Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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53 Mistakes Every Dog Owner Makes

Treating the leash as a torture device

Medium-sized dog on a leashRaimonds Kalva/Shutterstock

Leash-training is an essential skill for all dogs to learn. Not teaching your dog to do well on a leash is like not teaching your child to read, Thomas says. Unfortunately, many owners see the leash as a bad thing and use it inappropriately, including letting their dogs off-leash at inappropriate times. “Leash training is a gift you give your dog, not a punishment,” Thomas adds.

Overestimating your dog’s intelligence

smart doghuesleihoppen/Shutterstock

“Your dog is the equivalent of a human three-year-old,” Thomas says. This means they have a limited vocabulary, a basic understanding of social cues, and some self-control. So even if your dog can open door knobs or jump rope, they still need to be protected. “Rather than thinking your dog is ‘so smart’ because she follows you so diligently, recognize [that by putting her in situations she can’t handle] all you are doing is endangering your beloved dog for your own selfish needs and desires,” Thomas adds.

Using harsh cleaning products

Young Boxer dog with painted nails looks into cameraLori Jaeski/Shutterstock

Most of the commonly used cleaning products in our homes are toxic, so even though you’re trying to help your dog by keeping his space clean, you may be doing harm, says Gary Richter, DVM, and member of Rover.com’s Dog People Panel. Even if they are not directly exposed to these products, they may walk over a floor that has been mopped and then lick their feet and be exposed to toxins. Check the label: Any product with bleach and ammonia are hazardous to animals. Instead, he suggests scrubbing with things like baking soda or salt that leave no toxic residue.

Spoiling your pup with homemade treats

girl gives an Australian Shepherd dog a treatChristian Mueller/Shutterstock

Too many treats of any kind can cause health problems but homemade treats, in particular, are often not nutritionally balanced, Dr. Richter says. A few here and there are totally fine (as long as all your ingredients are safe for dogs!) but they should be a very small percentage of the overall diet, he says.

Source: https://www.rd.com/advice/pets/mistakes-every-dog-owner-makes/

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