Friday, 14 December 2018
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PHOENIX (AP) – As the old maxim says, when dog bites man, it isn’t news. But in this case, a dog biting a man is news – because the dog in question tied up freeway traffic in Phoenix during rush hour – and because the man bitten was a state trooper who tried to capture the dog. Authorities say a German shepherd dodged in and out of traffic Tuesday morning, snarling traffic in its furry wake. Troopers ended up using a stun gun and a pole-mounted snare to stop the dog from dashing through the roads and nearby neighborhoods. The trooper is going to be fine. So is the dog, though authorities say it suffered paw injuries from running around so much.


SYDNEY (AP) – A lot of people have visited a zoo and left with impressions of an incredibly cute animal. However, this is a case in which someone visited a zoo – and left with the actual animal they thought was so cute. In the Australian city of Perth, a baby meerkat went missing in September. The suspect, Jesse Ray Hooker, says through his attorney that he “fell in love” with the newborn meerkat as it ran toward him in its enclosure – so he decided to stuff it in his cooler bag. The animal’s absence caused zoo officials to cancel the public unveiling of its new arrival. Zoo staffers were worried the meerkat had wandered off and perhaps had been snatched up by a bird of prey. Instead, police found the animal two days later – and learned it had been snatched up by Hooker. The most recent development in the case came this week when the second of two people was charged with being in possession of stolen goods – in this case, the meerkat.


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – As they say, every vote counts. And in one Rhode Island area that means even if there is only a single vote to count. Authorities in Rhode Island say there was a precinct that got zero votes during the midterms. Precinct 2807 in Providence has just 14 registered voters – and for days, the state Board of Elections website showed no one voted Nov. 6. Turns out, that wasn’t true. A city rep tells the Providence Journal that as the polling place was closing, a voter showed up – but too late for the vote to be counted by machine. Instead it was sent to the Board of Elections, where it was counted manually. And now, Precinct 2807 officially has a voter – and a mini “blue wave.” The lone voter voted for all the Democratic candidates.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II


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