Sunday, 25 September 2022
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08-03 Howard and Jeremy Show HR 1

I back my head and say this is going to be great to see how we signed minutes. A close look different scenarios are the last couple months. Just where his team except where to put things that we did from our trade you know both teams they heard this graphic. Anything around a little bit but it’ll had a good relationship with thoughtful talking about the scenarios and just kept that dialogue going but obviously today here works in the face quick jump on board. I respect his work ethic or what are you a justice professionalism how we go to book handling and Sophie. Companies can’t appreciate the true professional about him playing with talk a lot of voter group in more competitive playing with more pace. And that’s straight up just seemed like there if you look at our district court over the last few years her book wolf pastor group and one of its strength is. The statistical quirk that you are quick and he creates a lot of chances at even strength particularly good compliment to our health. That are non WG ER Sports Radio 550. Well let’s start Friday admit I’m in a good mood anyway it’s Friday. By the way Howard to break Jimmy drill bit late he’s going to be here I hadn’t I had to send about for breakfast that was really hungry series make and donut run for me. So this is cold you know you’re good mood anyway it’s Friday you know the weekends coming up so here’s my story let me tell you story I had nor did the same restrict Jeff Skinner. Brett can’t yesterday in you know me I I I am clockwork I take a nap every day. Even weekends to stay you know to keep my body on the work hours right so I get you know somewhere between. Twelve and one. Close my eyes like I I take a little snooze I wake up whenever I wake up you can be fifteen minutes giving thirty could be now grownups. No nap yesterday. Because I was going to the guys in the game so I get at a camp I get home I pick up John there we go downtown would go to the Biden’s skin so no nap I am wiped out. So it is like 615. And I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. My guy let me know let me let me read a book produce something it’s too early Al wake up a go to bed now wake up at 12 o’clock in the morning wide awake. Land of make it’s like 715 I about by 730. Sleeping by 730 no idea what’s going on. Didn’t see the I wanted to watch the bears ravens to watch Lamar Jackson didn’t happen 730 goodnight Irene. So I wake up this morning. It on as as they get ready for work for leave the house again my opponent and we checked to see what’s going on and there’s a text message from Paul Hamilton. And it it said Jack proud pull it up but at that something about you know if you need me can be available in the 7 o’clock hour and I thought. Well. What wise. Why is Paul texting me to Cologne Nike like I know we had an article up from bills training camp he has an article WG Arafat to deduct comet seen yesterday. He talked to some players about the rules changes and I thought. Why would Paul text me wanna c’mon about the rules changes so I don’t know what’s going on. It’s like come to work night I didn’t work and I’m walking into the station I’m walking down one of the hallways here we have monitors on a hall and one of the place. And a one of the monitors it’s basically. A feed of all the lead accounts GR PE and Ken Starr so I always stop. There hi how are you pay to get our donuts know I can tell you why am late and I had very simply my training camp alarm went off yeah. And I woke up. An hour or alarmist early that that’s the point yeah right and I woke up and thought well I’ll go back to bed my regular alarm will go off. But I had disabled it scores while for training camp I wanna look at my wife. So here I am that’s. What is the fine on that is that five bucks ten bucks I’ll I preach all all donated to the oh my god they treated for Jeff Skinner and it’s the perfect trade fund. Can hear you jump into the into the story I want sorry sorry go ahead so I anyways I’m here I’m here in just. I didn’t know about the trade so I find out in the hallway looking at the moderate going. The sabres traded for Jeff Skinner. Colts like I mean I literally learned about it at like 4:30 this morning when I got into the building while had no idea and I thought. Eight yeah they traded for a top line left Winger which they desperately needed. Who can score who can skate who generates shots. Who was scoring with centers Derek Ryan and Victor rafts the last three years. And they traded for him and gave up one prospect. And three draft picks and guess what. None of those picks are first round draft pick. And what year are very. A second round pick next year which is okay could you got three ones next year right and three in a six and 220 wanting this is money and leisure and hijack cycle meet Jeff Skinner now or hey Casey medals that meet Jeff Skinner or hi pat for Portland me Jeff Skinner. Everybody meet Jeff Skinner never. Yeah I mean it’s just if you if you want to know morbid if you wanna get even more excited. Read Scott Collins peace at TS and dot CA. You know he does a nice job of getting all the stats and everything you need to know. Goals even strength goals shots for 65 on five all these different things and he’s got points out. His setters the last two years when their run and Victor Rask he’s got a little better setter he plays like. It’s boss. He’s using the sabres on a short term deal with say a bit if I go there I can put up some points is these were cycle for short right and get paid and if he does that. Wonderful shirt is look at I’m sure they’re looking like 78 million dollars on the market namely because if he does that successfully guess what happens after that. Someone else thinks they should do it had to do to work with it vehicle IE I couldn’t love