…” Franklin D. Roosevelt’s D-Day Prayer Dedicatory Address by Nathan Chapman. Student, Enduring Freedom Honor Team, Fredericksburg, VA. Shenandoah by 29th Division Band. Laying of Wreaths by D-Day Units. Taps by 29th Division Band. The Legacy of Patton by George Patton Waters. Grandson of General Patton-Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Musical Interlude and Memorial Collection by Army JROTC Chatham and Army JROTC Dan River. Eternal Father by 29th Division Band. Liz and Ash Rothlein “Spirit of D-Day” Scholarship Award Presentation by April Cheek-Messier. Ash Rothlein-Warne, NC Scholarship Recipients. Recognition of Normandy Veterans by Colonel Patrick Robichaud. Army, Officer R22eR ‘VanDoo’ Regiment, Canadian Embassy. Overlord Assembly by The Allied Veterans of D-Day. The Longest Day, Paul Anka by 29th Division Band. Dedicatory Prayer and Benediction by John Long, Director of Education, National D-Day memorial Foundation. Postlude by 29th division Band.

  Through the Memorial Collection. Jerry put his money into collection bucket in the event. It was a very good education for Jerry to salute Veterans.

  After the ceremony, we went around the vendor booths. Jerry stopped in front of NATIONAL GUARD booth. He found free pens, key chains, and NATIONAL GUARD AMERICAN HERO BE PART OF SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOURSELF DVD. Then we stood at WWII education tent area. See! Jerry played as a solder and I held a giant gun just for a picture to be taken. Then,

we rode with free golf car and back to the parking lot. We were so tired.

   Thank you all of sponsors, veterans, and volunteers for making a wonderful event. It was a beautiful sunny day. We are looking forward to seeing 2019. 

   We bought breakfast and ate lunch at Burger King Restaurant. We enjoyed Whopper Sandwiches, Friend Fries, and Nuggets. Jerry said “Yummy!”

Monday, May 28, 2018 at 10:00am was a Memorial Day Celebration at Lee Memorial Plaza in Roanoke, Virginia.

  My son, Jerry Wu and I dressed up in patriotic outfits from head to toe. Our cowboy hats and boots. Jerry carried a MARVEL backpack with balloons on it. I held an America flag. People looked at us, and took our pictures. We saw formal Mayor, David Bowers. He said “Hi Annie and Jerry.” You are looked great.

   Here was a program: Master of Ceremonies by LTC Daniel Karnes, U.S. Army (Ret) President, Roanoke Valley Veterans Council. Posting of Colors by Honor disabled American Veterans. National Anthem by Miss Logan Bohon. Invocation by The Rev. Rachel Thompson, Associate Paste\or, Second  Presbyterian Church. Introduction of Speaker by LTC Karnes. memorial Day Address by Mayor Sherman Lea. Placing of the Memorial Day Wreath by Mayor Lea and LTC Karnes. Amazing Grace by Brandon Davis, Bagpiper. Taps by Bugler, Disabled American Veterans. Prayer for Peace by The Rev. Evan Charles Spencer, Chaplain, Salem VA Medical Center. Retirement of Colors by Honor Guard, Disabled American Veterans. Benediction by The Rev. Rachel Thompson. Close of Ceremonies by LTC Karnes.

  After ceremony, we had pictures taken with Veterans, Honor Guard,  LTC Karnes, Miss Logan Bohon, Bagpiper, and with a military Jeep and more…When we got a picture with Mayor Lea. He also used his own cellphone to take our picture. Thank you so much. they really liked our patriotic outfits.

   It was a very good education for Jerry to salute Veterans. “Our prayers and sincerest thanks go out to all of our military forces stationed around the world, especially to those personnel stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. God bless them and may they return safely.”

   Before we went home, we ate our lunch at McDonald Restaurant. Jerry enjoyed his Big Mac Combo, me too. Then, we took pictures at Lowe’s. All of pretty flowers there. America flags around my yard and those waved in the air. What is a beautiful day!

 Sunday, May 27, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu and I went to the Festival in the Park at Carol Williams Kaleido Scape area in front of the Roanoke City Library at Elmwood Park.

  We wore patriotic outfits. People saw us and said “Very Good!” and they gave us thumbs are up.

I had a Tai-Chi Demonstration at 12 noon there. I saw Mr. & Mrs. Shupe and Mr. Brown (He is a photographer). They came to see my performance. Thank you so much.

