Thursday, 11 August 2022
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08-14 Schopp & the Bulldog Hour 3

It’s might show and a Bulldog I don’t know about your operation. Your loses. But just some tentative off brand. And generic cola what I’m here. It’s classic Coke and who the are. You can. We all know exactly who lives. Aren’t Vancouver. Same mind name might show the no bull dog are WGR. Sports Radio 558. Are you ready. And the 5 o’clock hour we go thanks for hanging in with me today I am the bull by march opens on vacation this week. Joan Derek king and as well they’re handling the updates to go in there on the wheels of steel. Producing the show. Or revisit the conversation I had at the outset of today’s show itself podshow I don’t know we may we may have sale at some point rejoin us. Just to not in the offing right at the moment but he is out on the practice field watching the bills. Have and there are finalists is it right there one more workout tomorrow we’re it’s closed does that is that correct. It was originally opened I don’t know if that changed okay no ticket open okay sorry about that anyway today Donald jumbled up. Because they were forced to have the open to the public the minute rain so they’ve pushed it back and they’re they’re pressing now anyway cells on the field will get some more thoughts from him probably before today’s done we’re only halfway through. But dumb. Rick what what’s a good year. For the bills in 2018. You know and I know like there’s. It’s an easy. Globe. Win ten games and go to the playoffs you know in the division leader I don’t lose some easy answers. Myself but when I asked that question in Europe bureau. Welcome to contribute here at 8030550. And 1888550. To 550 once a good year for the bills to me. The one player matters more than the whole production. And nearest on his last year was. I don’t I don’t need them to build on the nine wins by a but by winning nine or ten again and going to the playoffs and the bigs to be great if they can manage that. From some in the hunt and stem having. Maybe a second. Surprisingly good year in a row that’s how I would. Term last year Lou as you’re surprised I didn’t expect him to be go to number I’m sort bomb. I’m very much in the same place now all before I guess different reasons the quarterback changes chief among them. So. I’m not. Necessarily thinking of defining. A good season for the 2018 bills. I and what kind of record they put up and what the end result is you know making the playoffs vs not making the playoffs. It really comes down to. What does Josh Alamo like what what what kind of progress. Do we see in the bills’ rookie quarterback that’s. That’s what the future is all about. And I myself am. Bracing for a step back because of the change at quarterback and now that doesn’t have to happen and we’ll talk more is this week unfolds about. But what. Could have been to change that for me like what you would need to happen for them to have. And another good year but for me a good year. For the bills would be validation. How however much of we can get the more the better. Validation. That day made a good pit in Josh. That is the thing that matters the most in the big scheme of things so seeing him play at some point. I’m not the guy that’s leading the charge for him to get on the field right away I’d I’d love to see it but I think. It’s. It’s easy enough. To understand and certainly defend. Them going a little slower than that with him but at some point. You need him to play. So that you have some some idea. As to what you have to build on with him. Be letting the whole your goal by would be a mistake. So. What ever kind of indications we can get from this year that Allen is on track to be. Unquestionably there starter next year. And maybe be good. That that’s a good year. Find Leah and frankly if you find out the opposite. As you found out bill played. Eight games and was just was just bet. It got worse as it went on and it just looked terrible. That I was it would not be a good year but it would not be wasted time either. Because you’d be you’d be gathering evidence should be gathering Intel you’d be finding out whether or not he is your long term answer. What I think you don’t wanna do. Is put off gathering that information beginning to gather that information. For the entire season. No I believe he’s ready to play right away you start gathering information immediately. But as I said I I King and I can respect. Wanting to take some time with that and not enough pushing it now rushing. But. You don’t either wanna gold so far is too old and we leave him. You know are very little at the end I think there has to be a body of work that Q and you know begin the process of figuring out what kind of pro he’s going to be. So. You know that I might beat out the game sets a third of the game whatever it is. I think that’s that’s my Goodyear. And it really has. Very little to do what with with with their record in what kind of season that they’re there. Because I think. The idea behind drafting Joshua Allen. Is getting someone who’s better than how good we knew Tyrod Taylor as Tyrod Taylor was you know this good. And I’m breezing by our about halfway up as they are Golan and not being whose discourage you that middle is good spring good. You wanna be better than not okay. That probably take some time to flush itself out I’m expect Josh failed to show up on the field the first time he starts a game. And be even that good. It’s probably going to take some time for him