the trade possibly any more and if you you’re talking policy and on Twitter on the Twitter feed out in our office at did you see my feet last night. Because you didn’t you remiss I I I I was out at 730 I had no Lloyd Wright happened. Wendy can I run through that everything that happened down last night my feet was eight. Operate it was a Stanley Cup parade. Of celebration and how happy I was about this my first tweet about it was yes simply. The sabres announced that it didn’t leak anywhere the sabres tweeted that they’ve acquired Jeff Skinner I simply Rome all caps yes. My next week was my initial reaction included a big act in front of that yes. Then Arab that I was experiencing on bridled excitement that’s a then they tell you what the deal was and I wrote all my god yes. Then even if he’s a rental what bleeping ever it’s a phenomenal idea. Sean Tierney charting hockey talk about him a lot. I like this for buffalo I started re tweeting every one that likes the deal and you know who likes it all of the Smart people well it’s Scot Colin basically said it’s it’s almost like a steel W you got rob are you got a top line Winger. And what did you have to give up even if it’s a Rand Reynolds all right it is brilliantly perfect because well that’s a rental in your bag you train them. Mean golf yet if sabres are doing well at these credit tell me you can’t trade him for a cost with pool level prospect yet. John Tierney also writes remember pics from Bob the 24 overall down like after 44 our lottery tickets and not much different. So buffalo did well they didn’t give up anything inside the top 44. More Travis Yellowstone pretty bullish on Jeff Skinner I think his teammates randomly abandoned him last year and he’s a strong rebound candidate. We see how about that. Jeff Skinner according to our Chris general Mattis who covers the Calgary Flames. He even vetoing trades left and right yeah you know movement clause did Don Waddell said ice for these from Toronto Don Waddell said buffalo is always one of the teams that was high on his list when they talk them about. Waiving the no trade yes. Dmitry Phillip Paul but Tuesday Canadian he writes for Corsica hockey. You should be able to get more than what’s ultimately an assortment of magic beans for Jeff Skinner. Yeah like Carolina got roasted last night did you C would eat EA sports’ NHL. They were dated now right did you see this when you might see this was great soul. NHL nineteen is being released and a couple weeks NHL my team in a mock up of Jeff Skinner and sabres Jersey and the caption was. When you have trade difficulty sets easy. The Carolina Hurricanes got roasted last night and that maybe that a new mark Bergeron Mitt maybe. Jonathan Willis right he writes for the athletic K okay up in Edmonton and he wrote that. Skinner is tied with Conor over the last three years tied with economy David in even strength goals. Seventh said he’s just one behind Nikita could draw and two back of Sidney Crosby. His last three years. To that that 1274. Even strength goal in the last three or here’s how he’s tied for twelfth in the NHL in goals yeah Anthony Petri LE. Carolina traded him for a collection of mystery boxes and quite literally might not get him back a single any killer for him he’s. Five on five scoring even strength goals right when Cain was traded we better talk about boy it sucks because. You know they’re not gonna sign came semis or trade him it’s too bad because this guy scores five on five. And they needed speed and they desperately needed a left Winger that that position was like devoid of talent going into the off season. It eighties it checks all columns you’d want the sabres to check. And again what are you give up I I think we got one tweed already and said. You know not not thrilled with the fact this guy might leave only BI one year. But you gave up a prospect too he’s had a nice couple years in the LH Albert people are talking about how. You wait till Clift bush shows up and you gave up nothing in the draft used to have 31 round picks. Next year up bright if he leaves what ever. You can probably get as much as you just gave up back at the deadline I would’ve I would have done this deal hundred times out of a hundred. Here’s maybe the best week. Mike clay who writes for the point. And Mike clay I’m sorry who was it. Mike Kelly Mike Kelly thank you Mike Claes NFL guys just he’s a football guy this this might be the best one of ball. The point. There are count wrote on the trade. The lowest scoring team in the league just acquired a proven goal scorer who knows how to generate offence from the house. Michael middle stat Darlene Skinner Buffalo’s going to be a fun team to watch well okay. And that’s the key that’s even forget about the what do diesel here one year what did you just go through last season sabre fans. You saw the most boring at least entertaining miserable hockey team in the National Hockey League. You wanna have fun I mean what are the first things I thought it was honestly. Went out of what five games from Jared yeah I mean that you just you just want to be. This discussion at training camp with a couple guys like you want to be able to enjoy watching a hockey game. After opening night last year how many I mean how many times did you enjoy watching the sabres last year you could use one handed at fingers left over. And we got you know getting Dolly and we were all jacked up because they’re bringing in somebody is exciting to watch you watching middle status but at the development camp and we’re like this guy’s gonna be exciting to watch. They brought in a guy who can use the war. This team is writing for goal scoring and this guy has speed and he can skate by the ways to figure skating my pull up double Axel move in the game. He concede he’s got speed he can skate bottles talking about his work ethic and competitiveness. Which all of everybody knows