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08/10 4p – Bill Maas, Chiefs Defense

We brought in an actual expert talk about the stuff. I mean I’m explosives expert. But I’m not all the bullet you optical expert all I did was put on the how many medals will be put the we talk so might have been on the eighth seed Vera played in college. Played in the NFL. Danny’s number one and arts. Former chiefs defensive linemen all around swell guy Billups joins us in studio delight. Gentlemen good to see we’re back again of the year this. Year’s race that’s fun time I’m glad to be back in the measure which phone to talk football with. A lecture comments machine and I thought it would you talk about defense of we are you are spot. Here’s a lot we can talk about defense wouldn’t. Yeah who are you keep players you agree point I thought that was watched. Of the season developed through an officer’s. It’s an it’s an interesting thing Aminu and and you look at the often too so the ball on all the hype that was build around Patrick Holmes and in yesterday when actually cornered him. What I saw was you know a guy that. Just wasn’t comfortable with what he was doing that’s Russell thirteen play and was in the police they rely a lot on Indians schemes offensively. To make things happen. A solemn offensive line that looked. Slow footed again and we spent a lot of money a medal to lie you know it’s important time to actually the first pre season game. It’s there’s no team players about. You line up into play beat the guy in front of what withers. Or outside. Wide receiver quarterback over a defense of linemen offensive attack cool or whatever the matchup for lineup and UP. I didn’t see that yesterday achieved not offensively or defensively. Nobody is a whole lot of that lets us kind of goes section by section one I want to Nazi over the next thirty minutes. I’ll talk to about defense elements ought to know Bob Sutton because as much of the conversation in Kansas City is about homes. Early date there was a whole lot of take away from home only do five passes wasn’t out there are a whole lot. Also some of the same stuff you’re talking about it is out there was such a short period of time I know the game plan wasn’t very intricate I don’t think there was a lot of takeaways. Can you explain their defensive philosophy to me because yesterday there was a certain. In the first half of the game mean. They were like seventeen yard line mean. Stephen Nelson and playing well. All the third story end and shockingly enough. It was a little dough ball from yards to get a first down on a they don’t like it is it. Legitimately don’t understand what the chiefs defense a philosophy is it’s certainly not aggressive and get to the quarterback and blitz in exotic packages. To really confused defense. I don’t understand what the chiefs defense a philosophy. Well again I go back there I would say that in the first pre season game. It isn’t about scheming news about the philosophy isn’t about putting. You know packages together to route to create pressure it’s about winning one on one battles I’d I saw them play too and I thought the same thing and that’s he’s playing. Before the snap footballers at what he’s gone pretty far off both corners work. And so you can find ways to win and that’s what it comes down to in the first pre season games I didn’t see much of defense when you only defensive line on the front seven. You’ve got to win one on one matchups that’s what you that’s what you look forward as long as I’ve played. We command when you watch the game film the next day after a Sunday game and Monday morning you’re in there. Whoever gets one on one block. Passed to win that person has to be able to beat the one on one block. 07 slide protection you’re getting pushed around your double teamed somebody all the time guys to get to 11 have to be find a way to win. I didn’t see it yesterday so that it’s less about schemes in Bob Sutton is he’s got to scapegoat that is the actual talent on the field. 100% yes I mean you’ve got to be able to win you’ve got to be able to beat the guy in front of you no matter where your rat. And it’s not about a scheme defensively and went through this and Dick from Neil error you know. We wanted to fire the defense quarter ended up doing in the barn. What did you have there defensively really you know it was a tough situation. And I think he gets a bad rap but I think he’s trying to. To a lot with maybe not that much. I’m with you there and actually think that this team reminds me of those Dick from real teams where the bella. Meant to the school they’re gonna be entertaining how many games begin when LA times you go deep in the playoffs. I don’t know because Billy Bob I think there’s going to be a handful of games they scored thirty but the Jones course or to spot the attitude Russian statement and I would. I would agree with you to a point but the legacy admiral Greg Robinson went through that tube you know you scheme some guards throughout the month that’s OK you inherited throughout the commitment they’re lower yeah up a lot of people blame him. Maybe just didn’t have and enough talent there to to do anything where. It I looked him over the last. Two years and since Justin Houston wasn’t Justin Houston and more and we’re running in the fifth 34 defense. And it’s not working 34 defense is designed unique two outside guys that can rush the passer. And Houston hasn’t been Mecca or two years and in many inside linebackers got old really quick so you had a linebacker from from last two years with with guys it couldn’t rush the passer geyser were older in the middle. Glad to see reckless healthy again I think that’s a big upgrade but I still I’m curious to see who’s gonna