to get acclimated in for the bills to fill in around him. But eventually you have to start doing that. And that ends up really to me having nothing to do with record tragically the worst the worst year you could pass. It in my view the worst year you can and for the bills. Is a year where. Bear a game or two who under 500 but don’t wanna pull the shoe. So it’s it’s three in four and its foreign five minutes five and six and you’re just sort. You know the patriots are doing the patriots do win. The AFC’s wish maazel in your you’re in the hunt over there because your game under 500. But you’re not really. Nobody is watching you when thinking boy look out for them I don’t wanna play them you’re basically last year’s team still right. With a different guy playing quarterback you’re sort of middling. And you because of that. Want to stay with stay the course with whoever you chose McCarron or Peter now quarterback instead of giving Alan valuable playing time. That that’s that’s a tough year I think that’s that’s the your I don’t want us. I would sooner have them have a tough year one moss wise. And did Allen on the field maybe by the midway point. And start collecting. The information you’re gonna need on him. And you know there’s there’s almost Knoll scenario to me in which. You do you do that you play him the back half of the year and he’s not your starter in 2019. But. You would expect. Progress in 2019 in part because he played. Those eight games. Six games or tango harmony one and you are blamed on. That’s why those games matter and that’s why I need to see that eventually here. This year and in giving that information. To me is going to largely defined. Whether or not they have a good year. More so than what wins and losses which are those little weird is like you know wins and losses that’s to keep the standings it’s how you decide who goes in the playoffs. But. I think in the big scheme of things but I can I can shovel. 2018. Aside. And make it more about the quarterback than anything else 8030551888. 550. 2550. Those are the numbers let’s get a role here at 5 o’clock hour Erica first up this segment higher thanks for calling your on WG. They’re all our procedure take my call in outlawed them but our first time caller. And you know I think Al I would define a successful season it is you know you wanna pick order record I mean are expecting about or weapons grade you know honestly realistically it out or win. But what I wanna she is out of those six losses. You know I would that she has to be like in the mix of 6 o’clock as great you know policy is. The in the hot and maybe have the lead for the first half. It’ll lose big Kong closed not really have the expertise to deal but I don’t you write down on the field late in the gaming get that game winning drive great I mean that’s. We don’t have a quarterback and that’s really the ultimate decision maker that you and apple to get that kind of game one. So we’re in that mix for about six of those losses I think that’s a pretty good cheese and we continue to build upon. You know George Allen and his experience I agree with you with what you said about you know trying to get him and get that get him acclimated. Because if he can. Build upon that and have a more successful in the next year then we’re back into the play out on and I think you know we we’ve accomplished what we need to do. I ran out a thank you are dumb yeah I mean that’s that’s set I mean I guess. To be sure I have been. Thought rude to the extent of like what do the losses looked like but yeah I mean obviously you’d like to not be getting curb stomped I think especially Allen is playing. You want to see. The offense be productive and at the offense is productive you’re probably in games you know provided you know playing the saints. For the chargers like like last year when I’m in the discount that’s got annihilated blown off the field. And and remove their defense was a disaster especially in that saints game. So yeah I mean that’s. It though the kind of games you’re describing there but to me go hand in hand with the kids playing and he’s getting better. There’s there’s good sides he’s making plays. But all you know he didn’t see the linebacker on that one lady and boy they’re really heard of Molly’s got. You’re gonna have to. You have to get that. You did that the figure out how to avoid that mistake and Camille like debts for give a bowl. For a rookie. If there are enough other good traits enough other good signs. Out there that you’re seeing him. You make make big throws and make could be good decisions good plays a big plays. You can live with. Other mistakes seem you know even the mistakes end up costing you. You know what you’re saying here we can use the a four win team. Yeah I mean I I’m I’m I’m down with that fully pay is up next on WGR think of calling sir you’re on WG. Thank you I appreciate that I’m. I’ll see what means or meet you have a successful year at least for this team is. Focusing on deciding whom. Our quarterback isn’t deciding early because I think the ball. Jump in treatment made a lot harder to keep having to. The time that topic on record directly I don’t want I think we’re gonna have a real part time. Inning off to a good start where there are kind of waffling back and forth between the dirt that between a quarterback and I think you what are our record is by the and to see them. It’s neither here nor there are kind of waiting on rookies to make remarks. And obviously if Josh Allen. If you’re content amid