the sabres needed that till. And he like he waived the no trade clause and pick buffalo. Pretty good okay. Fine and and and maybe it is just. I’m gonna be a free agent they’re gonna pair with Michael I’ll get over thirty goals with playing with Michael and I’ll hit the market and have a lot of a lot of leverage may be. But at the end of the day. Don’t know what the sabres to be fun and I don’t know they’ll contend next season but I wanna be I wanna be excited to go watch sabres hockey. And you know it makes sabres hockey fun when they score goals. And you know what they didn’t do last year. Its core morals and you don’t they haven’t done in about three years is corals even strength and this guy loves lives and produces. At even strength yep even the one year with files mild one we were happy with them there pushed on. By our power play on one power play man. Because there even strength scoring was bad and and again it’s you know it’s also let their kick box was continuing to try to remake the roster. You know so Shari bird Lin so vodka ponson. Does Skinner are all in. You know that’s that’s a pretty good turn over your four or ranks in one offseason so he’s continuing to remake the roster but. The GM of the hockey team brought in a guy who covers three big areas they had to cover speed scoring left wing. And he got it all in one guy. Men buy her a tutor got a last night if I had said the sabres to trade for Jeff Skinner and they should offer up a second a third a sixth. And you know a random prospect. For like I’d been laughed out of the room. I Carolina I Carolinas up against that that’s one thing here. Carolina is up against it in that they probably feel like they had to trade and they’ve made ruin got to pay my guess sure they want the that they wanna hold onto until the deadline they probably could’ve done that. But instead they think something along the lines of one we just do this so we have all our players pulling in the same direction or. It’s the Sammy Watkins deal right is he is he worth what you’ve got. Maybe not but you’re gonna do the best you can and try and be happy with a it’s exactly Sammy Watkins ’cause the bills are. Mildly app with that return. But man what they honestly this move defines the off season for me and I assume that because. That though the Dali painting was a lottery win that’s great lucked out the ping pong balls yet that’s great I mean that my defining offseason a different way but. Though all Riley trade we all felt was gonna have a head and the neck are cool. You got you got that don’t. The cutter Cheri trade. That’s nice but really where are you a quick where’s your move is this. Up until last night the offseason felt like okay wearing boots and see how goes and what I’ve written about all right leave before trading him was that it’s time for the sabres to be about players in not picks. And that’s what this treatise is is players not picks they got up player then here’s why this is different OK from the rally trait in a rally trade is made. We looked at okay burglar and some vodka okay whatever. Cage Thompson is the piece you look at and cage Thompson is not a proven commodity and and maybe may be looked at it but page Thompson. You project out as a top six guy hey he hopefully we gotta top six guy cage Thompson he’s young and see what he does. This trade. Got you a top six guys this trade got to a top three guy he should be on the number one line at left wing. You know so as opposed to the rally trade we are like OK Berlin is a bottom six guy and he’s gonna help doubts about that sounds like there are trying to unload his contract. Tom since what nineteen he’s got a handful of NHL games. Hey maybe this guy turns out to be a top six guy Jeff Skinner is it he’s and he’s got 204 goals and eight years. And you know here’s a guy scores 24 goals last season in what was for him a down year he shooting percentage was. Lower than his career average it was like 8% this career averages over 10%. So you know you’d think his numbers will go back up and again it sure did it. At the very least if you’re playing well Michael it should help his numbers go back up so this is that from the that Jason bottle knows how to evaluate young talent and this kid pans out to be. A top six sport you know like little stat crush your fingers we like a lot we know about him but you know hopefully pans out and can handle. You know top six minutes at center. Which Jeff Skinner there’s a proven body of work there’s a guy who’s been in the NHL rate years and again has over 200 goals and can score even strength which is a big area of need so. You know it’s funny the one thing. Wouldn’t want that would we talked about Skinner I don’t know when it was months ago when were worse coming out of Carolina that Skinner was on the market. And I think one of the first things I said she was and I we were about his injuries you know this guy I’m not sure about is der Billy and when I remember looking at it’s that’s that dangling. You know what he hasn’t had a concussion to 24 to rank him like he’s played all but three games over the last three seasons. The durability issues the concussion issues he had three between 2011 and 2014. Knock on what he hasn’t had a concussion since the fourteenth fifteenth season and he’s been in the lineup pretty much the last three year. Any time somebody says to me he’s one concussion away I think who isn’t right Sidney Crosby was not thought of that way and that he got a concussion and missed the year. So everybody’s one concussion away right he’s been durable he’s a little bit nasty as texting Chris Baker about this last night about how happy I once he’s a little bit nasty. So they could use that yes they can and yet hit it in between him and kind of cherry to the guys they’ve acquired on the wings this year the reports are these guys are guys have played super hard and can finish sounds