be able to step up to beat those guys on the outside the conduct of quarterback. Right now we’re talking a bill mossy joins us in studio bill I hate to disagree with you. But I’m a firm believer in you know you played at this level that for the most part talent is fairly equal. That it comes down to me is some coaches happy ability to scheme like when I watch the patriots I see with lackluster talent. I see them I see them maximize the ability of individual guys because they have a system is scheme that is designed to help you maximize. Bob Sutton is the longest standing defense of coordinator in the NFL no team is deep it’s a quarter as much as it I don’t. He who he can say is I maximize the ability of this player I’ve turned him into a player that plays above their skill level. Lot of guys that seem out of position a lot of guys that are living up to their expectation that has BA coaching problem too. Well I was so I would tell you this OK when you talk about the New England Patriots the guy who builds that team. Knows the exact type player he wants on defense at every single position he knows. The what he needs out of those guys in that position and he goes and finds him. That’s only one person. No matter who the general manager Israel former office as the owner if there’s one person to put that together that’s Bilbao which. Does he knows exactly the type of player he needs for each position if you’re getting handed people. Kept people mean getting big contracts that you’re stuck with yet to keep these people born maybe they’re not the guy you need no matter who Buddhist name wise. Then you have to deal that and that’s what are Mets were recorded and asked to find other ways to maximize what he’s. Handy dealt. All right as many weeks does not use the pages that’s always like the extra amount of Stuart and sit here but if they had Wade Phillips for example I think deep into he’d better if they had Mike Zimmer from Minnesota I think their defense will be better but I think there are some coaches beckoned scheme wise in quote local coach guys up. Bob Sutton has the ability to coach guys up but I don’t look at that she’s defense is having a leaked out. But I mean. The complaint of us watching his defense and having corners play twelve yards off the ball. That is just start the first pre season game didn’t do that the entire time he’s been here I was told it was going to be a Maine and in your face press obviously that’s not the defense we watch every Sunday with that you. No because they can’t play it that’s why in your interview did complain a lot more zone. So it in their good backtracked I looked through treatment the first two series on the defense and they went out there in Houston just lined up knocked him off the ball. Jeffrey gap control responsibilities are number one thing you have to do when you play defense. Control your debt. You sold breakdowns all along the front seven the linebackers interior linemen. Losing their depth control you that’s that’s basic. 101 football when you when you start out pre season and training camp. That’s what you learned to do and they they’re not doing it may haven’t done it may have been real good edit for the last three years. With all the rookies on the outside the ball the new faces and you’ve got new cornerbacks in Marcus Spears is now ram. But it also talked about the speed of the game especially when it comes at the quarterback and our energy that’s what I saw yesterday is Patrick Holmes. Generally split a lot of college football really well but a lot of practice football is but one quote unquote regular season game. But the speed of what he saw yesterday compared with can be three weeks from now is completely different would the defense of side of the ball how long does it take these new guys to catch up to NFL’s. Well into their fast enough obviously you know these guys they’ve got good speed so but it’s it’s the flow of the game and how what’s coming at you. You can’t really practice if they know they try to practice it. One of the key catch freezers at practices always been temple temple temple you’ve restaurant. They wanted to try to throw things at you as fast as they can. Practice so you’d get an idea and you get used to it. But it doesn’t compare to what’s happening in game in game you have to mentally be at its its coming accurately what’s damages and what’s your personal grouping. Who who we have who’s come on home field who’s coming off the field just has to be is not to look at how it’s a well it’s it’s yeah. It take it takes awhile to catch up and for the young guys it would bears from the great learning experience from a Fordham and I think it’s gonna do nothing but get better for the rest on his own little model of words in your amount you sound very skeptical of just in Houston dating back to form this year. Well you know. And of Missouri minister show me state red area we’ve heard he’s been on percent from last two years according to them come back. Of war what we’ve seen we’re we done from. Mets it’s a result. Driven industry and that’s the nuts and bolts of the businesses result driven you know you win or you’re gone right and so. Oh what’s he doing what has he done what what’s a production level bin. I don’t I poll. It’s what almost two years amongst bill moss argue not abrupt in what do you think you don’t get just use them. I. I think expecting the 22 sacked just incurred in like that was just like you know that was a that was year. What you sixty home run does not realist front but this year like I do expect to see eleven at thirteen sacks this year like is it healthy obviously all of the denial but. Surprised if he didn’t get eleven sacks the seas like I think she knows how important this