Tuesday, 16 August 2022
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5 Must-Have Tips When Training Your Dog To Make Your Life Simpler

Getting a dog can be so exciting, from picking out your favorite pup to finally being able to bring him/her home and start your happy lives together as pup and owner. For those who are dog lovers, you’ve always dreamt about having a dog of your own that you can raise and train and play with every day, but sometimes that doesn’t come so easy.

Owning a dog can be a lot more challenging than you expected, of course, there will be plenty of fun, and great moments together you will have to have patience when it comes to training your pup.

Here are five must-have tips and tricks on how to train your dog while keeping it easy on yourself but still getting the results you wanted.

Hire A Dog Walker

Whether you work eight hours a day, five days a week or are going on a vacation, there’s no need to feel guilty and worried about your dog. One easy way to solve any issues you’re having leaving your dog is to hire a dog walker or someone to just take care of your dog while you’re gone.

It’s easy for you to find one especially with the dog walking apps, Wag and Rover that allow you to create an account and find dog walkers and dog sitters in your area. These are trustworthy dog lovers who would love to spend some time with your pup while you’re away.

Keep Your Pup Entertained Even When You’re Not Home

If you leave your dog free to roam in your home expect some chaos every once in a while, it’s only natural. Dogs like to stay occupied, and if they don’t have toys to play with or food to eat, they’re going to get into your household items. Is your dog prone to getting into your trash? Try shutting it in a different room while you’re gone, so there’s no temptation for your pup.

Another smart way to keep your pup occupied is by putting a few different feeding toys around the house while you’re gone. They’re fun for your dog and are a bit challenging leaving them with something that is going to occupy their time for a while and keep them from destroying your home.

If your dog still seems to get into things, try crate training them. It may feel mean at first, but remember many dogs are crate trained and as long as they’re not crated for many hours at a time they will be just fine.

Engage In Various Daily Exercise Activities

Everyone knows it’s important for dogs to get the exercise they need, but sometimes you find yourself falling into the same routine when taking your dog out. If you’ve been taking your dog on too many boring walks around the neighborhood try finding a dog park to take them to every so often, that way they can meet new dogs, play with them and let out some energy all at the same time.

Does your dog not get along with other dogs? If so try taking them to different hiking trails during the week or set up an agility course in the backyard and let them play. The goal is to get your dog engaged in various exercises and make sure they’re having fun too.

Take Your Time Training Your Dog

When you first get your dog training them can be a bit of a challenge, especially if they’re a puppy. They’re going to mess up and pee in the house or tear up your favorite pair of shoes, it’s not because they’re bad it’s because your pup doesn’t know better, yet.

Take your time training your dog, every dog learns obedience and tricks at different speeds and levels. If you’ve been trying for a while and can’t seem to crack your pup try hiring a trainer, they can be expensive, but in the end, they truly are worth it.

Reward Your Pup Don’t Bribe Them

When your dog does something right you reward them with a treat, it’s the normal thing to do. However, when your dog is barking out of control or getting too rambunctious you also give them a treat to stop their behavior, what message do you think you’re sending to your pup?

When you start to mix treats with rewarding and treats with bribing, there can become a grey area, and your dog won’t know what’s right or what’s wrong. Giving your pup a treat when they’re bad only enforces that behavior and they tend to repeat it in order to get another treat.

Stick to disciplining your dog when it comes to bad behavior, it requires more patience but pays off in the end.

Source: https://collegecandy.com/2018/07/27/5-must-have-tips-when-training-your-dog-to-make-your-life-simpler/

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