  First, I stood in the stage. I said “welcome everyone! It is my privilege to have Tai-Chi performances here. I was born in Taiwan, but my son and I are proud to be Americans. We are patriotic . We salute men and women, who had fight for our country. Tomorrow is Memorial Day. We celebrate it .”

  Then, I had Tai-Chi Fans(太極扇), Tai-Chi Stick(太極棒), and Tai-Chi Sword (太極劍) demonstration. They said, “WOW!” and they clapped hands after I did it. We took group pictures before they left. Once again, Thank you for coming to support me. 

  Later, we went around the vendor booths and I bought French Fries for Jerry. Jerry is my good helper. He carried my equipment, was raining again. We stopped at the Amphitheater stage to watch Roanoke Virginia Gospel Singing Group performance. They liked our outfits. I took their group picture. Jerry watched Miss Mona’s School of Dance show. However, the raining so hard even though we carried an umbrella. So we left early at the Festival in the Park. See! Festival in the Park “PAPARAZZI” red carpet was there. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 12 noon, my son, Jerry Wu and I went to the Festival in the Park at Elmwood park in Roanoke.

  We wore MARVEL T-shirts and red, white and blue patriotic outfits from head to toe. Jerry carried MARVEL backpack and a shield. We went around the park area to take some pictures. There were art & crafts and vendors. 

  Then, we stopped in front of Roanoke City Library. We watched Brandon Thompson magic show. Jerry was lucky to be chosen one of volunteer to helping with the show. He picked a card and put it back to the black bag. Do you believe it or not? The card was gone. Everyone clapped hands for both.

  Later, we bought French Fries at the food booth. Suddenly, the rain was following down. We had no umbrella. We stopped in front of the Amphitheater stage to watch performance and Jerry enjoyed his French Fries there.

  Due to rain, we left early. See! Festival in the Park “PAPARAZZI” red carpet was there.

 Friday, May 25, 2018. It was “Letters From Home” show at 7:00 pm in the dining room at Friendship Assisted Living in Roanoke, Virginia.

  I was working there. I wore patriotic outfits at work. My boss Chuck Flynn Administration and his daughter asked if they could take my picture. At 6:30 pm I helped residents down to the dining room and at 8:00 pm I brought them up to their floor. I watched a short time through the show.

  Erinn Diaz, the patriot. She sang “America the beautiful”. Everyone waved the flags. She danced, and made joke to the residents. Her husband read the letters to audience. They are a perfect couple. Everyone clapped hands for them.

  Trough the show, she picked the facility bus driver to put on Hawaiian lei and a grass skirt for Hula dancing. It made everyone laughed…

  After the show was done. I was so lucky to have pictures taken with them. I also got Erinn’s autographs. See! To Annie, Erinn Diaz xoxo and her lipstick (a kiss) on her poster. 

  I saw the back of her card with Our Mission-“To honor our veterans, active military heroes and their families and receive patriotism through music.”  It was a wonderful and surprise night at work. Please let me share it with you.

Saturday, May 19, 2018 was the annual Local Colors Festival celebration of ethnic diversity at the Elmwood Park in Roanoke. There were food vendors, stage performance, music dancing, cultural exhibiting and more. The feature country for 2018 is the India. From 11am to 5pm. Admission is free.

  My son, Jerry Wu and I dressed up for representing Taiwan (臺灣) in the parade. See! Our T-shirts match with Republic of China flag. The flag is red with navy blue canton bearing a white sun with twelve triangular rays in Chinese, the flag is commonly described as blue sky, white sun, and wholly red earth (靑天白日滿地紅) to reflect its attributes.

  First, we picked up the Taiwan flag from the stage, then we walked around at the booths area at the park and took some pictures with navy color guards. We me WDBJ7 TV news host at the stage.

  At 11:00am, the parade started. The weather was raining, not many counties showed up. We followed the other countries and walked from Roanoke City Library into Elmwood Park’s stage. Jerry held and waved the flag. I heard a host said “Taiwan,(臺灣)known as Formosa, “Beautiful Island”, is an island in East Asia.” I asked someone to take pictures for us.

  Then, I went to the food booths, I bought TERIYAK CHICKEN on stick for Jerry at Asia food booth. We sat in front of stage to watch performances.