year has been like you said. If he doesn’t perform the season he’s not on the team next year light next is the first that it is financially feasible for the chiefs to move more from Justin Houston and I think that contract year and that extra motivated or of money always gives guys that extra 510%. I took us. But before and there with the guys are always on the team also in those are probably YouTube guys that you expect a burden on the quarter. And we’ve drafted in the last two years we’ve drafted guys to play those positions or haven’t really shown anything. To anybody so yeah I think that that those two positions Jeffs on our American position is something to keep an eye on you hope for the best and if if anything. You hope to some young guys. Catch a flash newseum you know they they they did our light kicks on a minute. They perform they do something good out there that’s that’s what you can hope for. Who the defense would you say your optimistic about that he got that people are talking about a guy that you seen limited that you kind of silly he can have a season better than people expect. I I would hope Williams or savor our I would hope. Because I think that’s I think it was important part went on terror turned pro left I really do I think. It’s seems that when he was out of the picture. A lot of other things fell down around you know the run game of the middle distorted and port on it was like opened floodgates. But I tried to plug a few guys in their didn’t really pan out real well. But I am hopeful for Williams and hopeful for regular. It out and engage young you look back means you say the build everything right up the middle just like a baseball team right Richard catcher’s second base and field to build over the right of the middle on defense to. And those afternoons on linebackers and safeties and where our safeties where you talk about their Mercury. And Georgian you know that’s aren’t they question marks to. I don’t I feel like I’m coming off as a home a year maybe it’s more optimistic about the chiefs defense and you guys are many. With a little bit I saying all week. The I think his second there’s going to be a little bit better than people think. I look at air bearded I don’t know if they’re going to be a 100% of the player you were a couple years ago if you can get 85% of the Eric Berry got a couple years ago still top ten player at his position in the NFL. Justin Houston if he’s fully healthy the way the he says he is you don’t need to get Tony to sack and hit twelve sacks this season. That’s a plus. Or won your million proved it ideal as a bunch of incentives next year so he’s got to be highly motivated to go out there. Is a little bit more optimistic in. Their defense was so shaky last year than any kind of expectation which is a step in the right direction like you’re not at its defense to be Minnesota’s or Jacksonville’s defense dressed in the seventeenth in the lead eighteenth in the league with the dolphins. But this seems like a very manageable goal to. I think part of it’s also human nature that we all think that the special teams and players and bunker entirely too returning parts is going to be pretty damned in the offense could be all time. It’s just human nature yet to find something to complain about. And right now the thing to complain about the 48 the kinsey jeeves is clearly the defense. Are coming up on the other side will continue our conversation with bill lost plus twenty minutes we’ll give you chance to win a thousand bucks in our national dance contest talk and she’s right now with a former chief defensive lineman bill lost. Right here on the drive. Coming up to about. And two minutes so did you see easily a thousand bucks or national cancer contest right now we’re talking to former chief defensive lineman bill. Loss joins us in studio. Bill you’re talking about Patrick Holmes and you said since them and he’s from him yesterday are you feel about the. CBS audience yeah there’s there’s a lot that goes into it one. You know I’d. Financially if it after could’ve happened I I really would have liked to have seen. Smith coach Smith stay another year of her term range over and keep Smith there as just. That guy you know that calm voice in the meeting room with them on the sidelines talking with them. I would I would like to CNET. It’s a lot. And it it it’s expression of quarterback position it when you turn the keys to a franchise over to him guards for a two year dole and that’s that’s a lot there’s a lot that goes wouldn’t. All of a sudden you would go from a guy with a big garment and a clipboard. To now you’re the guy that every media person wants to talk to. After practice after games demands become realized. That there’s there’s just a lot of confusion nick enters your life. And you know sometimes that can be a distraction when you’re trying to be the leader of the team and trying to learn the system trying to get everybody into. Is it on the same page given. It’s a lot. Because I think getting called. Buzz killing someone to come sumo homes even though I’m really I’m home I’ve been saying this whole summit because to me Matt Stafford and better situation I think mass that was a really good corner. We see they haven’t really put a whole lot of parks around Matt Stafford to help got to grow and nurture him as a quarterback is that the receivers. But the last 100 are rusher was Reggie Bush years and rightly just really haven’t done enough. That I’m happy said that about Holmes is the one thing I would say that I teach in the city is discrediting about quarterback days. I think many people think it’s just met him like he’s just plug and play like and outs that’s equally good last year while Holmes well we think he’s