great man just that’s exciting last night I. I feel bad for the people are saying out with less like they kept saying and talking about this straight how happy I was there is it made made my night it was incredible. So the sabres give a second neck this coming year a third. In twentieth lemmings yep and a six and one warning warning him so into one each want either a bit depleted because. Their missing two picks but they’ve got 31 round I don’t 31 rounder next year depending on what happens with the the blues and the shark and I they had an additional fourth coming into this year so. I just think if you’re upset about it I don’t know what to tell you I can’t figure out how you could be. I’m not any kidding wanna see if he got her campaign didn’t play a game. It’s worth it but it well just saying like this is exactly the move that you make. And the fact that he had buffalo on his his list of innings he would go to it is. Who oh who called food bottled part of the last night argument no what dealt what Dell’s guy that Carolina GM the quote from him was about the no trade list and that had at Skinner had buffalo violence right so but I’m saying it to Don why Dell call also Bob troll and say. Payless and so just skaters names on your he got got your team on his list yeah can you imagine getting that called you Jason Butler shirts I’m sorry what. Excuse me. Okay. What you want yeah I think it may have been how it happened I’m looking at some of the comments from what felt like he would have known. You know what I don’t know bock who calls up and say hey we’re just gonna be educated us what Dell would have known he would talk to Jeff Skinner today Jeff we’re gonna look to trade you you got a full no trade. Who you know any teams you wouldn’t mind go until a buffalo would be nice yeah I would assume why Dell placed the call said hey Jason guess what we’re gonna trade scanner you’re one of the teams you go to waive his no trade clause I assume that’s what happened I didn’t read that is the as the fact but you know what dealt what do know before bottle obviously that Skinner would have been and didn’t trade in a trade to the sabres. Perfect. Just perfect in any legacies at Toronto guys that maybe wouldn’t mind sticking around here for alive and well Woolsey I mean. There’s a question about what this does for San Reinhart and his ability to sign a bridge deal vs long term. The sabres. A Skinner makes five point seven this year so nearly six million dollars how much is he gonna want this seven and at least seven I think seven’s right that’s what came gotten that’s the new number acting out there for early Saturday goal scorers are guys around that area seven for a scoring wanted to sabres have that yes they do. Next year Jason Marshall comes off the books he makes almost six. These models are just pomp and oh yeah he makes all six went that covers most of it. Off a are just so happy. I saw a nice way to start Friday kids are no offense to the nujoma dimension erupt I saw a projection of the sabres lines and it didn’t include Johan Larsson and I got happy that. And whip. Really he’s not he’s not like a fourth lines owners must not fourth line center that was envious you’re Gonzales okay east area. So nice job Jason bottle those that dwelled on think about it chair we were talking 1234. Five new forwards at least you know we set are talking about what with a 1010 new guys on opening night last year. In the end up with 62 points but Skinner Sherri talk if Thompson is here to start the season Skinner Cheri Thompson burdensome bako. Or five different forwards to start the season from a year ago and then you throw in dialing. And while mills that six assuming middle stats start the season there which you should. Six different sports at start of the season and doll lean on defense and maybe goalie ray who would not have started the snow here last year. A text your points out one reason to be upset about the straighten up is that the sabres gave of a third round pick which kind of caught softening talk of offer sheets next year. So you know what I am upset about that at never trigger third third seems to be a key and offer sheet is it’s in like five of the different packages. So probably no offer sheets for the sabres like here I’ll apple find a way to get sleep tonight will live. Matt treated and why would scan relief buffalo he waived the no trade clause to come here love buffalo he said how great buffalo is he he did say he was looking forward to beating their news. Happy about it all that stuff Woolsey I mean that might just be what players say Charlie but he did waive a no trade clause and this was one of the places he told Carolina could go to. That does count for something he’s an and an egg could they write it could be just her. Got to get traded. Going to be in the my walked here hey they’ve got like I mean it couldn’t it could be that simple. And I’ll came right and another Kevin treats in the only downside skaters a diver everything else is definitely positive. Thank you to whoever sent me the gift if whatever of Carlton doing his stance from a fresh prince Abdullah Alia you celebrate your reaction to the skin you’re on the bongo cam last night I was so Carlton yeah let’s not talk about did you Carlos hell no let’s not let’s not okay I I did get how did you get the video. And that my sources. I have my sources you need to tell me who your source and I and I and I you know down and pump them I can’t units or I’m sorry. You didn’t see between between last night when I joined making fun of Howard do I didn’t meet on a view I put it out I tweeted you participating in the bond okay and which by the way it was an epic fail on my is on its Superfund there was it was an advocate but it was an epic failure no but my big problem was. So. I didn’t realize I was on Jonathan’s with many said hey you’re on bungle chemical crap so I got to start to put in the nine always image you know. When we don’t crossover I wanted to get you wanna do electric crossover bongo thing you know elbows may be. But I went left. Instead of right and I went opposite of the camera angle you know I move my hands away from the bongos instead of going over the top of the I was going in the wrong next time was an epic fail next time you feel you get it right yeah hopefully. That’s Michael thank you for tweeting out making fun it is at 80305. Fit your long out of the well April 030550 to join us this morning. 