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08-02 Bills defensive tackle Harrison Phillips with Howard and Jeremy

Live from bills training camp in saint John Fisher furious howry and Jeremy. On the home of the bills WGR Sports Radio five feet. In the sweet shop I’ll. Right software. Our flight software. Join us here from Saint John fisheries you just answer the question how quickly consult ruby excuse. But human Jesus yeah make defensive times your solved and it like version makes it. Sometimes the more you mix it up the easier it is solves time vice Versa. The hunters stepped up to take it skips that yeah. I’ve been lucky. So they mix it up just are away at finishes and in fifteen in Torre you know. Like just a slow you it and like 34 minutes on wheel that’s listed. On your your bills bio on the media guide your hidden talent I got some but also talked about that inspired me on this. Jeffrey white Howard Simon here from sea temperature all right so. The runs that I say it. That’s that’s the thing you like to keep the runs up I was in the immediate inspired look it up and the first thought was can make it then delivered the answer is yes. So should die what is Iran’s offer from Nebraska and a and for bills game this year when I’m tailgating should I have my friends and family eat runs those before a game. Yeah I think you would definitely come if you know pretty fair favorite may but he tailgate you probably. He got the you’d figure tanner figure they’ll grow whenever whenever people be coming around he had me. It’s kind of one of the things that we’re known for I guess in. A lot people come down because you’ll series would vouch for that you know oh yeah terra stuff like that bears. Definitely. But again what is like hot it’s kind of like a bigger hot pocket better. Yeah sloppy Joseph line of credit that thing. Yeah and issues like can you give public flavors reserve one pretty much standard thing the few different things in in onions G stuff like that. So meat filled with wonderful. Yeah perfect tailgate item yes all right. I’m I’ve I looked it up right away and think about it some runs its puck give him the little. I the big question I have is that you went to Stanford which is not exactly a slack school you know when it comes to academics. Double major. And played football and you know volunteer work all this other stuff how the eighteen to twenty credits or take how to pull all the stuff offense have a life yeah you know I think that. You know kind of an area that probably would’ve suffered was I was unable to develop very intricate relations professors and other classmates. You know sometimes after clashing stay after and you get to talk to you professor at find out things about them. Not that it class in yeah he’s at eighteen to twenty out I was its point its history. Only six sometimes seven classes a semester as odds on the double major I’ll some miners and education. So. It is obviously it was an easy course slowed. If anything had to suffer fortunately was in school is out there with a mission to play in the NFL. So if I didn’t get to sleep or finding it next to listed terrorism media wouldn’t studies hard or when it’s at the last minute to some type of homer but I think. You know. In college that you he’s a pretty good morning. Yet paper commitment through weeks and maybe. And I was never that I’ve got to wait till three days before it starts you know. That night when I got Leo element topic would be fights research articles just. Twenty minutes here thirty minutes there in type four sentences type of aircraft whenever Reich. And it just sit down at a piece together. What drives you to to fill up so much of your time in day to have 23 credits to have a double major goes to do. Everything it seems. You know I just. I’ve never really understood like. Mediocrity or complacency. You know always kinda want the constant the improvement and alas that’s that’s my life. Faith kind of consider that as well as a Christian I believe like you were called to be the best candidate to meet you. Well you know lies go to some 50% you know you’re honored and everything. It’s so that’s kind of outlets and school lets those football that’s how I was in the you did this the faith at all that’s curious could sight read our about your family and you do a lot of volunteer work. Does that come from parents come from operating and why do you party feel it’s important to get involved in the community your yeah it is. You know it takes a village to raise some money in a lot of those influences in my life yet gave back to me and help need caddy used the platform that I am now. But I just remember growing up how much it meant to me like talking athletes without us you know I was in middle school in. Millard west starting quarterback I thought he was everything and there’s a probably went on that never even play in college or division to division three school but I just thought the world of and so I just hope that what I got to that platform. There are those kids you know doing the same thing that I was doing so. Anytime I can go back it. You know tell them by the same message here from somebody else but just that you were willing to listen because it came from missing. You know our listeners might be hearing all this in the like wow nice guy impressive guy. Do you play me like is is it is there a lot of guzzle city have a switch when your on the field. Is there that switch yes absolutely and it’s very brutal violent game and it’s probably like protective instinct of my teammates I would never you know one told him to hurt them anything like that so. Yeah eight different we’ll switch to be very violent at the same sense you know. If you had yet like I had the opportunity that some thirtieth someone that would. You know it’s socialism or her position got beat down not ego gets more and glance up her Ers fearsome one and not look at defense this stuff like that. There’s there’s still the other as a way to to be aggressive in it to really be locked did it in full throttle. But not the out there tried deal looked for opportunities are people who think like that I think the injuries the worst part of the game. I don’t wish that on you know me anybody we play. But yet you know I think. You know like it’s down to the wire a third one not really want to come run you know that that stuff. With Paris Phillips here at those training camp. One of the things you are also good at is wrestling. And I’m curious when it comes to the position you play. The defense at tackle. We