done announcements it’s just instantly got no better the last season like. It’s going to take some time in adjustment and it’s going to be new at least for some period of time would change your quarterback from a guy who was in his fourteenth year in his league and out Smith to a guy who was now essentially in his first season though we. Get Patrick Holmes yeah and then there’s a lot that goes with that to be here’s here’s the upside of it is here’s a good stuff. The kid is just ridiculously talented and I say that mayors are watched a lot of quarterbacks are readers are seen a lot of were Rex I have a starting quarterback were broadcaster. But sit there and watch the things that he they could do he has greater rare ability and Andy Reid will be warmer for people type of the things he can do. There’s minimal minimal have gone throughout say under point 2% have come through the NFL now. That’s fine that’s precious talent. But how do you get it to the next level hobby becomes superstore how to become a franchise quarterback. How do you take the team to Super Bowl all that now that’s a different ballgame okay that’s completely different ball game. He’s got to find a way to put both of those together and that’s a challenge for young guy. You know. Find a way to make this mesh so. We drafted him. So first time a longtime chief drafted a quarterback there’s a lot of hope and hype around him. I think he’s got their ability to to withstand at all and the maturity to handle all. That’s good that’s good stuff and and the kid’s a player I love it he’s got that moxie about him you just have to be around for a couple minutes and you know he’s got that about him. Bill you’ve seen quarterbacks from the ninety’s. The two thousands of present day quote as he remind you of. Elway. John Elway I think I think the guys got a one I’ve played against John 80s90. He had speed he can break out of pocket. He had that run threaten you take off and put 45 yards on the ground under and he had a ten in the could throw it anywhere at any time. That’s that’s the closest I can remember where or put him to and he has the ability. Two to make all the throws it’s just not have a big arm news there’s and that’s just one thing wind up and sockets and New York that’s one thing. To be able to throw the ball properly in different situations. Puts me or under or when to throw the door when to throw it down when the thrower actual work. He can he can do all those things he’s highly accurate and he’s accurate on the move so against it before it’s rare. The ability he has put it altogether and to use in next level. That’s the you know let’s stick with that example bill let’s say that he is that he had maybe I can turn to John Ellie when a couple of Super Bowl but we talk about that type of talent. They think about the talent that he has around him my problem is this right football’s just like the game of life it’s all about time. In the case of John Elway and most future hall of fame quarterbacks it’s year 2345. You finally come into your prime the problem with that. Is three years from now. Travis Carroll is gonna be 32 years old guys are now there’s not a lot of tread depth on the powers of her remark so. Homes and a very unique situation where yet he might have more talent around him that he for your quarterback ever. But he also doesn’t have the luxury of waiting because there’s a lot of guys on the outside the ball. Ready to go yuck you your heart percent right now that’s a tough part when you get young quarterback and I I think kitten that’s part of the reason besides the talent we talked about it I think that’s part of the region that. Organization said hey. You know what it’s let’s just go. We’ve seen what we’ve seen we’ve seen in people with it includes we’ve got to get to next level. So don’t put all I know you don’t any old uses that phrase they were thrown everything out of the kitchen saying that house were such little time in his interviews right. And that’s what he’s talking about. Were he’s gonna get it all message you think it’s as simple as this team’s record those as Patrick Holmes goes. Well Yahoo!. I’m but there’s a lot of things go along with that I mean could lose your whole often line him in them you know what we saw some struggles last year when we head injuries upfront and Alex didn’t feel comfortable with not enough time but it yeah I think it’s safe to say that his record’s gonna be indicative of the season he has. All the way to find ways to look there’s a lot of talented player right now when you talk about her children without the bevy of running backs we have been in in the backfield is tied in the media events yeah you’re right restarted and and Sammy Watkins and Conley and the Robinson you’ve got you’ve got weapons you know. They’re at his disposal maybe he’s gonna find ways to utilize him differently. Against each opponent and things are gonna have a good things are gonna happen but at the end of the day. At the end of the day just like any other team. Director’s gonna be indicative of your your quarterback. Right now we’re talking the bill lost or like a minute Billy like ninety’s seconds left only to chew out here on this. It seems like you and I are on the same page when it comes to the offensive line for the amount of money for the amount of resource is they spent on the offensive line. And you read it be like yesterday’s biggest takeaway it was about the opens line. Of all units of the team’s most critical of the offensive line that got a number one overall pick and that doctor they got a better idea about how you hate. Derek Fisher. Second contract money new mayor you’ve lately or gubernatorial. His second contract Mitchell Schwartz got all of whom were huge void