888550. Q 550 Jeff Skinner. It’s a buffalo sabre. Got a tweet from Daniel than the trade was made to sell tickets and entertain fans I love it that’s right entertainment and sabres in the same sentence hole. At the end of the day I love the idea of selling tickets and entertaining your France Brad tweets it’s a no lose situation to be doesn’t sign they can get equivalent or better assets than they set the Carolina. And you would think yeah on the rental market for a scoring Winger. Yes he should be able to fetch you something. That that that that that that that OK right got that OK next week what’s not to love that got him for a steal. Say that the hurricanes have been getting. Roasted for the straight yeah. And the only defense is if Skinner and is no movement only had. How many games read write and say how many teams handled the pain she goes through three teams usually go to then. That she’s wonderful Richard treated in best part a good player waived the no movement clause to join the sabres. With success others may want to join. 8030515. To join us 888550. To 550 phone lines open call us sabre fencing give us your reaction to that will also of course we’ll take your calls. On bills training camp get some of the news from camp yesterday about AJ McCarron getting the start with the ones. So we got a lot to forget to credit line and share with us this morning here on WGR. Talk about it and all you parents who are too much trouble scored as we had to finally stood creep off to create more chances. And I think yeah. With the help your defense corps this year with the coalition indicated their helpers you know sparked a quicker even my young player like crescent stalling com tour group hopefully spend more time and operatives on the and the defense that your. Sabres GM Jason pot troll on the Jeff Skinner trade which if you are. Just learning hovered just waking up Borges whenever I want our reaction to it I am having a personal raid about it I’m so happy about the trade. So yes Skinner. A buffalo sabre he will Wear number 53 because he’s warned that for a long time 53. Cliff Wu number two pick in 2019 number three number six in 20/20 that’s what it cost didn’t cost a single for trumpet I have given up one or the other for from picks. Seat lewis’. San Jose’s out of dollar for a rental. They don’t give up a first round pick the Connor cheery and Jeff Skinner to add to their wings and don’t give up a first round pick. In the process nice move for Jason Marshall and Skinner trade. Jordan four goals and eight seasons seventh most even strength goals in the last three years and his center at last year it was Derek. Ryan. But Troy wants and ride our talks progressing positively. To the NFL the bills practicing yesterday AJ McCarron open up to the ones for the second consecutive day Trent Murphy did not practice. There’s a 615 practice tonight tickets required for that that sent the stadium new airfield. For their. Blue and red they called the blue one red practice or some moderates okay. Rams arms aren’t the rams ravens beat the bears 1716. Like on too risky did not play correct they’re both set out. Lamar Jackson for 1033 yards touchdown and a pick the patriots signed Eric Decker. Baseball yankees lose to Boston fifteen to seven the jays win the Mets lose the Verizon’s lose to Lehigh Valley flat junior. One of three. The result lowering of the helmet last night it was a penalty this is going to be a disaster. Maybe not. It’s going to be. You know it didn’t happen last night don’t a few things didn’t happen one there were no penalties on offensive guys to me that’s. The deeper to guys have been leased used to you know exposed lead with the crown of the helmet defenseless receiver black lab lab they’ve had some exposure to it. IA was surprised. That you didn’t have a running back pulling guard anybody on offense those guys can get penalties for this to. There were no injections there were no video reviews of helmet and also to stop so. It it would honestly it was not as bad as I thought it could be. So it relatively speaking to me Sharia all there was a hit a older that I don’t think is that you want to get him on the shoulder with some red it’s not that shouldn’t be a penalty. Was twelve I know they call it’s all I that’s not a penalty that there were there were a couple of tallies were they did go crown of helmet to face masks like helmet to helmet we’re used to that. That won that one play I would not call that a penalty you’re you cannot lower. This is if you’re talking about where the disaster would be it’s any part of the body now. And that’s the play you’re talking about you can’t use the crowd her helmet to hit a player anywhere shoulder. Sternum. Hip fly nothing so that’s going to be I think the point of contention from the defense of players but. Compared to what it could be. Last night it was tame compared to what this rule could be while everybody’s trying to figure out what’s going on. Because as I said the first time a running back lowers his head. And creates contact he’s gonna get flagged and he’s gonna be like he can mean what what what out of what I just get a penalty for. When a guard pulls out a running play and ducks down lowers his helmet on the lead block and he gets flagged he’s going to be yelling and screaming about it. And if they stop and have