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08-06 Schopp & the Bulldog Hour 2

Mike show you might be mocking me or you might feed stores we agree with me I can’t tell. I’m talking penned a Bulldog what does Fatah bears world production on WG ER Sports Radio five feet. Speaking. Of locking up. That might play from ESPN that you’re working hard. No it’s com join me in this mock draft I’m a part of Mike I can mean do you ever rest. I do not I do not at Berkeley now that weren’t dogged them or about a month away from from week one though a constant. Work in Arden. It edit felt confident it becomes a mock draft named though yet keep busy. Nice to see for me and for bills fans I suppose. The bills being mentioned here in. That world today with the Corey Coleman trade. Your view on it might just look fantasy perspective of course but also dislike how much it might help them. Yeah I think it was there are very good move for the bill you know it be to give up 82027. Round pick for item in the first round pick just the few years ago. And a book beyond earth and yet I think Cleveland. In poor circumstances he actually showed flashes especially rate of the gate in his career. And I you know I tweeted something earlier last year 31%. Of the ball directed at him more off target that was their height in the entire NFL are Arab the wide receiver position anyway so. I’ve been playing with a pretty big disadvantage there with airport poor quarterback play last season. Via dish on tiger. And it would then bringing into our injury and Josh quarterback. Eva act that’s going to be the number three receiver and played well so good about followed now I think we all can agree he probably. Odd that they Ebert oil there they’re hoping Soviet pop to you or opposite Calvin Benjamin though get Billick identity and feeling. Still very young and obviously position to play a big role for the people or. What do you suppose mostly explains. The terrible return for the browns. In the seventh round pick in 22 when he. How much I can appreciate the shortcomings of his quarterbacks. But it’s some something makes me feel likely an hour. I’m glad the bills did this so we don’t misunderstand each of nearly got I would Donna and a hundred times out of under considering the price had to pay. But the only skepticism might have about it is the return the browns got makes me think there’s some flaw with this player that may be we don’t know. Yeah I I think that if you read and here I mean writing on the wall for the in you know and they brought into our planes repaid in a lot of money with scored a bat with. The election of Antonio Calloway in the fourth round in the big rally in the thick. Delta project and he’s the special team heard like he did for paper on it in the Big Apple water you are thinking alike and and it was starting yet crowded. And so are all the and it really. How to produce the kind of I I mentioned arsenic uses for a but he missed time with injury he that there is due you can get them played more than ten games. If the 46% cat’s great idea efficiency that hasn’t stopped in their organ. Another part of it is. You know you look at that and a new front office I mean they seem to be trying to get rid of the some of the players that were brought in by the previous thought he Bradbury seem. I don’t wanna say they’re doing it like you know just. I had. Systematically. Methodically cleanse their franchise and the residue and. Yet but yeah I’m thinking it was hopping in my head kind of when. I Chip Kelly without Philadelphia and how he wrote it started at a shipping off all of the players that chip that just brought in like Kiko Alonso Byron Maxwell bullet went on and on. Bait you know it did feel like it could be a trait that because again I going into the third year has had injury struggled and still young to give them up for future seven. You know it is cop so again I think there’s a few variables that make it somewhat understandable but. It partisan while it’s only get a seventh I mean that’s that’s not bad at all that the right call by likely we’ll. Mike if you know by the way how good of a stat is catch rate I’ve been hearing it more looking at a more. We were talking in here today you just. Randomly about Ted again. And his fantasy valiantly who looked last year he had a 75%. Tax rate in fifty catches league has really good and then looking it was the guys who do that is not that many guys in recent years so. It which is silly catch rates a lot about quarterbacks. I yelled and that that that burglary that there but yeah right back at you know like Kenny builder amber had. I’m Matt if Cadbury a lot of guys do it but in fact that joke that you know they bring in Cameron Meredith from Chicago and he cut 70% of the target in Chicago. But they’re quarterback situation now on to her brief you might