   Jerry was lucky to get on the stage with Roanoke Capoeira group. He really enjoyed with their performance. Roanoke Capoeira is a Capoeira School belonging to the group ASCAB-The American Society Of Capoeira And Arts. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It was developed in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century. It was so surprised for Jerry to get on the stage with them. It made our day so special. I told them to read my Diary at Community section in the Roanoke Times.

    Thank you to the sponsors and volunteers for the colorful day even thought we had a raining day. I also needed thanks to Mike, who is a photographer.

   I was lucky to receive a register mail from the President, Tai Ing-wen (蔡英文) of the Republic of China Taipei, Taiwan today.

Sunday, May 13, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu wore a Special Virginia shirt with an American Eagle tie. I took him to the Hibachi Grill & Supreme buffet. The Area’s Largest and Most Elegant Chinese, Japanese & American Cuisine Restaurant. Jerry carried “Mom You’re the Best” and “Happy Mother’s Day” balloons for a special Mother’s Day dinner. Jerry likes Chinese food, so do I. He used a pair of chopsticks to pick food up. We had a wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day dinner.

  Later, we went to shopping at Valley View Mall and Lowe’s. We also took pictures in front of “LOVE” sign at Salem Library. I had a relax day.

  I bought “Happy Mother’s Day” balloons. Jerry liked balloons, he held them in front of my yard where the Spring flowers are blooming. Such as Iris, roses, Tulips, Azale and Ponies with purple, yellow, red, and golden colors. I like my co-worker, residents, friends, and my neighbors. I gave balloons to them.

  Marolyn, a friend of mine. She said “Annie, you are a wonderful mother-always caring and always giving not only to Jerry, but others as well. God gave me a special son to take care of all of my life. He has been such a blessing to me.

  By the way, Here is a Chinese song “Only Mom is Great in the World.”  I am sharing it with you.

“In the World, only Mama is good.

The child who has Mom, is like a piece of treasure

Run into Mother’s embrace

Happiness can be enjoyed endlessly.

In the World, only Mama is good.

The child without Mom is like a stem of grass.

Leave Mom’s embrace

Where to find the happiness?

In this world, only Mama is good.”

  Unfortunately, my mother passed away in Taiwan (2015). 


Saturday, May 12, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu and I wore tie dye T-shirts. (I made it by self) We went to see Willow the mural cat star is visiting his latest public mural. Met Willow and took a picture with him in front of his mural. Mural artist Jaimie Phillips is also coming, along with Willow’s personal assistant Julie Parker and Willow’s master Mr. River. Willow is super sweet and gentle. It will be at 11am to noon at West Marketplace,16 Church Ave. S.W., in Roanoke. Free.

  It was our first time at West Marketplace. We came early. Jerry bought his breakfast there. River, he owns the cat. He opened the cage let Willow out and walked on the floor. First, we got a group picture with Willow in front of his mural. Second, we got a group picture with Julie Parker. Then, Jaimie Phillips came late. She is the artist. She drew a picture in front of wall. Finally, we got everyone in the pictures. Jerry petted Willow. How cool that was! I was lucky to have Jaimie draw a sunflower on my handbag with her autograph and date on it. I told them to read my Diary at Community section.

 What a beautiful day. We were so surprise to see Willow. It made our day so special.

Saturday, April 28, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu and I walked down the street to the 67th Annual Ernest “Pig” Robertson fishing Rodeo. It was free event from 10 am to noon at Lake Spring Park in Salem.

 We don’t have any equipment, such as fishing pole, bait, and net. We stood there to watch the people fishing. Then, I saw someone had more than one fishing pole. I said “Could you volunteer to show my son how to fish?” Jerry held very tight and rolled the line up and someone caught fish(trout) into the net for him. Jerry held a fish on his hand. A fish jumped out from his hand and dropped on the floor. He really enjoyed catching fish. I was so busy taking good pictures. See! Jerry really caught three fish.

 It was nice weather in Spring. Jerry learned how to fish. WOW! Total 3 fish he caught there. Jerry counted 1, 2, 3. We brought them home to cook for a special dinner.

 What is a wonderful sunny day for the fishing rodeo. thanks to the volunteers for helping Jerry fish. We really enjoyed a relaxing day and a fun, fun, and fun day in our life.