deepening ordered up halfway through recuperated but it meant that long we have an answer and it’s emigrate if it’s Nathan great. It’s AJ great we have to think make a decision and then. I will be set up that next year if not this year. All right thank you for the call yeah you know. As for me it feels to me like you won you use sound to me like you want you won both. Both things you want to decide who the quarterback is. And whoever it is because that is and will improve your chances of having a good year. And but I don’t necessarily know about that the if they if they end up choosing either Peter mayor McCarron. I’m just I’m at a time I’m going to be surprised at that leads to a good year. It could. It could and I’ve given some thought to especially after seeing just one pre season game. We look forward having even more of these kinds of thoughts after a second game and and another spin around with the bulls offense. But. I’m not. Not thinking about how much better this year can be if they decide on this quarterback. Because whoever. Wins the job if it’s not Allen is. The guys renting the spot you know what the loot the eventual. Permanent outcome. Is that Allen plays at some point so. And whether or not dad asked to be. May make things much different if at all for table I think remains to be seen as one of the things I noticed. And out and I mentioned this would sell late last week after the game on Thursday. That I had really what was there a quick hitting passing game with Peter men especially. In the game against Carolina it was. Ball snapped. Ball is out I mean it was just quick. Something we really never saw with Taylor really sergeants and never rarely so Taylor was that ball getting out of there quickly. Peter men and he tried to do daddy when he played last year and it didn’t go so well but. He was getting it out of there was on target and had a very good night. Alien on the other hand was a little was the other is just different just a different. Feel to it. And like I wonder. If Palin will make. The offense run. In that way like whether they will ask him to make those quick throws or whether him playing ultimately. Transitions. Them more into. A longer develop being let’s get it down the field as opposed to just a quick hits a mean I think jobs that have elements of both no matter who’s playing. But it took me looked. A lot like two different offenses. Ware and Peter Mahan was in their vs when Allen was in there. On Thursday. And I am curious to see if that continues on Friday when they play the browns’ Mike is next up on WGR thanks for calling your on fiercer. They Chris thank and I couldn’t agree anymore it’s. The worse thing that could possibly happen this year is that not having an idea of well. Judge now because. We don’t have an idea by the end of the year. What type of quarterback he’s going to be your next. Here and see excuse here won’t rookie. And it’s another year before you figure out your law. Partner guy. All I care about this year although I care about is how this is adults. I couldn’t care they went one gamers could game I just want your kids develop. And I don’t want unity in a season where Peter Munro carrying a record of Beckham exactly issues they. There are so worried about trying to win now. And what are your hopes that they don’t. Put Allen and and we’ve you know it’s all it’s done one thing. What are we trying to do. Caron and Peter men neither of them aren’t going to be the patriots. Maybe Allen because our side well maybe you’ll get the settlement of the patriot but he hit a proper. Or an arm of the sides and there are well that’s the. That the patriots and that’s what we should be striving. Not. The ball up the become you know in the in the aren’t as it is we have heard. It’s to be the pitcher and he’s the only guy that gets a chance and he got because if he doesn’t have them. Figure out plan B because you don’t play this are we going to get look at planned a Soviet Politburo and be. Right depth basal of the column likely that that to that but just has to be yet. And they you know what I’m I’m trying to kind of bomb. You know you said somebody called me your big guy before last I think maybe wants it both ways and and maybe I’m guilty of that too because not IE. I I can live with. Them. Going slow to what extent with Allen and been going slow means net just not saying. We drafted seventh get on the field restart figure out if you can do this if there is something to be gained. By. Having him watch for awhile. And making sure he’s as ready for. The speed. The talent around him to maybe be lacking. Whatever it is. If there’s something to be gained by waiting. For part of this season hot I am I’m patient enough to live with that I am not patient enough. To ride out a whole year. To me that’s pointless. Day it. It at some point you’ve got to start collecting information on him because I mean the way that would call it does is exactly right. Whenever he starts playing there’s going to be well you all you got to give them time there’s always that. Yeah so. Let’s get that posted that out of the way you know I want I wanna see enough. From Alan on see him play enough this year so that I don’t. Have to have well you know hole he really hasn’t gone them want to is not being that long know let’s give them enough games. So that that’s off the table and so in 2019. Starts you can really start. Working on but could the boom the big job here which is king and he’d do. Can I trust this guy is I don’t wanna Schobel. Like three years and this. If it’s not working you need to figure that out sooner rather than later and keep movement. With the worst thing you can do is like paying nine. To a flawed idea a deposition. And just keep waiting for to pay off and it never comps. You know I. Maybe some extent that’s where Miami is although they didn’t win enough games to qualify for the playoffs material a couple years ago and and he got hurt and didn’t play in the misty year. So they got I’m. Wondered about about him. In that way like would you feel good about that are you ready to move bond. And that’s and its many years into it now. I don’t think you wanna be there and you wanna figured out sooner rather than later so. You don’t get mean get me in the games by November and I think all feel half decent about the idea. 8030551888. 