where you were created monitoring and emits shorts and arm it’s more excuse me and don’t pay like. Sources on the offensive line the offensive line cannot be issued that it was yesterday and again. Yeah and you know I’ve had him I’ve what I’ve seen over the last four years in the office of line is there’s really. Do a chink in the in the chain it’s really been a concern. It’s a weak link and they’ve got to get that tightened up somehow someway they’ve they’ve got to find a way to get those guys motivated enough. To get get get something done to be productive. You gotta be alone at some point in time to knock somebody off the ball for a couple yards to pick up first down. Or when your third more on her fourth and one you don’t have to throw offshore bubble screen right. We got to find a way to get that job done upfront so we’re on the same page or receive. That’s my guy bill lost joining us in studio building ID does more frequently throughout the courses we’re gonna do it more bored reading. I’m fired up about this these men is the big giving this the biggest change here in a very very long time just because the interest of badger moms you’re right and I hope to monitor just all the way through December former chiefs defense a lot and bill mosques and studio coming chancellor thousand odds on national gas contest to the lockdown right here on six and Sports Radio. Follow. OLOW. Bolt on try to edit the game at our current. The it’s a very strategy and turns in the student Imus and the Ford FO LL owed the first time you win at. Though no I don’t I don’t know why I live below the double double entendre a double old I love it. Their report that we would you can’t spell words I know and it didn’t happen to you got here I was probably. So you guys are text or follow up OLLOW. The seven to anyone David thousand dollars Cashman inasmuch as contest in hope you can spell lot better than like in sixth in sports. Is the only Sports Radio station in Kansas City give you a chancellor of the 121000 dollars each weekday. I gotta do is baseball or correctly and listen on the authorities for seven days and impede your next he’s the wind is coming up at 530. Complete rules and listings over its sixth and spores back on my hundred public apology not produce calling on you because you’re grown ass man grocery show you notice the word I was all right. Text the word follow at all OLOW. Followed 272881. That’s follow FO LLO don’t have U2 oh. Oh. Dudley on. You were quick note of apology yesterday I was hosting of the night shift and I called you Augusta is to lose because. I don’t than in all the from the longer actually because I thought that you were the one responsible for eating all of my gummy bears I bought a two and a half pound package of discount and read what blue gum there’s a lot of independent could just ask don’t even like Italy and after also accused U turns out that Fannie was the one who ate my last 2.3 pounds of government. You admitted is doing is due out my number you could disaster now told the truth like that you did not human liquors that I mean you put him at my desk and let them there are some settlement. I. Heard that I would have taken responsibility for the little. Whatever those things that lets you that it was I took full responsibility that the belly bears know that we’re not that you Palestinian Auguste are gummy bears maybe. Hey. In unique when it comes. I got the husband funny about being late to things I was made you late to something yesterday. Because I think. When there were other members of the chiefs team it was easy for my attention to be diverted by the Alex Smith. Was a year and they would lose playoff games I could just blame Alex network and the quarterback league. What do you expect the thirteenth best quarterback in the league how do you expect to win playoff games and thirteenth best quarterback. Let other people distracts me last year mark is Peter’s well yes and tackle. He’s the clubhouse to answer we’ll go up going all marked as Peter’s. Maybe. It was late to this and some of you. And I can amid this new this along time ago maybe after the game in Indianapolis and I just forgot because you’ve been so far removed from. Yesterday it was the first time in a very long time but the light went on a mine and I thought to myself. Also is the problem. We talk a lot about the other issue is with the Kansas City Chiefs. Maybe Bob’s buttons inability to elevate this defense can get into it level in which they can be competitive. He is the problem. Because I’ll continue to say is about odds that there is no team that has had their defensive coordinator in it in that position as long as it she says. No team. In the NFL. Tied for the long this was Matt Patricia but he’s now become a head coach for the good up with a short line. There’s no team that is added defensive coordinator for as long is that she’s mad Bob’s sudden. How many of those times at the last six years do you think that she’s got a really good defects. Has been a whole lot. Optional or at Bob Sutton is the one to elevate the play of this team we can agree that she did not have a lot a leak talent on their defense. They’re not Jacksonville they don’t have to all corners and having a great pass rusher at least currently just used the committee on net gain but he’s not right now. But upstart that think that name pops is the problem. That it’s not mixing and matching par it’s not getting mark is Peter’s out of the clubhouse it’s not all this other stuff they’re the problem is simply as. You need to find a better defensive coordinator and he is sure weakest link yesterday was the first time maybe since Indianapolis game that the light went on for me and I had that if. Welcome to the party