get more than a 100% art. A creepy connected so yeah I definitely. Quarterback he’d be back it factored in to catch rate also average that the target which is that. You know I that I kind of a sort of introduced. Many years ago probably about five years ago or so and during that. Generate a lot of popularity and basically that’s just the average distance downfield that. It receiver went targeted so you’ll be the quarterback you look at the effort that the target now we have off target rate Buick right. I mentioned earlier which again kind of kind of relate how that the quarterback is. And from there you can kind of project or. Currently normalize player athlete yep before Coleman. We were talking about it’s been a problem area 46%. Per castrate so far it is really really poor. Do you have any thing to offer on how hard it might be for him to get up to speed. In an offense that he is not meant an off season or even a training camp with so far. I yet I mean that’s that’s the proper all of her or someone you know others they’re that we value I think to with those. Airing an analytic and that’s all day and and watching it bet they candidate and then players are people played in they might be able that it adds that a little bit better orient but. In let me read a note from from the pat any any onlooker note that it takes some time to learn the plate or in the playbook some. Are quicker than others at that and I think he you know yet a month here you would imagine that they’re considering. The did that that did that issue they have here obviously they don’t hasn’t panned out so far there are banking on a lot. Or eyes derby Hurley felt like right now I mean they they obviously have a lot of issues here than you think they’re gonna try Q. Abstract coma starting dot com we what we’re with. Mike clay of ESPN Mike show in the Bulldog here on WGR. Well obviously. When you were to names like Jones and especially Jeremy curly we’d be very deep on any fantasy rankings list but. If you were to analyze what’s happened here and also the browns if you would. Mike what are the changes projection wise to both teams from the straight. Yeah I. As recently a flat leaked it and they jumped at the finely ground flyer you know just because you saw in the a path to a lot of target and certainly a lot of playing time. In in the build up and it basically going undrafted site felt like hey hey maybe the post fight that the year lead guy you know you think about now an ankle are. Did last year I know I kind of think Coleman may be indeed this year now Akbar right knee in a third year. You won’t have quite get much pressure being the number one with help Benjamin their RP which Karl claim Shawn McCoy I eat out there are those guys with the band audits are so. You know Coleman didn’t he does make that leap a lot of people thought. Coming in Vienna argue that better at the plot but in Cleveland he played a lot outside the meeting movement like it back ordered Philadelphia. And he can make a leap but again a lot of that have to do with how. Out that the quarterback play is. I have many concerned there are no way you guys do it well I think you’ll want these guys. At the B elite competent and it’s possible maybe McCarron and then again maybe Josh Allen. I did everything that the built wanted to be you know it it’s very possibly can on that position. But obviously a lottery there though I called and it 38 at 505 yards two touchdowns right now. That they. Conservative projection obviously room for more that with this guilt that. And then. Berkley on a you know I don’t picket moved the needle too much for their top right Gordon Landry and Joseph who. They’re probably never really party that was big workload. Antonio Calloway becomes that the deep sleeper here I met when he or catches. Under 300 yards and a couple touchdowns. You’ve got in it you probably due to take a stab it in but compared with these other guys what you can do Johnson in the mix here may have a lot of now. Does whoever win the bills quarterback job ahead. Marked bearing if any on any of these projections for you Mike. Yeah I think so I mean if I’m going to be. Brutally honest here at its sides got talent we wanna not McCarron I I think you know we talked about top artery in tax break so we’ll come down across across the across the position that he may be yards per catch goes up a little bit Reno he can deliver downfield throw it but yeah I think accuracy have to be an obvious and concern for Allan because we saw. At the college lawful act for McCarron probably that are conservative play. Maybe tax breaks go up if you are then may be the big plate or down a little bit but. You know that’s okay for a team that. But beyond it probably rebuilding right now they’d be okay with that a conservative court back I think so that bomb them. And Karen