Friday, 14 December 2018
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15 Things You Need Before You Get a New Puppy

Before you give in and add that family member you didn’t know you needed, read this checklist of the must-have items you’ll want well before you bring your new furry friend home.

A sturdy crate

Puppy CrateVia

Investing in a crate the right size for your puppy is one of the smartest moves you can make. That’s because a crate is useful in meeting both the emotional and physical needs of a young puppy, says Dawn Hoover, DVM, who practices veterinary medicine through Veterinary Relief Services. “This space can give the puppy a safe haven, and also comes in handy when potty training,” she says. “Find one large enough for them to turn around and lay down in, but no larger,” advises Lauren Robinson, DVM, with Alabama-based Grayson Valley Pet Clinic. “Dogs don’t like to lay in their urine or feces and will often hold it. Make it too big for them, and you risk the puppy going to the back to do their business.” Not sure what size puppy you’re about to bring home? Look for a crate with dividers so you can adjust the interior spacing to accommodate the size of your growing dog. This folding metal dog crate from MidWest Homes for Pets comes in seven different sizes, each with dividers, making them ideal for tiny breeds like Chihuahuas all the way up to larger sized dogs like Labrador Retrievers.

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Pet blanket

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To make the crate seem a bit cozier, especially for a new puppy still sizing up his or her surroundings, consider adding a pet blanket. Dr. Robinson says these can be a nice and comforting touch, provided you’re not pairing your teething puppy with a blanket that can’t withstand (a lot of) chewing. This microfiber pet blanket from UTEX gives a comforting layer of warmth over the crate’s floor. It can also be used to cover the crate roof and sides, creating a safe and secure cocoon for the puppy, which is especially useful at night.

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Chew toys

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To help your pup through its teething stage, Dr. Robinson recommends rope toys, stuffed toys, and Nylabones, like this puppy starter pack. However, Dr. Robinson advises not to turn your back for too long. “Always observe your puppy to be sure it isn’t breaking off pieces of toys and eating them.” Make sure you’re protecting your dog from these 11 common household items that can harm pets.

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