broke the birds in the dealers of the to contribute because everybody has known as as you mentioned I think. Since that in deep playoff game where. You can certainly point to lack of talent you could certainly report to injuries they’re allowed regions lies and bobs that has been here is defense hasn’t been as good as they otherwise wouldn’t. I’ve estate debt if you’re talking about the weakest link on the Kansas City Chiefs. Don’t go all the way back to a one that Indy playoff game and since then and certainly last year in the second half for the Tennessee Titans. Alex didn’t put the game on the shoulder and win the game the defense didn’t stop Marcus martyr out of losing their average quarterback but if you’re talking but the week is what. It’s not anybody on the field special teams offense or defense. It’s definitely Bob Sutton the problem is this man. Game show that was on like 1012 years ago the weakest link with the British woman when she kick people off she would say you are the weakest link. Goodbye. I figured that that Tennessee game much like most of the band is in this town that they would say good bye to Bob Sutton hire somebody else for the job. I’m not surprised they used every single one of their draft picks on that side of the football because clearly that’s where their biggest pool all our. Put back does this abzug your defense coordinator he’s probably not going to be fired mid season so this going to be something’s going to frustrate you for the next sixteen plus week. Text on 693060. God it’s the first pre season games guys fall in C this is why average at that notion when it comes to the concept of their defense. If I was sitting here giving you some big proclamation about. That’s in my home like and I got as good as anybody would look it up the first pre season game that would be first preceding game all my god this guy’s fault. I think that that she’s having broken defensive philosophy. Literally just got to show you does the picture I took a picture of it tweeting guess I can show it to you. It was. A huge sheets and you know what I’m talking about here it was thirty or Specter using the picture sport machine using the picture cheese and you watch the gate it was a third. From the seventeen yard line. Stephen Nelson is playing nine yards off the ball on third and the very shocking to me I could not believe this happened. That all the Texans did was throw a quick underneath the pants for five yards they got a first down they’ve been scored a touchdown on that drive them. All the way up to the top of the totem poll is at the beginning of the show member give it our Eric Warfield award but it can and it going to Steven Nelson. When Stephen Nelson did just cool I’m up their somebody told him to an all likelihood probably the defensive coordinator as you mentioned the longest tenure defense recorded in the NFL. But what an injury to your complete press there’s a reason why he’s got the big corner office there’s reason why he’s got a placard that says head coach the way that I understand it. Not just offensively but defensively all these things go through him and he has veto power you can say if Stephen Nelson substituted the Bob Sutton can’t scheme but at some point. Should you point to big red and say dude. You gotta jeans open on that side of the ball. You do need to change something on the side it will certainly see at the end of the season I don’t think anything is going to happen with Bob Sutton I didn’t think it’s fair to note that you didn’t really have all your parts and pieces available so early and does not some huge proclamation of the chiefs’ defense. Just used only played five snaps yesterday before only played five snaps yesterday you didn’t have your inside linebackers yesterday which are going to be. Two of the big people in terms of stopping Iran is the first preceding game blogs and we’re looking at the team. In the pick Israel wanting me any of you or maybe timid too. Take that she seriously as a team that can really do something in the post season. Not talking about that what happened in 1997. These guys appear to be all in on the quarterback this year it’s not many people like and you know what I’m on the other homes many of you are all normal homes. We know the chiefs are going to be able to school district about what we know about the chiefs team. I know they’re well coached at head coach frank like no question that they have a good at poker and they got a good head coach we all think they’re going to be able to score right there nobody doubts that she’s ability to score this year. We all think that she’s gonna be good at special to you wouldn’t know Olympics are going to be bad special teams have no reason to think that. What to all of us have questions about the exact same state. It’s defense who’s in charge of say defense for the longest even though the parts of change at various points there’s been one constant on the defense. It’s bin Bob Sutton and I’m looking at the scheme yesterday and I’m saying is. I was told it was the parts that they love this game and a certain wants to like. This that’s typical but I don’t want the last couple years like this appears to be the exact same thing but I don’t want to inter mobile philosophy in what they’re trying. To mentor a problem with that is you know they say it’s not about the x.s in the roads about the Jimmy’s in the Joes and frankly I don’t think Bob’s buttons they’re good at the x.s and the o.s and I don’t necessarily believe in the jimmies and Joes on the outside the ball either the problem is especially in this division. You talk about defense have known commodities this getting Khalil Mac the putter for the operators. There’s a rookie in Brandt Jobe and Von Miller