looked competent I I’d let him play for awhile let and let Alan develop. Let’s talk a little bit of AFC east here Mike so while I’m New England. Last year adult men gets the knee injury in the pre season and I remember tweet from somebody. Will this be a thing that he rails Brady and the patriots and and somebody tweeted over that narrator it is cents. And then of course you know they had another great year. This year Attleboro and suspended Jordan Matthews for some role injured waved Sony Michelle on the weekend like need being drained already. Fantasy wise overall. Any concern New England. Now not definitely not yet the opera like a pretty good shape by U app Hogan who when he was healthy last year delivered the good they need to bring in Eric Decker of the older but I keep you proved somewhat competent last year was with spying for Tenet the go unheralded. They’ve they’re good reports about Cordero patter and that an offensive weapon you know get too excited they’re they have they have yet to help you rock burned out he. Yet take a policy here with a young up and comer at tight end. For maybe I eat at the running back position again not a lot of not that’s tennis superstar here but they have the big the most important ingredient a ball. If Tom Brady at quarterback though I don’t really I can probably put whopper you’d. Then it hit the path that would Brady at quarterback is that good. So I don’t really concerned about the pouring out of fort. Michelle seemed to drop ever draft position on the weekend with this news audio like them fantasy wise a running back. Yeah they’re they’re a lot here and a lot of people destroyed. Clearly avoided patriots running back because you know they they’re so interchangeable on the use a lot of back but. They scored it understand it you point three Elliott back over the past decade only the saints running back the market you point that Patriot Act though. There’s value to be had we seen I accurate dot beyond it hosting top ten numbers. The route most of that week after week three we are Rex Burkhead at the top twenty and the running back. When he was healthy at sweltering in the party even though why I think. Birkhead might like top target air ground there after that you’re gonna go after him outside with Sony Michelle and then only. It seems like it deeper he narrowly to take a look at you you know probably butchered that detected and then. Probably only random guys right now at Jeremy L. Remedies have been. And probably your belly out there one horrible when he touched down. In the early down low for the stop and I’ll forget about it either. And jealously is still there. By the way yeah. Yeah I think it though are still plea for roster but I get he’ll be at right now considering he’ll play so well out of April last year about that last year Bulldog opening night in Kansas City doing pregame production here at three in the first with. The greats. Yeah okay. Yet they did they wait and may be back with buffalo we all know that bill that you are running back that though may get the match made in heaven now. All right how about the jets so mean the jets have been bad but. There are some things alike bear crow well medium Crowe says is true authors in the fantasy world. You have. Anderson who was in trouble but may be is getting through that and quarterback there seems like there’s a new update every day on. Somebody looks good Arnold might get a chance Bridgewater was with the ones today may be treated. Early interest thing. I think that the worse and did India I hate to say because they they did overcome all of expectation blacks here and and got the count was very accurate that rate the bar a lot of players. But you know they they lock the weapon that well here they have some guys that are injured Robbie Anderson could be suspended. I I will say that though just minutes ago before you guys called ice I I was writing about it I didn’t grow well I have my ultimate trap short article coming out. Next week when it will meet or edit the marathon and I I’ve writing about it because the quarterback paper targets in draft you know he’s the guy. That quietly. Is what popped when he in the position to carry each of the past year the top thirty and target. During that same band though he’s actually been involved. As receiver more than you probably realize also averaging home for half yards per carry during that span so he. Again you kind of wonder under the radar Cleveland easy to do right there on one game during band. Beat that followed back guy and I think he’s going to be the workforce here. Opt for the jets though hit I like him. And again assuming Anderson suspension isn’t too long. I think he is terribly underrated player right now I 63 obviously broke out actor he’s done it when he’d been on the field though I like in the. And Miami any