 Later, I took Jerry to the Great Clips for his hair cut. He held his favorite singer, Jason Derulo’s picture. He wanted his hair to be cut just look like Jason. WOW! A cool style! Jerry had a smile face into my pictures. Then, we went to Kroger to buy food and we took some pictures around downtown Salem.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu and I dressed up with Virginia Tech Hokie outfits from head to toe. We went to “Laughter is the Best Medicine” Opening Reception. The event from 5-7 pm at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, 2 Riverside Circle in Roanoke. Free Admission.

  “This latest art exhibition, which is being produced by the School’s Creativity in Health Education Program, will serve, in part, as a tribute to Dr. Julien Meyer Jr. Throughout his career as an obstetrics and gynecology physician, Meyer was well-known for his work as a physician. In addition to practicing at physicians to women, which was founded by his father, Meyer was a faculty member at the school and embodied many of the school’s core values.”

 It was our first time coming to the event. We were late arrived there. While we opened the door to get in, we saw a crowd of people there. They were listening a student, Jeff Henry’s speech. I saw a photographer’s camera pointing toward to us. People said “You are cool!” After the speech, everyone got a red nose. Dr. Julien Meyer, Jr. was always joking with his patients. He would wear a red foam clown nose or put a large plastic cockroach on the exam table to make people laugh. We were lucky to have a group picture.

  Then, we stayed in the food section. Jerry enjoyed his free finger food. We saw The Roanoke Times Photographer, Stephanie Klein-Davis there.

 Later, we went to the hallway to get in the long line for Caricatures. Kyle Edgell  of Roanoke has been inspiring and encouraging others through art and humor for more than 20 years. She is an artist, speaker and entertainer and is a member of the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor.

Thank you so much for her great job. There was Art Exhibition on display through July 13, 2018. The Art located on first and second floors. 

 Jerry and I really enjoyed the special night. Thank you to the sponsors for an incredible “Laughter is the Best Medicine” event.

Sunday, April 22, 2018 was the annual International Street Festival (ISF) at Virginia Tech.

   At 10:00 am, I drove on 1-81 South and exit 118-B-C-A toward Blacksburg Downtown to Virginia Tech.

   My son, Jerry Wu wore Chinese Kung Fu’s outfit. While we arrived there. Sarah Lim, who is the event Coordinator of CISO. She said “Hi and Thank you for coming!” Sarah accepted my application for my Tai-Chi performances.

   We were at Squires parking lot. The stage was there. Here is the performances and global fashion show. 12:00-12:30 The Sun Dogs (set up and ready to go before 12) 12:30-12:45 Take down equipment 12:50-1:10 Annie Lin (Tai-Chi Demonstration)1:15-1:20 JCA 1:25-1:30 YoYo: BCS 1:35-1:45 New River Irish Dance 1:50-1:55 Hill and Veil 2:00-2:05 Odiney Alverez 2:10-2:17 Sala Tech  2:20-2:25 Sarah Xuejiao Zhang  2:25-2:35. 2:35-2:55 Global Fashion Show 1.Annie Lin, Jerry Wu (Chinese outfits) 2.      Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority (Yukata) 3.Japanese Cultural Association (JCA) 4.igma Psi Zeta Sorority (Sari) 5.Association For Bangladeshi Students at Virginia Tech (ABS) 6.Ethio-Eritrean Student Association (ESA) 7. Sudanese Students Organization 8.Qais Al Hajri  9.  Odiney Alverez.

   First, I had Tai-Chi Fans(太極扇), Tai-Chi Stick(太極棒), and Tai-Chi Sword (太極劍)demonstration. They said, “WOW!” and they clapped hands after I did it.

  After my Tai-Chi performance I got Tai food for Jerry and me. It coast $20 for both. Jerry enjoyed his food, me too.

   Then, Jerry and I were first in a line for Global Fashion Show. I am from Taiwan . My outfit just looked like Wu Zetian (武則天) , the female emperor of China from head to toe. Jerry wore yellow colors of Dragon Kung Fu outfit. While we stood in front of people. They clapped hands for us. I was so proud of Jerry. He did a great job.

    After Global Fashion Show, before we going home. We stopped at “Where Will You Go?” We drew & wrote something there. Jerry really enjoyed doing so. 

    Now, for the time to go back to Salem. Thanks God for our safe trip. Thank you for all of volunteers at Virginia Tech.