video replay will all be yelling and screaming about it and if someone dejected will be yelling and screaming about it but it could it could be far worse than what was last night. Sorry no but I am trying to make you feel better. I’m from you’re a good move having a good mood and bring on the hockey season do you want a text that does like the trade. Sure why not play someplace we’re got we’re driving of the game last night my son pointed out. You know what hockey season’s two months away now bring it all I’ve got plenty to say about the bills but yet we we needed open talking about Jeff Skinner. I here’s techs and someone that presumably doesn’t like the trade. It’s simply says we find it hears it rolled away from me. Before your parade as this that I wanna throw people rate for the straight okay minus 47 fits right in. I wish you a new hockey. Man anybody talking plus minus does not know hockey. Plus minus has been abandoned man it’s time to get and in this decade. It’s plus minus text yeah I just read the Scott Cullen peace and on I’m gonna do that Odyssey anybody whoever anybody still got pointing to plus minus. Plus minus has to do with how good your team is. Everybody on Buffalo’s plus minus is as much as bad because they’re bad Carolina was that Carolina’s been mum and guess. I don’t know who else. Wilson or Arizona probably had a lot of guys would minuses last year not ranked Detroit might have had guys who minuses last year on the item and look so good luck coming. That’s pretty tough I wish you hockey respect plus minus. You see yikes. Stop you know it was. Brandon being rubbing off on Jason box Abacha was a bills can’t the other day and being probably said you know it’s August it’s a good time to pull trades and he probably took a phone call Don Waddell so let’s get this deal done. He said he was he was talking and amp for months now — it wasn’t just a recent occurrence that that this had been in the works for. Quite some time that the sabres haven’t talked in the Carolina Hurricanes but Leggett said it sounds. It it’s at some point Skinner had to give Carolina a list of teams she would go to end and buffalo was one of those teams on the list high on the list. Couple tell a more checks on this on last night’s game. On the sabres talked about sabres not the bills good stuff but watch the ravens last night. All I’ve credits on Jackson’s having a great camp and could push for the job assault last that was why didn’t wanna reveals uniform. Yes one pre season game but his play was uneventful I would definitely hold off on having Josh Allen could have that same game in their first pre season game he could have. Four of ten. And a touchdown and a pick can be. On eventful end and I think Lamar ran a couple times Ramirez had a few runs am I saw one for first down on the island today and see the game like it’s that I was in snooze land. But. Yeah it sounds like it was meant performance in the opener for him in and I wouldn’t overreact one way or the other if you went seven for ten. I don’t think I’d be doing the ravens boast and show going to pay joke. Pick your helmet on the way out buddy you’re done Lamar stick it over and it just it’s the first pre season game five for them. But could football’s back and that’s wonderful I put up a piece of our website WGR 550 dot com the 321 which is just a run on three quick points I thought you meant the 321 point system have been adapted — I saw your headline of like what they had to bring in a 321 assist them in on track and trying to grow my branch OK I I swear to god I thought I thought that meant that that there was breaking news now someone that tweet at the and it chills going to the three it’s it’s a piece that right every once awhile with three quick points I call the 321 to raise awareness for the need for 321 point system. Did you read my first one about a throw that Josh Allen made yesterday and did radio beat him. Now you and I were standing together she you might have seen that play or not really thought of at the same way yeah. But I am sending out Paul Hamilton and or in the end zone and use is that just the quell talk about a wrote about a website. So it’s the first time I thought if the if the bills are valuing their quarterback currently the way that they say they did during the draft process which is. What would baker may feel that on there Josh element on their Josh Rosen have done the same play. Each guy what would have happened what happens as a result if they’re doing that there’s a play yesterday training camp war I believe Brandon mean little watched it and said in which nationals on there. AJ McCarron rolls out. And throws on the run he’s rolling to his left not surely times have seen Allen throwing roll into his left it’s always to his right. But anyway. Ray ran a cloud spins away from coverage and finds a spot in the back of the end zone and the throws late and on Arnold’s because McCarron didn’t see it or. Couldn’t throw because of his positioning whatever. But the throw sailed. And the defender got there on time and I thought am perfect example. If Josh and Paul and I were talking about it kind of agreed if that’s Alan that throw gets there because down the he’s got the arm for a pennies better at throwing on the run. Again I’m not 100% on his role in the left and throwing. But it it it was a moment for you was. That’s the difference McCarron might make more consistent throws for throughout camp. But on that plane when things break down and he rolls out and tries to find someone to kind of improvise. That’s where if the bills could kind of morph the two of them produced deemed one out beam one in you don’t we would have wanted to Allen that spot right away. I think I know I told you this extra McAuliffe who was a Wyoming game or it happened in the Senior Bowl but of all the games I watched. As is that including the senior ball get a release