thoughts. Op Miami yeah I would take it. You we stayed at every year at U bargain that event but I would take the this happened upon it harder against him yet but that’s when he played last year. You what you’d get you top thirty numbers at the position and he just at the bat a cell Loc. And at the time with injury but when he played you good. You know they’ve built they may have adult they’re fine art heroes died as deep sleeper and it beat early might get that he had at tight end. They took and in that in the second round this year he probably going to be and everything sort of weapon in this topic not me to that extent that he’ll play a lot though. Those that are under the guise on the radar canyon great running back Alec and as well so. Yeah I’d that they might be a kind of a week here but he if he’d decided New England I I think. Arguably pre I worked you in the NF Ballard in this who in this division which is hard hard thing to achieve but it looks like Karina. Mike I’m curious what your thoughts my beyond the chiefs of those amendments a lot of talent there running back tight end receiver. Bloody it’s. It’s a it’s a bits of not a rookie quarterback but of a second year quarterback who played one game at the tail on the last year and Patrick Holmes. What are your thoughts on on their on their stable of guys. Yet and I can almost you know I will pay the same thing about the bill do you wonder what what impact will be a losing a a quarterback Eddie. Super protected the of the football I mean you look at league history and about half of it he went total can be determined just speak on turnover margin and that’s an area where the bill has been outstanding at three season. A very where the chiefs have been outstanding pat repeat them without that they’ll I don’t bet a big concern here especially with the port demo on the struggle with interception. So far camp that was the problem for him college is well. Though so keep an iron and I think that they may cotton and scoring opportunity but. I you’ve got to bed at they period weaponry here they’ve cream on their part retail any watt and they bring in and trapped healthy that’s about it could have up for them. Of weapons offensively that you can find them on my home at the boy here what would it be he’s up to it at the NFL level. Three of the five worst teams in the league in the AFC east maybe then who were the other two. I would say Arizona is that modern as people may not like it here that would they have some serious roster boarding as well. And again people are don’t like that this is another teen people expect the bounce back this year but the giant. They they have a lot of problem you know it it he’ll look at Barkley and no doubt back and they I think you like going to be better. I and they do have a few good player like burden on it had decided apology or staying in. But they’re very pocket. Yeah they they have import super start and then a lot of concern there in transition. I think the giants are gonna struggle again this year in a loaded and I mean there are so many good team. Indiana the it’s it’s going to be hard to win game what are they and opposite. Same today Eagles vikings ran the falcons Packers Aaron Rodgers is back at mean it’s such a loaded copper. How about the cowboys know Bryant. Jason Witten retires. Did celeb Eliot there what are your thoughts on them. Yeah I. I think the cowboys are are our will pay a mid pack he may be above average. Probably better than they’re getting credit for again. They have more solid players that bit that like it but we compared to the giants the giants if you were solid players. But they we have them and they have star power in solidly in the markets are. Obviously you know it’s secondary I obviously question mark but they’ve been young players that they distract in recent years. We’re coming up there on the move Byron Jones recorder every developed a pretty good op and the blind. Can’t really say that about the giants right now even though they added Fernandez is older. And again in that did the Galley they’re running back there to try to on the applause but they can. I I think you know again it’s it’s easy to get caught up in a lot of skilled guys decided the but I think that they haven’t not again solar performers and and just an upstart art’s sake competitive. Indiana beat and I think they come up short I really do I think the comp system loaded but I think they’re a little bit better than the guys. Per might look Ford to reading you who a lot more here in the next few weeks lots draft sport what are disabled dog it’s legal I have eleven drafts between now and that was last week of buyouts twelfth values yeah right I think it’s twelve now down a little and I’m feeling like now I’m a little bit over my head but. That’s or a bigger check your. Europe thereabouts the plumber. When