550 to 550 will keep going on this what’s a good year for the 2018. Bills there’s a couple of ways you can look at it won loss record. The rookie quarterback’s development. To me what to think I’m the Bulldog mics on vacation this is WG. From Maine has been doing a really good job forces sorted in a short time that we had him you do need to have an alternative if something were to happen in tennis and a good job would be in came in from work as well we’ll take a look at Julia which we’ve been doing so that’s kind of still open air we have some time so the next few days to. They’ll continue to make that evaluation plus we got a couple more pre season games after this from those Gaza working hard and they’re trying to do it was a good look. I was bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. That one bill live or was at a news conference media media news conference earlier today. Out at bills training camp so about two is still on the field. Action but he’s ready to talk to us if we if we want. Watching practice role will. We’ll we’ll check in and a little bit which sell here. And get an update from the field. Before this hour’s up maybe before the segments up but we got some folks are all want to wrap a little bit about. What what defines a Goodyear really good good year for the 2018. Bills. Will be 8030550. 888550. To 550 those are the phone numbers let’s pick up or looked up Darius burst up the second hi Gary thanks for calling your on WG. They crisp example ears. Thank you appreciate that I’m yeah house like your vinyl record streak in the wintertime. I could yeah hoped. It’s this the thing that makes me look forward to getting home is knowing that that attic in the guitars the records are all their way them. I don’t say I can’t way because I love the summer but it will be the will be nice to get back thanks for following along. Court here struck. I bits and pieces I don’t I don’t have any of the records. Yeah I wrote it anyway. It’s probably not popular but I think truly ask muscles seeking better last year eight donate in a year or young kids. Thank you organically once job or practice or at least here and applying what. Well you brought cut I believe in GTE and when I hope that you bring Carly is back and have these guys Bannister had they just donated or boring for rookie quarterback. I think the defense can be better last year I think gossip or want to be better last year. So what are they are not additionally the idea of all look if they wouldn’t water to games and donate she looked at quarterback. Organically winter that’s fine but I go further and what you get an X that’s all seen them successful thing. Is just a winning culture I think and that he went to by the end good. Mean that’s what a. What if he doesn’t play at all this year. If he didn’t earn it if they didn’t see him but not batter hitting the error or out Petersen Trout see and then. Used the wrong guy. Our men are appreciated I I would not that would be a disaster to me. Mean that to me that wouldn’t be a disaster they they’d be drafted him seventh overall alternately they have to expect that he’s going to be better. The those guys if he’s not. Then that’s that’s a mass. And and I say that. Mostly because mom I just don’t think there’s any way you’re going to be a power in the AFC. Where is Peter men or McCarron as your quarterback like it’s just reached is not realistic courted happened sure I’ve got a new offense. To have new guys on the line I’m not as optimistic as you are that it that it’s gonna be positive. But this team could be a big a big thing to me that that was. To be the riskiest take away from the pre season I’m saying that we for a reason because it’s it’s the pre season started I don’t know all. You know what what you wanna make a bit probably not much. But. Okay bought idle eight. The pace the variety. There were a lot of personnel groupings a lot of formations are a lot going on there. And they were crisp and clean on offense and I was pleasantly surprised by that. In a pre season hit. It it if if that can translate in some way. Then. Maybe you can be better than I’m given them credit for with Peterman McCarron but. This I don’t know I’ve said it mean you’re you’re entitled to that it’s you know it’s reasonable they don’t go win games will be as good as you can be. Progressed from last year like I I hear you it might be a pretty popular opinion that I’m just not really hearing a lot. But you who went and got a franchise quarterback for a reason and that reason is because you don’t think you can be great without one. So you have to find out about him more than hoping you can just win with McCarron Peter and I think that’s got to be the mission. Let’s talk