the play of the Denver Broncos Ingram and those that might be the best. Two headed monster we talk about defense of why not just in the division but in the entire NFL carriage or biased. McCain’s age he’s deepened 2000 AT. You need to recruit guys that you can point to you and say this guys don’t have a Pro Bowl type season. Can you do. As I can’t I don’t know what to expect out of Reggie Iraq I don’t know what to expect. At a aired their I don’t know what to expect out of Justin Houston if you’re talking about guys in the case accused him and there. The incumbents but it wore the red and gold helmet for the past seven or eight years you don’t know what’s gonna get. And how you spoke to make a prediction for a guy like Britain’s answer panel passed. Guess that on the other side because I think maybe of all the things that are glaring lead differently about how we approach the offense and approach to defense. I think is that exact same mentality that you disable continue this conversation coming up at the draft. Yeah point three. The break we get to the top stories today in Kansas City coming out in fifteen minutes about having known commodities on the defense as opposed to the office. The drastically big difference between that she softened in the teams’ defenses. None of the six major players are coming off injury on offense. All of the returning once in some capacity or coming off of injuries I think two major river. Eric Berry is the most important player maybe on the defense just in Houston it literally just set last week. He finally feels like he’s playing on two legs for the first time he said I played the last two years old one way. So that’s significant injuries with your number one guy on defense or number two I have a what you wanna do. That’s what really drastically changes our opinion about the offense with the defense where. The biggest I guess uncertainty you have when it comes to air prairie is the fact of it is the second time you’ve had a major injury. Can you bounce back from Justin Houston we are now far enough removed from when you had George dominant season to ask kaine you’d do would gain. Where on the offense. A criminologist at his best season last year his rookie year tie retail at his best season last year try to skills at his best season last year Sammy Watkins is new so as always going to be that hype and anticipation for even though I think you asked him yet a disappointing year last year. You put more on this team at this weapons with these quarterbacks everybody’s optimistic. That’s the really big difference between the two is. Nolan on the often is recovering from a major injury guys on the defense or either recovering from major injury or finally for the first time feel like they have recovered from that in. True it’s the biggest difference but it’s far from the only thing injuries to Justin Houston aired there is certainly have held back his defense the last couple of years from how good they could have been but you know what else they have besides guys went back from injuries. Guys that are getting older at some point Justin Houston. His legs are going to be their same thing with air period berries eggs after the rule when god comes back related injuries not supposed to be as good as he wasn’t before. There will deduct comeback from cancer is not supposed to be as good as he was a year before he finish in top five defense to put into your voting so to me. Compared to these other guys were talking about. I do feel pretty good because we’ve seen him come back in this type of thing but man on defense it’s not just injuries it’s not just guys getting older. It’s rookies. And its new faces in new places like candle or so you talk about turnover on the defensive side of the ball. And watching T football my entire life right I can really remembered 23 maybe four times wrote it they had me. Bad defense that that’s an average defense has put. It picked up more defense of their consistently good guns defense were consistently good eighty deepens as his first couple of years here were pretty damn good. There have been a couple of years in the debate from new era where I would say that the defense is were really bad potentially as a look at this team on paper. As good as I think the offense could be I think this to be one of the worst defense is that we’ve ever seen the franchise but. Wonder if some of it though will require a little bit of patient because that’s of this that whenever the muscles here but I’ll say against the people that maybe mr. earlier. Nine of the chiefs eleven starters on defense will likely be different than the same starters this team had when they played their last playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. There are pretty out. Albert the second half that there are ready for new things and I wonder if it’s going to be very similar to what happened to the patriots last season now big different than how Bill Belichick on their side. Did you guys all the patriots last season remember that defense was really bad the beginning of the season. She’s facing know how bad that Patriots defense laws but the patriot defense around week five we seek out weeks six weeks seven. Really turn things are finally it really looked a lot better. I wonder if with the chiefs differences are with the chiefs additions that they have the defense this year. If it’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment for the first month month and a half but second half when you’re really starting to make that quick playoff push this defense can kind of hit a stride here because the chiefs are trying to integrate a lot of new parts all at the same time. And that we all know just life in general it’s hard when you’re trying