you’re an analyst and embed people player usually and that and that if you grade so if your rate up there you can make occur at a that they think. I’m gonna be over warning in the end with best ball drafts were talking last week how many it is there such a thing is too many Mike and men. I was listening to Mike Dempsey who hosts. A fantasy football show Arnold’s put all the I heard this thing and also. Doesn’t jaguar show. And I’m listening to him and he said he had gone a 125 drafts already. This year now probably most of those are best ball so you can just sort of dual amendment check your balance at the end but that those seem like a lot. That’s a lot that way more than I do I like. That that is so. It that the that a lot of that bought for. I’m not looking forward to sitting next to him in the press box at the stadium on game days while all this mayhem is not going on I just can’t even. But as I can is gonna fatigue meat and I’m not even involved and I figure I do this game Newton and. Thanks for coming on like as always we’ll talk to you again soon I hope. All right Mike clay in like a rent you my iPad you can turn this into a positive for me you can just couldn’t pay you. Mean you tabloid phone. There’s an old phone that parents area. But if Boehner leapt to temper her phone. Right as it. To Barksdale on the phone by improper to do that wasn’t as pleased to get the number of owned. Sorry mister Wheeler reference shall was oh lifetime goal and you know I thought for many years I’ve just gold watch that and never have you know who wire. It’s really great everybody agrees it’s great all time great America so in my you’ll like it when it’s forty years ago. 1520 years ago if someone they’ll go yeah I’m not that. Fifteen maybe I would need to look but it’s a while ago I would I watched it it was old when I watched is a little gold to me. I don’t think so. Patton I don’t things. Billick the idea what it’s been awhile I’d I’d look at its audit I can’t picture and a tough to beings watch a TV show what you’re drafting thirty leagues you don’t have a lot of time I was kind of just looking at my roster it’ll time. Pinellas ten years ago. You watch it. But could not have been twelfth when that showing off the finale was ten years ago so. It was five seasons maybe so it’s 66 season so it’s at six Joseph was watching the wire here is excited about it you’re good things in. First grade. His teacher was talking about a but. 8030550. Might play and we talk about life into Mike about his lower expectations for the bills this year like the Corey Coleman trade for them it’s. Pretty much all I animal around 8030550. To comment sell or beyond later. What shall we mobile blog here this is WGR. I mean man to be honest man you know soon but I had to say about it you know it was focusing on team and I. You know we’ve got one on over here. That was Kelvin Benjamin. Choosing not to talk more about that he thinks Cam Newton isn’t that good. Right pretty much a and so what I had to say about that I’m focused on this team welcome your folks on this thing yet today. But you know you eventually want to get back to be focused on the team you play more I think probably. If any Lima 923 brand. Is our Brown’s guest next hour morning host. Our. Old boss who was the program director of that station was at my house yesterday. Visiting this again well. He came in and he was in Asia he’s in town he’s worried that for the first time in his life he got the sunburn on the top of that. Hopefully. We’re the same age via and I had a dream last night. That I was getting my haircut and like I was balding really badly so she was having a terrible time finding an author and Arnie all my pat. He was talking about how he goes to the barber goes the sell lottery goes and they have to do it it’s multi dimensional now you hear all. This section and oh in this action there it looked like you’re not go ball very very well. Lot of work. Work. I’m still pretty. Yeah you’re you’re pretty good I think normal normal animal bit up there byte cap hit although this might not be valued wanna do it Mike Evans. Is the highest paid receiver in the NFL. My cap pit OJ what’s the what’s the way to do it prom is the cap hit the same as the annual average value of the contract it won’t be sometimes turn to you want cap hit it goes Evans Larry FitzGerald Jarvis Landry. If you winds. What do you want yearly average like annual average value AV is what that is usually listed under all have an insurer that’s another way to do it then it’s brown. Ben Evans then Hopkins and Brandon Cox how about. Biden guaranteed money it signed user way to do gotten you know my about assault on the spot track today. Guaranteed money it’s signing Evans is over seventy about one right. No 38. Wanted to read recently he had seventy million dollars. That’s the