hear people tell us about how strong your hands are sometimes describes as violent ends how does that the wrestling background help at all that you now Hewitt. It work it’s essential for the feds to act when those one on one battles yeah. Yeah I think wrestling your android movement work in different ties strong run on hand grip it. All that and fight that’s kind of the first ten minutes after wrestling practice shatter us when. Good things like that but. You know there’s a lot of other parallels as well and you know all they hit solvent then. The core strength and flexibility. Being comfortable and awkward positions. I’ve had coach say that nasty tan feasts in the like it looks like yet he would be executed unity gap in the and for your body some type away your right reasons the Jamaican flag. But yen and the mental approach is you know I am not let men be. While on a map. So. That viewed as victory challenge yet it is Mikey he did little sucked your right during the draft process yeah wrestling move yeah. It was a fair. I was. Our Senior Bowl or whoever wrote was notes lead. As expected gain not I’ll take advantage of your opponent yeah yeah yeah idea he got me off guard. Which ultimately happen again choice is focused around. But no there hasn’t been anything yet and Suzanne heroes fund them yourself not to not the better keep his eyes focused and you never triggered academic coach you never know it’s yeah I election is the only one that ever happened happened because it’s either. Either I win if I get cut or traded that car. I let him win and now he thinks he’s out you know. These are the cut the fight that so your experience so far in the NFL let’s talk a little bit about the learning and everything that’s been going on. Everything that what we’re hearing it’s really good stuff but you’re camp so far the coaches are really rats. Talk a little bit about how Williams not just from your standpoint dolphins Washington withdrew his martial artist went through this how much are you learning from a guy like that. Is she giving to you would you go up and ask him out how does that all work with a veteran player like that so at what he notes. Me acts it’s little things here and there hasn’t that than. You know he’s not the ones it’s on our playbook you know he’s not when there. Right down the fences. And struggle too much with understanding that part of it you know I for the most part of a player we have in. I know my responsibility. On the run and the pass on play action you know let’s let’s do this was not a lot of questions in that sense it’s just like my knew the details of you know I’d put. 75% my weight on this or I cheek does that six inches here I’d put this hand fortunes this. It’s a smaller stuff. You know there’s. We. The whole four weeks can’t prove that right to sit with him for two hours every day and not large enough. But issues every time we have a chance to walk through its. At lunch it’s at the end of the meeting in the tiny hats that say you know I’ve grown rather listen. To use those at the new in this for so long. Yeah I mean. I’m I’m more excited to punitive season in Tennessee. Tightened things he can see light watches them opponents and you know that’s that’s more than a coach it talents that coach with the data this thing it couldn’t hear. What the offense was saying he couldn’t deal with the game was like unique read it tackles they answer you know some peaceful entry double team. That stuff where Kyle’s been there for thirteen years he can really really how much you enjoy that part of the the scouting video that chess match that’s what’s going on up front it’s it’s it’s really really fun I think like that’s what they’re part of the game is. The intellectual side. Anticipating plays and you know if you can if you dominate that houses a testament to lose it works. And a yeah sometimes it’s too much sometimes slap played the law if there’s scheme against you ever made he. You know I do I do enjoy that watches films by amateur hobby. Harrison felt so this here from saint John Fisher it in your bio it media guide you your family as a dog’s name Beckham. What’s named after anything. Of our animals and enough athletes so Beckham my sister named after David Beckham Davis out complex I wondered it was David Beckham rodeo that but it did David David Beckham we had two cats one was stints at Vince Young player. And then chipper after Chipper Jones very good you you fed other sports media watch the NBA eighty watched me to a baseball golf hockey what do you into. Yeah the browser is slayer to ever play. So now kind of followed his career pretty pretty heavily. Yeah Alex in the and that 1000 you know the area I watched a lot of the warriors you know but if you those guys here and there. But college football as deathly my favorite thing to watch. And then at college wrestler. So when if you had a night game at Stanford we are you sit there at 9 AM West Coast I’m watching nearly football games on a Saturday. Yep we have meetings or anything like that yet or even a bye week maybe I guess we just like watch college yet I would like oh yeah I LO watch college football and that’s another thing it is on huddle. On arrived at that you watch the film a lot of everybody you play itself. You know I’ve watched everybody in the pac twelve all twelve of their games multiple times this. Well. Yet some tweet that said they’re pretty sure you personally answer all your fair emails we should ask you about that. You I mean my folks and my sister trying to help me with that. Elites tell me like some exit this surge you know people are requests in this or whatever. The fans is that so welcoming means. Wanna be you what’s the the there I guess in that sense. At least answered questions liking it said you know we can have a platform now so. I have a lot of kids who earn high school asking you know what you do you recruited how they used that line. It looks like union. And even if it’s you know I have. Five seconds or five minutes them walking new media constantly reply real quake exist. You know it is highly that this might change it some much data you’ve a couple of sentences that mean it means lots. We could follow on Twitter. At horrible Harry 99 right up there if that earlier that unite well good luck it was nice to meet your first of all and it sounds like things going really well continued success have a great rookie year with the bills that yet appreciate yes I am not open avenues of our players.


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