its third quarter there. One of my favorite Josh Allen throws was. A play where he rolled to his right. And from the he wasn’t at the the sideline but he rolled to his right out of the pocket clearly threw the ball back to the opposite side of the field. To the far sideline. And hitting guy on the path and I you know area arch traveled I wish I can give you the math on that I have no idea but think about rolling right. And throwing back the other way to the opposite sideline. And he threw it on our on a on a line and hit the target square on. Yeah that’s I I read I read the piece and I think you’re right if it’s McCarron or Peterman what kind of strength of the throw have. Is it wobbling does it get there Allen can make that work and my guess is Jeremy because you know even rolling laughter I don’t were called rolling left. In the short time that that we’ve watched practices but my guess is rolling left he’ll still have the arm to make the throw. You know even though he’s Roland against the weigh it against what they think you still have the arm to make the throw so. I yeah I don’t know I you know what quite honestly. Your mind works in different ways it probably would not of occurred to me but as I read it I understood the point you’re trying to make the other two guys probably don’t make that throw. Because they can’t complete yup it’s just it’s an arm strength thing the ball’s gonna get their faster than it than it from Alan. Then it went from McCarron repeated the men and even try that throw because they’re not sure they can fit them. Two straight days for McCarron getting the number one’s the number one wraps. Who will we get the practice today 615 to 615 tonight Iraq the threat that at new airfield which I wonder. You know we called Josh Allen started tonight and I doubt you’ll start but they’ll definitely give him. They’re they’re all getting reps with the ones even for sure there are working everybody with a once in every practice because as much as you are coaching a football team there’s no way. That they just treat it like any other practice they’re gonna. And things up a little bit you’ll probably see and we’ve seen two minute drills for each guy anyway but it’s not the kind of thing where you. The that you that your aggregate. Allen’s most limited night. Brian just waited and with a nasty throw while running left from balance leg OK got a guy and thank you century after a most of its pilots are on the right so good to see one ruling left. Perfect that’s all I needed because. On that play. Allen’s better than McCarron now on the place where they stand in the pocket is McCarron better. We’ll find out they obamacare is the hold the ball for a long time and takes sex and it’s not destroy and training camp that’s true of his time in Cincinnati to a sauce and stats on that last night that McCarron. So it was a much higher sack rate when he got in the Cincinnati offense and all much higher so he holds the ball it. We’ll see if that happens in the pre season that’ll be good indication. And me even Ausprey season if you’re taking sacks if you like that’s the most realistic thing teams aren’t released scheming for you and your holding on the ball the orbit. And just tweet a guy back Tony treated in our we’d better on the hockey trades. Allman ad Skinner Sherry so tract can all rally. How do you think were overall better offensively with these two compared to last year I was tweeting it’s what you were here all our got you know I’m just gonna say I might my treat him is basically for one skaters the best goal scorer in the group. So the of those four players you just mentioned Skinner is the best goal score. And it and you can’t shake you can’t just look at stats Jason bottle trying to remake the roster the room if you’re in the culture and all this stuff. He had a big problem on a sand and he wanted to remake what he saw was a bad attitude from this hockey team. So Cain and O’Reilly clearly we’re part of that I think letter which part of that so it isn’t just compared numbers to compare numbers but if you wanna talk stats they have the best goal scorer of those four players and came at a rally were part of. I’ve got to clean the room out to and it’s not just adamant if you’re gonna talk all Riley came out and Skinner and we say caucus can earn cherry and yeah. Mean you also to include some Barca and urban Berger one of them and Hutton instead of Lennar I mean the finished in the last last year so are they better. Like have to do was be better than Montreal Ottawa. Who looked to be kind of a mess right now especially holdco. So we’ll see we’ll see if it if it works pressures on Phil Housley. The you know you can’t finish. You can’t you can’t be bad for this long and have meat continue to believe that. That you know what you’re doing I funny story last night means it’s one enemy after the trade went down I had to stop myself and think Mike OK wait. I’m so excited about the skater trade and need to call someone and I I didn’t call me obviously I did collier the but I went to my head always and I’m like a mine who still cares about the sabres are not a knock it on your contact list I literally got a Roque AP in my head I’m thinking who can I call. That still cares about the sabres and will be as excited about this as me I know. Who’s that he called bulldogs. No I didn’t OK I excite a caller from mikes and bush okay full blood put an article what you would get excited won an article summary from work out and not that I don’t talk to Chris anyway we talked him all the time but I really thought. Somebody out there Kerr who presented a plane friends that do love the sabres for the kind of checked out and might not really care about you know Jeff Skinner. So. And post similar numbers as Lamar Jackson in his first appearance the audience to see a powered tells it when no big deal it’s only the first pre season game