thing Joseph Joseph and I we were talking about having a bet what was it guaranteed money levee on bell. Right. And right after we had that conversation in we’re basing it on top early contract which we were talking about was. How much guaranteed 44. Thirty I can’t remember the number one is then I saw well actual the so quick bit of guaranteed money has sort of it’s it’s gotten a little to me shaky at it like. I don’t think it all means the same thing bears there’s money at signing in the mayor’s yearly bonus is that our. There are guaranteed. At a certain date in that league a year but that doesn’t mean when you signed the contract you are guaranteed that money Zoellick taught Tyrod. Column head. That big bonus looming. And the bills had a decision to make it out if they’ve done nothing that that that would have been guaranteed money. That they would have given Tyrod Taylor out of season and he would have gotten that money. They chose not to do it so I think. If it gets little sketchy to me like what that bought that real figure is. Money at signing vs money that like sort of in new egg rolls year year that’s guaranteed if you’re on the roster. But it on our roster then it’s not we’re what’s the guarantee if it doesn’t look guarantee really is the right word wow it’s like here you thirty year guarantee. But it is a bonus. On the roster bonus but it’s not the same as getting. Seventy million dollars when you sign your name. Guarantee feels are really that is the ultimate promise. Right I am going to pay you this. That is my gear that is a guarantee no matter what I I have no recourse warned once we have consummated this deal. I will have to give you this money. And that is not always Howell works. Right but these roster bonuses so guarantee. That it’s a checkered past that word in sports in college I write a Derek the name with guaranteed. Is legendary. Mark Messier can. The blue lots of room were the team actually did win what happened of those in what I get because you guaranteed me this win and lost. What what did you do for me other than just the offering of an off like a breeze behind Lewis today it was read my expectation. You know my hopes up thanks so you’re gonna win under age how did you know. View we mean not winning who is Scott Wedgwood. Isn’t he a guy leave the sabres sigh aim. A. Like in the east CH will slash Rochester. I think he’s I think he’s a goalie ticketed for Rochester. Yes he for some reason found his way into an NBC sports network bullet. Preview of the sabres yes you he’s on the graphic right. Wow look at all the people they’ve added. It ignores Carter Hutton in NHL goalie that they signed and instead you for present scar Scott Wedgwood U. Via the meat eat. Those aren’t done by the big sports experts at the company no I don’t think Mike Milbury did that. I’m bumper or hear of a guy I’m pretty sure that good yeah. An old ship was not involved. So yeah I don’t know what’s what’s going. But that was. Hosts a week just hope week but can you. Imagine. I don’t know what would be won’t be put it. And equitable example here we bit. ESPN handles the NFL and they they put a similar thing together. For the bills and its star look to boldly and it’s. Then spent Trenton her feet. Oh you just Vontae Davis rightly known players in the league. Who have been added that you think are gonna I don’t know how Corey Coleman would probably make such a thing of it were done today. And bought. There’s also on there is play hard. Robert Foster who practice squad and they’re quite there just some food what what instead of somebody more notable it’s only watched disputed. That they’re the worst. They are the worst that their coverage. It’s. The worst. I would love hockey. Their broadcasts are the pits. The bottom. Brutal. And he can’t even get social media. But hard is that. Not that hard. Jimmy though aren’t you have to know if follows portal but you have to know whom you have to know that if you did it I assume you win and look at transactions. To see who the sabres had. And I didn’t go back honey let me put it ought to Houghton would be. And if you are looking at a place where you’d be getting some idea on what they saw for even like the contractual details. Then it would be presented obviously there are certain broad range Wedgwood. Now. She’ll Carter Hutton was a year ago. Nashville. Yeah yeah I I would say I think if you had said his name to me a year ago I might have guessed he was a goalie. But I wasn’t. Have been sure. He did have the moments. Public a kind of moment here in buffalo. You might remember a few years back markers for you know flip the goaltender who sent by the light in that was Carter Hutton. Wearing flip like like the modeling them well coached like the idea for upon the holy sites yet collided Houghton. Chase chase the ball popped out of his net