Monday, 29 May 2023
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20 Best Interactive Dog Toys 2022 – Best Toys to Keep Dogs Busy – Woman’s Day

Having a dog is undeniably one of the best joys of life (you know, aside from the fact that you’re constantly on the hunt for the best carpet cleaner for pets.) Dogs can quickly become part of the family and for most, even become the BFF you’ve always wanted. Though playtime with your pup is probably the best part of both your day and theirs, during the times when you’re super busy and need to keep them busy too, having a few of the best interactive dog toys handy can keep them from making mischief around the house in an effort get your attention.

“Toys can help prevent boredom and your pup from messing up your home if they aren’t crate trained,” says Jasmine Coffiel, vice president of the Paws of Hope Foundation and former veterinary technician. As a lover of all breeds, the pet enthusiast also noted that combatting boredom isn’t the only thing you need to focus on when shopping for your pooch — knowing them well is important, too. “If you have a large or extra large breed that may be an active chewer, be aware that smaller interactive toys could be swallowed by accident.”

Through recommendations and reviews, we’ve compiled a list of interactive dog toys perfect for dogs of any size — from small dog breeds like teddy bear dogs to large dog breeds like wolfish dogs — and energy level on this list. Who knows, it may even encourage you to start shopping for new outdoor dog toys, too.

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What to Look for When Shopping for Interactive Dog Toys

✔️ Size: Stay away from toys that are inappropriate for your dog’s size, advises Coffiel. “So, for example, if your dog is an extra large breed, don’t get a toy that’s too small for them because it could potentially get lodged in their throat.”

✔️ Safety: Although squeaky toys are a favorite of many dogs, you’ll want to be sure to monitor your fur friend when they’re playing with one. Dogs are inquisitive and will probably be on the hunt for the noise-maker to destroy it. As a result, they could ingest the squeaker if left unsupervised.

✔️ Activity Level: If your dog prefers to lounge and isn’t filled with energy, getting them a toy that requires a heightened amount of movement may not be for them. As Coffiel noted previously, knowing your dog will save you a lot of time and money when looking for the perfect interactive dog toy.

  • My dog has sensitive gums. What kind of toys should I get? Plush or soft chew toys will be gentler on sensitive gums.
  • How can I choose the right toy for my dog? Every pup is different so it’s important to know your pup’s preferences and play patterns to determine this. Are they active chewers? Do they need comfort and security? Do they like to play fetch? Take these things into consideration and purchase accordingly.
  • Can I use the same toy for all of my dogs? In most cases, letting your dogs use the same toy poses no problem. If they are of different sizes and breeds, however, you need to make sure that you are giving each separate toys that are individually appropriate.
Contributing Writer Ni’Kesia Pannell is an entrepreneur, multi-hyphenate freelance writer, and self-proclaimed Slurpee connoisseur that covers news and culture for The Kitchn.

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