to Matt up next on WGR hi Matt thanks for calling your on the air. Stabilized so I agree. Or not what the the previous collar and I I haven’t jail on what your opinion. You know all I wanna win and I don’t care who the quarterback. I don’t care who’s the wide receivers are. I wanna win and I have a lot of friends in different states. We like you talked about a while to kind of messed I have no confidence in this franchise over the last forty years we had more quarterback. And any other day it got more coaches and any other team. All right Brent creature dollars a drink Shakespeare and the thirty hours apart and the media purpose as a 150 per ticket. I don’t care who out there I locked away in a wannabe. Ellen doesn’t work out entry into debt or aren’t as job. And and that my my K okay did what when an integral players will play. Question okay Matt thanks I’ll pick up a man in a minute let’s get out to ourself a pop yo who’s standing on the practice field with Jerry Hughes I believe. Yeah here’s Jerry guys. He’s more conscious of his past was attacked the other plan communism and that we talk about a lot of our room even dating back to OTAs and I think he’s. Fantastic job of studying himself understanding where he needs to improve on his game you see him coming on here practice. Working on moves you can see where his film studies coming in because he’s trying. New things that he hasn’t tried in the past which is great you kind of got to. Just treat yourself like a pitcher. When you’re out here playing defense have been passed us you know you gotta kind of ponson pitches find out what works fine what you can do you know that’s going and get you to the quarterback and faster and he’s really doing that. We talk a lot about the on selfishness of the defensive linemen like star to kind of tie guys up for the guys behind him was it do for you guys. Revealed today in the interior you know just not worry about your stats and tying guys up. I mean when you counsel likes you know a big fellow who commands. A double team like that is great for guys and heads it. Allows us to come put pressure on the quarterback on this away you know a few steps up you know he’s getting followed by the big Fella he comes back into it. Thus you know Rica. Take us out sentences I think Islam more wealth or both parties on. On that we’ve become. Play off each other really upon him and pushing the pocket when you get around the edge there’s no room for the quarterback necessarily step up it seemed like maybe election after a little too often Jerry. I mean you know Vasily start immediately he’s big strong powerful guys leave and command but that was him if you don’t and he might which regards. On his. But so I mean that being said we know what we got enough. These are you know he’s Super Bowl caliber of play you know phenomenal teammate so with with that it’s just like England’s you know he’s gonna do his thing I’m do my thing and remedies Leo Amador. That is. During his guys and it’s gonna get them to remain administer wrote for a quicker to maintenance. And just on the you know you your first training camp is only one day left China anything that kind of stood out you about your first training camp the National Football League. Me we are not sending camp is a parent and you know I’ve enjoyed every bit of it does come in here with these guys and getting better and you know build and a team. We see everything that happens out here but how much percentages what goes on behind the scenes the film room the daily grind the weights all that kind of stuff like what. How much we see the fans see the field how much more was in this yeah I think that’s what a lot of people leave us in 2008 think of you know professional athletes well. Is death for a lot of preparation going to it you don’t just wake up become my own film performed. To perform good response in the classroom we’ve in August of all of which he nutrition. A little bit everything Manny got to take care of yourself and take your business and you know there was Osasuna through when you get back to buffalo what’s the plan your twenty years old you’re limited in new city what’s the plan for you. I mean we still account for me so you know on we still let you win a different location was still the same it’s I thank you that’s. Main Edmonds Bulldog back to you as. We noted earlier today we had a rotation change of the quarterback’s no surprise necessarily but a computer and number one Josh Allen number two and AJ McCarron with the threes. All right self thank you very much stuff about you oh behind the scenes of bills training camp would sell Brad do you buy outlet liquor for the lowest every day prices in the state. Shocked outlet liquor also you know that our overall our coverage from saint John Fisher presented by Guaranty Bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills. That you buy liquor for the lowest ever he breezes in the state shop all the liquor and by our boys software. You need a phone then you need a nerd call our boys software Buffalo’s brainy is nerds go to. Our phones work dot com for more information on that all right well we’ll see if that’s all from sell out its saint John Fisher. And will continue who taking your calls as well in 030551888550. 