Tuesday, 16 August 2022
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Animal Control Authority declares pit bull-mix a ‘public nuisance’

The Washington County Animal Control Authority has agreed to issue a $100 fine to the owner of an 11-year-old pit bull-mix named Damien, due to his excessive barking.

The Animal Control Authority voted 3-0 on Thursday night to not only issue the fine, but deem Damien a “public nuisance.”

“I’m pretty much convinced that this dog is a nuisance,” Chairman Randy Wagner said.

Damien’s owner, Pam Brunner, of 238 Hager St. in Hagerstown, insists he is not a barker.

“I wouldn’t tolerate it,” Brunner told the Animal Control Authority. “It’s really not happening.”

Brunner said that the excessive barking is coming from other nearby dogs.

“I would never allow that barking,” she said. “He’s not a barker.”

She said Damien suffers from kidney problems and has little energy.

But don’t tell that to Brunner’s neighbor, Hubbard Caster Jr., of 240 Hager St.

Caster made the complaint, asking that Damien be deemed a public nuisance.

This is the second complaint against him. In November, Brunner was called before the Animal Control Authority, also because of an allegation about Damien’s barking.

“I want the dog to stop barking,” said Caster, who presented the authority with dates and times of how long the dog barked. “It’s normal for a dog to bark occasionally, but this isn’t normal like other dogs.”

Caster said he hears the dog barking continuously, sometimes as long as 30 minutes.

“The time varies,” he said. “It’s random, but it’s ongoing.”

Caster brought with him witnesses to the barking, who also complained of smelling and seeing dog feces and urine on Brunner’s outside deck.

They said it was difficult to barbecue and eat outside because of the smell.

Brunner countered that she had cleaned her deck of all feces.

She also presented written statements from several neighbors saying they never hear Damien barking.

The Animal Control Authority disregarded those statements, increasing the $50 fine that is typically given for similar cases.

Since this is Brunner’s second time before the authority, they increased it to $100.

“It keeps coming back,” authority member Brittany Blankenship said. “This is the second time. … It’s going to continue.”

Source: https://www.heraldmailmedia.com/news/local/animal-control-authority-declares-pit-bull-mix-a-public-nuisance/article_7bb4b608-8bc3-11e8-a060-53e7b40c6425.html

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