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8 best dog whistles for training and recall – BBC Countryfile Magazine

Many dog owners rely on voice commands when it comes to training their pups, but using a whistle can have big benefits. In large parks or busy areas, it can be hard for dogs to pick up calls, especially from multiple voices within a family. A whistle will always provide a loud, clear signal, and it sounds the same every time, so it’ll help provide vital consistency during dog training.


Some of the best dog whistles allow you to adjust the frequency of the sound, which is ideal for teaching different commands or training a variety of dog breeds. Others are ultrasonic – perfect for using at home without annoying the neighbours!

How to use dog whistles for training

The aim is to get your dog to make a positive association with the whistle, so they always return to you when you use it.

As your dog gets used to the sound of the whistle, you can build up to more difficult recall scenarios.

Start off by using the whistle when your pet is next to you, rewarding them when they give you their attention. Once your pet has mastered this step, blow the whistle and give your dog a treat or toy when:

  • They come to you from a few steps away
  • They come to you from another room
  • They come to you from the other end of the garden

Next, it’s time to practise in the park. Start by using the whistle to call your dog in a quiet area with few distractions. Then you can build up until your pet returns to you from further away in a busy or noisy area.

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Tip: Stop using the whistle straight away if your dog isn’t responding. It’s important your pet links the sound to returning to you and getting a treat, so it’s best to practise when you think they’ll succeed.

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The best dog whistles to use for training and recall

Coachi Professional Dog Whistle

Coachies Professional Dog Whistle on a blue background

One popular brand for dog whistles is Coachi, which sells a range of different pet toys and accessories – all developed by experts.

This whistle is designed to be used with all dogs, and puppies older than eight weeks. You can adjust the pitch to teach different commands or get the optimal frequency for specific breeds, so it’s a useful option for professional trainers, as well as dog owners.

According to Coachi, the whistle produces a clear sound and carries well in open spaces, so it’s a great choice for training in parks and fields.

The makers have also added a lanyard, making it convenient to carry around your neck during walks, as well as reflective detailing.

Acme dog whistle

Acme Dog Whistle on a blue background

Ask an expert which dog whistle brand they’d recommend, and the answer is often ‘Acme’. The business has been crafting specialist whistles since 1870, and has supplied the Royal Navy, the RNLI and even FIFA in its 150-year history.

Acme’s dog whistles come in three popular frequencies: 210.5, 211.5 and 212. For small breeds like spaniels, try the 210.5, which works well in relatively enclosed areas.

On the other hand, the 211.5 and 212 are better suited to long-distance recall exercises with larger dog breeds like retrievers and Labradors. If you’re training in noisy areas or poor weather conditions, the 212 is your best bet.

Clix Two Tone Whistle

Clix Two Tone Whistle on a blue background

You can often find Clix dog whistles at well-known pet store chains. They’re easy to use and, thanks to their moulded plastic construction, they’re lightweight and affordably priced too.

While many of the best dog whistles have adjustable pitch, this one creates two distinct tones. Use it if you own two dogs of different breeds, or want to teach multiple commands.

The whistle comes on a lightweight string, so you can hang it around your neck for easy access while out and about.

Yappy adjustable dog whistle

Adjustable dog whistle on a blue background

For smart looks and affordability, try this option from Yappy. At just £2.99, it’s one of the best dog whistles to buy if you’re on a limited budget. It’s a small, lightweight choice, and comes with a keyring, so you can easily attach it to your keys or lanyard.

When you’re ready to use the whistle, adjust the pitch for your dog by unscrewing the top section until you’re happy with the tone.

If you’re looking for a fun gift for a fellow pet owner, check out the rest of Yappy’s collection. You can select a dog or cat breed to match the pet, input their name and then choose from a selection of customised products like books and games – all centred around your furry friend.

Rosewood Professional Dog Whistle

Rosewood Professional Dog Whistle on a blue background

Combining metal construction, adjustable pitch and low cost, this choice also deserves a spot on our list. It’s one of the best dog whistles to buy if you’re looking for a good entry-level option.

According to the makers, the call should travel across large areas to reach your dog even if it’s far away.

As an added bonus, this dog whistle comes with a keyring, so you can keep it with the rest of your keys and valuables.

Trixie Buffalo Horn Whistle

Trixie Buffalo Horn Whistle on a blue background

For something a little different, try this unusual dog whistle. It’s made from high-quality buffalo horn and can produce two distinct tones: a whistle and a trill.

Thanks to its unusual characteristics, this is one of the best dog whistles for dog training and hunting scenarios. Use the different tones to teach your pet specific commands.

The whistle arrives with a leather strap, making it a smart, high-quality option.

Acme Shepherd Metal Tongue Whistle

Acme Shepherd Metal Tongue Whistle on a blue background

For the next level up, try Acme’s Shepherd whistle. The tone is standardised, so each one produces sound at an identical frequency. Even if you have multiple whistles, your dog will hear the same tone, no matter which one you’re using, where you are and who’s blowing it.

You create the sound using your tongue, so it takes a bit of practice to get right, but once you’ve mastered the technique you’ll be able to produce a loud, clear tone and even send different signals. As the name suggests, the Shepherd whistle is designed to be used with sheepdogs, so its sound carries, even in bad weather conditions and noisy areas.

Thanks to its metal construction, it’s a robust dog whistle and should stand the test of time.

Simply Natural Dog Whistle

Dog whistle on a blue background

Another popular dog whistle is this option available on Amazon. It has an adjuster to change the frequency to suit your pet, and you can lock it in place once you’ve found the right tone.


Also included in the design is a protective cover across the lower part of the whistle, and a handy lanyard for carrying it around with you.

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