2550. I wanna get back to match their talking about his friends and they’re all talk in and I wanna win games and all that. A lot of finish that off and will take more your calls coming up. As we continue Mike showbiz on vacation I am the bull blood in this is WGR. I certainly expect you here next year and you know hopefully beyond its. I have goals the player for a long time and I still love doing it I still want to do it in you know that’s. But I’m also focused on what what I need to do this year it’s it’s that it would felt challenged and it. It’s a great it’s a great challenge and I and I just all loved it. For a long term that’s it I got there and be your best I could be tricky. What he wanted to say that besides the words that you can flight your food sitting on the radio. Right. I mean wow. Would you all think less of me if I admitted to you that I was giving. But from the board that Joseph played that out of the finger while it was playing with the speaker earlier was just like it flipping off. Error basically it’s like I’m not putting Joseph off. Tom Brady can’t see me. All my dot. Listening to him talk like that obviously didn’t kick in the nuts like guys I don’t I do not feel good right now Jerry. And. Our. Yeah. Balking debt your goal you are not sure it. Seriously retarded or will you please just stop. Just so I mean jolt your 23. Yeah Twitter. I think probably ten years ago and around the imminent ten years ago is only five years ago. We started spending. A day or so every summer. Don’t million home. And it’s all employee. He’s the poll put Clinton. And wow. Goal. Some poll owns. That the way the world works the way things sometimes work. From humans anyway most humans. Is that like as soon as. You stop. Expecting. This inevitable decline. And just assuming it’s never coming maybe that’s one account. Right. Of the that’s gonna work as I’ve been doing Netflix to the tires I and it doesn’t seem right working right I all right. I know I wanted to put our own open what. A book I have a voice on my work bench at home like opening as wide as I can put my head in and start tightening. But that’s where I feel integrated squeezing my brain altering like yours. For for having justice set all of. County’s worst. I said this on Twitter earlier in a different conversation with somebody essentially. He not obviously not just him at the bills doing things have also. Work towards this he is basically ruined my childhood as a salesman and the pretty much. They’ve never even really had a shot to win the division to an end to automatic losses. Every year basically since I can remember watching football. Yeah if you wanna sound out. You know I mean that’s the LA go back to 2000 your go operate that’s that’s right. Yeah wow. That’s incredible. It’s 2018. Well I mean. Ed does the list of things you never want to rock you know all know because this. This this is relevant. You know Cam Newton. Metaphorical. The talking to a wall is though it’s Kelvin Benjamin is just. I like knew a lot of it’s asinine. Blows the other thing that’s that’s if Iran to cut Tyrod. He’s set his own name in the way that we also his name and always good to. I think we’re getting to break the long game frank is a hard knocks related long game plank I’m I’m that’s my back. Tall I don’t mean I guess the guy could have been pressured into saying his own name wrong. I guess how that happens eyes roll wooded whenever it right below those things can. Go to help adult. Brady like that still that matters like that that is. That is aggravation in that should be fuel. I think. Did you keep it takes a lot of attacks work. Because you hear him talk like that and your immediately doubled over from being punched right. Right in global abdominal region that’s basically what happens when you hear about oh. Great he feels now he’s an important doing really well for his team and he has a plan to continue to keep playing at a really high level. Just seriously just step to step wrong we just. And. You sit for two hours guys have trouble now. Well all we’re gonna embodied 1213 years I don’t. She shouldn’t happen but it just pitched it dipped to. Maybe he’s not human maybe that’s maybe it’s code he’s not piece this Guerrero. There’s like some. And out. Data and he’s. All right well. Are we do we don’t its sales like don’t. Yes he has all right. This browns there’s this brown stuff but I wanna get to from today vets. Hilarious and maybe even some it’s a little older than today but I didn’t get to yesterday. And then that being on hard knocks it down again tonight right up so to I think is on tonight. It’s just it’s it’s a it’s amazing to bear on the show with. Good. Hue Jackson still there and played. His response to what Jarvis Landers that last week hustle areas I only that I knew the punishment they laid on Antonio Calloway is hilarious. And then there’s this story about what’s gonna happen when they when a regular season game that we Arnold you solve this or not today or it’ll just don’t want. Okay promised me joked I went and got a you don’t know about this maybe some of our audience don’t know about this but there is of promotion a foot in Cleveland. For when they win a regular season game that he’s so I should take that out of the update is what these guys Eric stick around the update. Don’t rule and he did this is a two years and it’s the hardest of the work done it years. So that. I become for you don’t. And that means. Should take a break the great that the Brady thing you’re just. Just it’s like having Paul Hamilton culture what did Brady and just completely off. I don’t plan is in good shape any are now all frazzled. Take a break I’m the bold odd this is mark marks on vacation you can’t tell. This WG.


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