    Sarah said ” I just want to thank every single on of you for participating and performing in this year’s ISF. This all would not have had happened, if it weren’t for you all. You all did such an amazing job. You all looked great up there!”

The 20th annual Blue Ridge Kite Festival was held on Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 10 am to 4pm at Green Hill Park in Salem.

  There was the award winning Richmond Air Force Kite Club presented a colorful and interactive kites to show and exhibits during the event, which is Sanctioned by the American Kite Flyer Association. A variety of food vendors, arts and craft vendors and activities for children also add to the excitement of the day. Free kids’ kites and event shirts were available while supplies lasted.

  At 10:00am, my son, Jerry Wu and I were there. Jerry wore red, white and blue shirt and he carried a Iron man’s kite. We saw a crowd of people already there.

  First, we got a free kite at YOKOHAMA booth, then Jerry stood in line to get 2018 blue Ridge Kite Festival’s  T-shirt . We also stood in the long line to get a free ice cream. Later, we went around to take pictures. See! Jerry’s Iron man kite flew into the sky. Jerry was smiling and saying “up, up, and up”. WOW! It was a superhero kite day.

  The Richmond Air Force sponsor had a great flag ceremony. They asked volunteers to hold the American flag. Jerry was one of them, Jerry is patriotic and he was glad to do it. We had a picture while he held the American flag up. So Cool!

  Then, we went to the food booth. I bought BBQ and drink. Jerry sat on the long bench to enjoy a perfect sunny day.

  We saw a lady held a special kite with Chinese “ ” on it. I told her English translations & example sentences of . 1. fate, 2. ship, transport 3. to apply 4. to use 5. luck, fortune.

  A kite festival is not just for kids, there was something for everyone. Jerry and I have gone there most every year. We still found something new, something fun. We also met old friends and new friends there. We really enjoyed a relaxed day, a sunny day, and a fun, fun, and fun day in our life.

  Thank you to all of sponsors, volunteers, and supporters for making a successful event.

 I decorated Easter inside of my house. I had lilies and orchids set on the top of fire place in living room.

  Sunday, April 1, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu and I went to the Roanoke Chinese Church at Cave Spring Baptist Church in Roanoke.

  Michael told about “He Lives”. “1 Peter 2:9”. We so happy to see old and new friends. Everyone sang a song that “He Lives, He Lives, Christ Jesus Today”. Yes, Jesus is Risen! the reason for season.

  Later, we ate food there. I brought drinks, a basket of Easter Egg, and East cake to share with everyone. Jerry and I enjoyed Chinese food that someone’s home made. Jerry showed his bunny T-shirt with Julie. He also had a picture taken with Michael.

  If you are interested in Roanoke Chinese Church, please visit at

  Before Easter, I received a register mail from Office of the President of the Republic of China Taipei, Taiwan. Here is a copy of the letter. President, Tai Ing-wen (蔡英文)  wrote “Congratulation! Jerry Wu with Special Olympics Basketball Team won the first place for their tournament at Roanoke Collage in Salem.”

  Jerry was so sick before Easter. Sunday, March25. I took him to the Urgent Care in Salem. Thursday, March 29. He saw Dr. Will, Griffith at Vistar Eye Center at 707 S. Jefferson St. in Roanoke. Friday, March 30. We went to the Jefferson Surgical Clinic at Franklin Road in Roanoke. I took some pictures with Dr. Will, Griffith. Dr. Blick, Susan. and Kim, Lower, AUD. Jerry showed his bunny T-shirt to them. I carried a basket Easter Eggs to share with them. Tuesday, April 3. Jerry saw Dr. Danielle Young at Carillion Clinic in Salem. Jerry’s health problem included: Sore throat. This is pharyngitis. Swelling of the lining of the nose. This is rhinitis. Swelling of the sinuses with pain in the face, forehead, or upper teeth. This is sinusitis. Swelling of the nose and throat. This is nasopharyngitis. Swelling of the upper part of the voice box. This is epiglottitis. Swelling of the voice box. This is laryngitis. Ears pain. This may be otitis media or an ear infection.

  A good thing that Jerry still can eat. Friday, March 30. We went to the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant. My co-worker gave a gift card for our East gift. Jerry knew how to order his favorite food. He enjoyed all of food, me too. April 3. We ate a lunch at Taco Bell. We had 2 free Taco coupons from Sox Fest. Jerry and I enjoyed NACHO fries and Tacos. Yummy!