and Leno when he collided that was the only reason I knew yeah I would I would and I would have probably known Nashville because. You know a lot of vegetable was when he wants sabres games. The hour right the last few years I mean just the truth they they got a lot of backup role. Who was the one. On the Rangers. That shot a mile. Like the tank here. Number I was tenacious Playskool for my nieces play. And nervously checking my phone hoping we would lose. And the Rangers started out the night before my habits of 16 complaining about discussed this many or that would have been another team. The Rangers had a guy in Billick never played before. And he was. Here he started over one quest for them at least once I don’t remember his name but I remember this happening. Yeah I don’t have. You wore number seven do you know that corporate seventy. Typing the name I don’t think I’ll get a not Anton Forsberg. New no that was one that didn’t go so well for the well it went well for the sabres wrecked right. That guy at a game in Columbus logo really bad wrote it. View. Did. One of those goals public activism that it is. That we don’t have the ranger graduate. Now I don’t I’ve I’ve Americans start searching but it would take the what it would take it you’ll long time it would yes but to go into that season find the right game I mean I did it during the break here or draw will wheel summit is a brace on somebody’s gonna get a let’s see if somebody tweeted us. Yeah probably. MacKenzie steps can hit at such jet ski. MacKenzie scat ski that’s the name I was thinking. We’re at that point total knows these next Kerry price but like I did it ever whose name before and so it is kind of a funny name like. That’s who the sabres are gonna get shut out one I think there was a shot out anyway. Cell coming up later also if any week but 923 the fan in Cleveland we’ll get back to court couldn. Let us know your thoughts because there much to say. The bills need wide receivers they got one sheet good right. Eagle 30550. You can be more inch during the that might not be too hard Mike show in the Bulldog here on WGR. First give away the week for us here we got a pair of tickets to queens of evil. Where does this show beech creek Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in the show is Sunday August 12. Hey that’s this coming Sunday at Darian lake amphitheater minimum value the prize is fifty dollars courtesy of the most folks that live nation. General contest rules apply. Tickets are available to purchase at live nation dot com we get prepared to give away right now 644. 9878. Collar five. What is your next concert. The event. I. Don’t have an answer. I don’t have anything that’s on and I don’t have tickets for meeting it currently what Buffalo’s next big concert. Jay-Z and beyoncĂ© at all stadium Boe cuts that’s coming soon right. I don’t know man the summer is always is weird for me I do I get to the cottage and it’s just there’s so much good stuff. That’s either free or really cheap. Ups so Saturday. A banned from the eighties that I loved the alarm were playing. In Houston not at our park but at some public academy park. And it’s community got guards couldn’t get in couldn’t get there so I don’t dumb. I don’t know bomb below some lol are playing with a muddy muddy ball stones downtown own. QL side Friday the seventeenth I think it’s the data that I relate to go to that applies it will. Summers is weird lots of concerts and I’d go to very few of them because side mostly just wanna get back to the college note was right there for such short time. So the new festival East Aurora border land. John Oates of hall notes and I think we’re going to have him. Oh yeah okay. The gravel out that that is and I’m glad you brought monopoly that’s on my radar what were gonna go to that at least. This Saturday to Saturday and Sunday that festival. And Sundays of Eagles game day for us so I don’t think will be don’t of that date but the Saturday bottle family. If we get John notes will be the second notes we have is aghast. May notes may goats and John Oates. Aren’t. All the jokes all the hawks. Polio all the goats Canada that that should be a pretty cool but to be pretty cool scene bonuses could be it knocks the Knox farm out east war and I was there for the news conference introduced the why now. And I had never been on the grounds of that partner. I just it’s just not in north buffalo which is not something I would have wanted to walk around knocks. Down carpet. It’s perfect for Russell’s gonna be really cool. Corey couldn fast young. Promising. Why did Cleveland give them away. Speculate that asked a Cleveland radio guy next hour that questions cell coming up to. Eagle 30550 to talk bills couldn Josh Allen what have you. Mike show for the bulldogs WGR.


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