to change that many things that went on to habits are incredibly smooth. Illegal and stats are gonna lie on the outside of the ball because the offense is going to score a lot. I advocates were upwards of thirty points a game I think they’re gonna score quick I think it’s going to be as a vertical and often we think about adding Sammy Watkins to Terry keel and it’s going to be an up and down often so just by proxy they’re going to give up a lot of yards and a lot of points because a defense is going to be on the field a lot but you talk about a weird scenario. On both sides of the bull. At last year’s post season chiefs banquet. They handed out thirteen defensive player of the year trophy. To Marcus Peters he’s on the rims they handed out there offensive MVP trophy to Alex Smith he’s now on the Redskins or talking about a team. It is without in theory they’re best offensive player and their debt best defensive player from a year ago. That’s going to be hard to tell. Yeah I mean I’ve said this entire time that I think that people army be overestimated how quickly things can start with the chief when you factor in how many new pieces they had at such important positions are and internally we are Las Vegas isn’t wells tells us a 500 football and I would say the schedule beginning of the season like. You can’t really have much more difficult sparks the season and the chiefs do on paper will see what happens injuries can happen things can change is the NFL. Everybody’s really hot on the rams we’ll see how good they are at the end of the season everybody’s really high on certain teams and that’s never the NFL is. But when we do start the way that she used to in the first six games and as you say you lost your top quarter buster quarterback from lassie you’re Spartan nine new parts defensively. Out of eleven guys that started last year in the playoffs and it’s going to be some level of adjustment and some of the commentary about the cheese has made it seem like. It’s just gonna be well all we’re plugging in is a new quarterback last season. Everything is pretty much the same aside remarks Peters let’s just go me it’s a lot more changes in new parts than. The better at least doggy paddle those through the first six games and keep their head above water and offered these references to that can’t swim. But you know I’m talking about dog apparently can move around arms like that they had to do through at least the first six games understand the concept of swimming you know I can’t swim that’s what Hewitt oceans are funded at about oh. We’ll to have allowed go to oceans play against what. I just know the part where is as eight feet lot of I don’t go down at my agency Carlos. That’s simple sees fit out the way of tools which dealt I decided to waive Levine it has like a four foot six foot. It’s a story I can spin over here don’t go down you know that the mid then my survival instincts kick in for. Record lots of famous people die and bad which is like six inches of water so I understand but I’m not saying and at the first two games at the chargers in at Pittsburgh. This is gonna go one of two ways pretty quick as I think the chiefs are gonna be about a touchdown underdog in both of those games and you’re right maybe this is an exercise not worth it because. Once the season starts every team is different. But through her first six games. The chargers at the Steelers at home against serve and Cisco at Denver home against two teams that played its championship game. At home against Jacksonville and in game six on the road against New England. If you’re in three and things get a whole lot easier other discounts to be optimistic that the Patrick Holmes is going to be feeling great about himself. Reality check I think just as likely. Your war and five. And if you’re one and five in this division and looking up the last ten games that is a very long stressful last two and a half three months and he. Nothing is of even a better exercise to do the one you just did. For the quarterbacks on the team you just name a few named Philip Rivers that’s a quarterback to play and we Kwon do they play week to general and rumbles burger on the road. They play week three to zero hour hello Jimmy Rob Lowe might be one of the best young quarterbacks in NFL certainly in the conversation. After that who’d you play these UK’s dean and who is in a good situation we’ll see if he can be the same case can that was in Minnesota. But certainly we agree the Broncos are better quarterback this season and they were last season so a senior division has improved quarterback that you played late portals will let morals my be the biggest doctor Jacqueline mr. Hyde in the entirely. Over at its defense he could go 181 and interception against the defense who knows and then you go on the road to play the greatest quarterback of all time. Do you think this defense is equipped to stop such quarterbacks maybe the question we need to be asked. We’re gonna find out of Patrick Holmes as a headstrong when he looks across the field week one of his first full season as chiefs quarterback and he’s he’s a guy who we disagree but you. Feel with all of your heart and head that Philip Rivers going to the whole thing altered the next guy that he faces Ben Roethlisberger he’s Oliver’s and definitely going to at all. I’ll tell you that. New England’s quarterback Rob Portman Tom Brady as your first six games with guys there when Anna and the whole thing. Find out pretty quick if the quarterback our guy. Patrick Holmes is headstrong enough to look across the field goal there and win those games coming up in two minutes it’s the top stories of the Dane Kansas City it’s the drive.

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