  I was picked Jerry’s medications at Walmart. I met a lady, who is “So Salem” fan. She likes to read my Diary at Community section. Thanks to Teresa.

  See! It was so surprised for a group people stood in front of “LOVE” sign for a picture to be taken at Salem Library. Many tulips blossoming at the City Hall in Salem. The dogwood, cherry trees are blossoms around Lake Spring Park. A magnolia three along Jefferson Street in Roanoke. It is Spring coming!

  I am sharing my pictures with you.

  Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 31, 2018 was the Salem Red Sox’s annual event that kicks off the 2018 season. There were free food, Coca-Cola’s booth, and East Egg Hunt and more…  

 At 9:25 am, My son, Jerry Wu and I wore Red Sox T-shirts. Jerry also wore Red Sox hat. When we arrived there, I saw a crowd of people already line up. At 10:00 am, the gate opened. We followed the line get in the gate. We got free food at the food booth. Jerry enjoyed his hot dog and drink. We saw Red Sox Mugsy around the Salem Red Sox Lewis Field.

 Then, we walked to the small field behind the gift shop. There was Easter Egg Hunt ground. Wow! Red Sox Mugsy and Easter Bunny were there. I was so busy to take all of pictures. Jerry waited a line to get his Easter Egg Hunt. He really enjoyed it. See! Mugsy took off his big S hat and put on Jerry’s small head. (Do you know who is Mugsy? I saw him at Kroger.) 

  There was Coca-Cola company gave away free drinks. Also if you let them to take your picture and put on their face book. They gave you free T-shirt. See! Jerry and I wore Coca-Cola’s hats, T-shirts, and held Coca-Cola’s drinks. We stood in front of Coca-Cola’s booth for our picture to be taken.  So Cool! (The hats were my co-worker gave us for Christmas gifts. Her husband works at Coca-Cola in Roanoke.)

  It was a windy day, but everyone enjoyed free activities. We had so much fun for Sox Fest 2018.

 Sunday, March 25, 2018. The other snowing again. We went to the football area of the Salem High School to take pictures. I like the sign of Salem Virginia. See! The cherry blossoms elegantly reach toward the sky. The pine tree’s sharp look like a pony. It was covered with snow in front of the Wendy’s Restaurant.

  I took a lot of snow pictures to send to my family in Taiwan, Republic of China. My nephew in California and my sister-in-law in El Salvador. Please let me share this with you.

Saturday, March 24, 2018. My son, Jerry Wu and I went to celebration Easter Egg Hunt at Starkey Park. We wore bunny T-shirt that I made it by self. Jerry carried a Minions basket. I wore a pair of bunny shoes with ears that flipped up and down.

  First, we stood at registration table. I told them that my son is older than age limit. They said “He is OK.” Jerry got a blue wristband. We went around the park to take some pictures.

  At 10:30 am. the pastor got everyone together for a prayer before Easter Egg Hunt began. Jerry has no idea bout a group division. He stood in front line and ran in the field with little kids. The weather was chilly, not too many people showed up. Jerry was happy he just did the happiest thing in his life.

  After the Easter Egg Hunt. Jerry was busy opening the eggs to find out the prize. Unfortunately, he did not won the prize, but he picked up so many eggs in the bucket.

  Then, we went in line to pick up hot dogs and drinks. Jerry put relish, mustard and ketchup on top of hot dog. He enjoyed his food on a cold weather day. The pastor said “If you don’t have hot dog yet. please come to get hot dog. If you want to eat more hot dog, please come to get more.”  Amen!

  Thanks to God, sponsors, and volunteers. What is a wonderful day!

Sunday, March17,2018. My son, Jerry Wu and I dressed up for Easter Egg Hunt. We wore Bunny shirts (I made it by self) and I wore a pair of bunny shoes with ears that flipped up and down. We carried baskets. I drove from Salem toward Rt 311. We went to Roanoke Moose Lodge 284. The event was free.

  At 2:00pm. We arrived there. It was our first time to come to for the Easter Egg Hunt. When we walked in the door. A lady took us to the activity room. She said “We had indoor games, color pictures, and see a bunny for picture to be taken.” After we will going to outside by age group for East Egg Hunt.

  Later, everyone got in the line to get snow corn and popcorn. Jerry sat on the chair along with