yet. And as they said if Josh Allen went seven of ten I don’t think I’d anoint him as the next Jim Kelly. It’s a rookie in its first pre season game. If Josh Allen throws three interceptions a practice I’m my Italian and look at a practice today but I’m not gonna tell you a god they believe this draft pick don’t overreact K. Remain calm. You don’t get too high don’t get too low wouldn’t go to practice go meant he threw ball to Robert Foster the other day over the middle was solved. Paul I mean he zipped it right into his chest it was beautiful he dropped a pass in the camp Phil till the day that was picture perfect. And they had three or four passes for he just flat out missed guys relax it is a process it takes time don’t overreact don’t get too high. Don’t get too low so if he has a four of ten game against. Who they play and Jeremy Carolina. Let’s say he plays the whole second half Mark Jackson less likely the entire second half. If Josh downplays the second half and goes four of ten and throws with 33 yards a not culminate Friday morning telling you the bills blew the heck no not at all so everybody calmed down. Don’t go crazy JP. 803 I didn’t Mark Jackson had gone. Six of six for a hundred yards and two touchdowns we’d say hey he looked good. It doesn’t mean he’s good yet bright eyed I don’t think it would commit buoyed the bills picked the wrong Rican guy. You know when to Shawn Watson plays in regular season games and averaged forty points and do what they did against the patriots that would give you reason to be oh my goodness we passed on this guy. But let’s not go crazy over pre season game either way. 8030550. Just scanners Saber sabre fans what do you think let’s get your opinions Ballmer dropped wanna hear from you this morning. On WGR. Later this shop place we think there’s it up for him to play the gawker Casey. And you know woolly Gupta he’ll see where that’ll. Serbs also compare this season for what it’s Nixon as a general matter is this is where at least give her coat off. I haven’t spent the day. Inspired by Jeff Skinner trade. That is today. Solace in in in the paper this morning the sabres now have the league’s two longest tenured players without making the playoffs. In Jeff Skinner and Zach Bogosian. That’s not. Never made the playoffs it’s just current streak against his right scanners midwest Caroline didn’t. And you know what no nothing and that’s right he’s been there eight years they have made it nine years in Europe so it is the long as the skaters played 579 games. No playoffs Bogosian 552. No class course Evander Kane had that honor now he’s in San Jose and he made the playoffs so. They’re which of the top two guys on the no playoff list Jeff Skinner and Zach Bogosian there’s stat of the day and that that it’s a terrible trade. Bottles and have to call back Don Waddell and seem to get reversed drag. JC treated him when when when. When Howard sister remain calm LO well he’s the most excitable and emotional roller coaster type guy on the station now. I don’t I don’t believe so who is. Is in many. I would not make you before me break queued to Silas long enough. I’m not I’m not enough emotional rock I think I’ve become more mellow as I’ve I’ve gotten older I think we all have the same liable. Emotional roller coaster now that’s a cop out pick one yeah I guess it was about bulldogs a dog goes up and down yeah but the the things that kind of trigger you write you I I think I have. Less buttons I I meant that you gotta go longer and I think to trigger me that I used to I don’t have a short fuse I don’t get as I don’t get as upset as I used to do. You have I think you rent more than I do these days I have to go awhile before right. It has to kind of bubble inside me so yeah I I think I’ve kind of even keel as I’ve gotten older so I would not nominate me. I don’t have an answer for in terms of who is the most excitable emotional roller coaster guy I would have probably voted Bulldog but. You’re not that light you you do that you sometimes yeah I mean I’m mellowing. It’s and you get an AARP card and you change 88 8030550. Skinner is a Saber sabre fans what do think the trade. You we’re getting tons of tweets on that you’re getting texts on that we’d love to get phone calls on at 28030515. Yes. We are still talking bills football training camp will can well kinda continues throughout the stadium tonight with a 615 practice AJ McCarron was the news of the day yesterday. Getting a second straight day with the ones Ryan Roy got a second straight day at center with the ones. The guys are banged up we’ll get the full rundown with salad 8 o’clock when we get back. Mr. Hamilton is gonna join us. That this is what it actually last night that he was willing to c’mon to Nicholas wood to went to bed without knowing about the Skinner trade we get Paul’s thoughts on that. Also Paul has a very into your article WGR 550 dot com he talked some of the bills players yesterday about the rules changes will get that as well. We have a really cool contest for you. If you’d like to make a food for two gay parties all you need to do send us your best. Tailgate creation with country sweet. Soft in the tailgate creation. And Nik it’s your new country treat to get recipe contest it is underway in all you need to do was submit recipes W Europe by fifty dot com. Jeremy is involved in this sense Alan myself. So we’re gonna get all the recipes will pick for winners if you’re one of the four when as you get to 100 dollar gift card to market in the square countries we cooking sauce merchandise and gift card to the country tree restaurant. Plots believe it or not you get the talks were to us and you can be an emotional roller coaster we get to taste your creation. So send us your country sweet tailgate recipe at WGR 550 dot com. Country sweet it’s all about those thoughts.


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