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07-27 The Instigators HR 2

Savers WGR Sports Radio 550 and WGR 550 dot com. Well the New York Islanders have hired former Buffalo Sabres former Nashville Predators former Washington Capitals goaltending coach. Mr. corn as director of goaltending yesterday corn was in the same position with the capitals that season won a Stanley Cup as first. And he was the golden coach for three season the capitals and sixteen season. With the predators before that he will be reunited with very trots with the New York Islanders. Which they were together in Washington and the Nashville. Bill’s kicked off training camp in Rochester yesterday that one bills live crew will be live from camp again today whip actual gas through it and from noon to three this afternoon to find out. Who’d a surprise guests are. I think I should know to surprise guests are immediately known for sesno. OK more football news the Tennessee Titans announced this morning that left tackle hey Taylor LaJuan as agreed to a five year. Eighty million dollar contract extension that includes fifteen million guarantee. This deal makes one the richest offensive lineman in NFL history. Than an hour after the titans announce that the one deal the Atlanta Falcons released that they have signed offensive tackles Jay Mathews. To a five year contract extension work. Less than eighty million but still 75 million dollars. The Redskins have agreed to terms are back up quarterback Colt McCoy. On a one year contract extension work up to seven million dollars making him the NFL’s highest paid. One of the apple higher paid back up quarterback Corey will play by new starter Alex Smith. That was about apple but that she again. The Yankees have acquired pictures today it hop from the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday afternoon the blue jays received infielder Brendan Drury. Has to offer was really excited that I guess that means during an outfielder Billy McKay he. McKinney for hop. And yankees slugger Aaron John sustained it’s a fracture on the right wrist after getting hit by a pitch in the first inning as a bit of a seven to win. Against the royals last night. The Yankees announced that no surgery has been recommended and Eddie will be out at least three weeks and that is up eight and he used was that the camera will wrong camera on camera. That is fine we are the investigators know Andrew Peters today. And doing some work at home I think and no great rebate because I think he is not doing some work watching his daughter fishing or something or not we got a great video. Said to us a few days ago but in place Beatty and ribs. We have brand up at the offers neighbors and Chris Baker at savers prospects here in studio. To talk about the sabres and to talk about. Goaltending we talked about goalie IQ. We gotta find this or that segment. But not at all. We have a new segment that we started doing this summer and offer human part of it once yes I don’t think you bit part of I haven’t met yet you know it is Saber by this sweater he and it. We’ve got great intro. Using that. Memories are here. Memories right here absolutely. Who was good it sickening for. His great player and pay. The you know scale. Aki okay well hey who was wearing Roger Ford thought your brother Roger Hollywood had a little value. That there was praise god to answer it but that doesn’t I don’t know was wearing number fourteen. While Sega 94 was going on but that is the number yesterday’s number would of them. Hear him right and it’s we have been really guided down for you was actually and that that the and we had to debate this morning. Because ice so we got to skip over fourteen hits and a rafter I mean that’s the run aero bear and and offer what is and opposite well. Where meant. Maybe at surname but we have to discuss and debate this a little further. So let me give you did names that are on the list here for a number fourteen for the Buffalo Sabres. How to do it tougher because the first one I have no idea dog what makes do Randy any one result fires up and Britney Robaire dog loose very shortly. Robs rod Zain norm Brett all piling on our Alan Howard might smaller. Mika L Anderson seem let’s let that they’ve Hannan and Jody deeds. So right then and there we can can have put everybody SI. And keep. We DC two names I would say you can keep Brady or a bear. They’ve and then. Here’s the funny thing for me like. Robaire obviously it’s your right you could have just not on this but I think it’s a disservice to other guys only because. They’re meaningful contributions and none more so. Ban the goal scorer of the longest overtime game ever at the odd. And that was the four overtime thriller against the doubles in 1984. Bit of irony there and I think they were playing the theme throughout a thriller it was amazing it really well dom dom are done an all right like they don’t like to me dumb save on reshape and I’m not sure which overtime probably the third no my debate in the fourth. Com. His his glove save on reshape it was just the way that play was evolving and from a camera standpoint like. As it kind of cut to where Reece I was like oh my god it’s over like there’s no way reached a misses this. And at one time or gas and I and I just like all mined out of that happen. And you know now can you imagine nowadays with the review would have been like on the hand and goal. Now it was a little girl friends I know but it would’ve been so it would open it like. That ambiguous calling it time I know we’d be sitting there going marry like. That and the course the hardest part is they didn’t win game seven and patty tried to come back him they had a chance our technical and Lleyton whenever. The recalls and he’s. Isn’t any nation it is great have a great day and it’s a very but it has nothing to do with how he was on eight but here’s the thing we all revered Renee repair. And still do. But I just think because of that moment and I. Think it’s it’s probably not common for most other organizations beak but. They wasn’t like there was an immediate where obviously there wasn’t an immediate number retirement right like it wants the French connection was down. And Perot was done that’s when it all came around so there were guys that that played hard in that number and and and hand and was the epitome of that and and that’s why I think its interest in the you can have these legendary numbers of 7-Eleven fourteen. And yet somebody else was able to make a significant impact. Thanks eleven and eleven are we’re pretty sad this one you could defeat you can guy’s hand and added. Unbelievable as you pointed out. But he was nice to have a dot MacKey and right and a picture of Marty following all of our Marty birther falling over. Tenants tickets like out of his one hand it’s the game that wrong way it was not the hardest shot. And it went in the call. And again another. Legendary. Call my Rick generous. Like I mean now you know going back Stewart Jimmy Hoffa is like you’d just. Validity shift the good at it. He may be somewhere else we about maybe eight Hannan also. They were great they were great that he was actually structure pretty well penalty without us we pressed on the lower thirty. He was in a series of business sale of the season but what’s up when Presley what was is number. Have to bring winning numbers up or that I think are great how we can Hamilton’s directing us right now he’ll tells. I’m just blinking. And but here’s my Davis story 1995. I get called up I mean eighteen years old ankle playing Pittsburgh my first game and Ottawa idea odd. We played Chicago Toronto and and we went on the western Keane broke. Our first stop was Winnipeg where there two days early so we can have rookie dinner. So obviously I’m a rookie but paddy decided I wasn’t gonna have to pay for dinner because I was just on a PU I’d still had signed my contract. And have so. I tried to argue with paddy that it would be beneficial for me because number one it was Winnipeg it was Canadian dollar and there was 500 rookies that it would be cheaper better for me but he went. Do so but I still was treated as a rookie so they said. Marty you need to do something. To impress them accurate so why don’t you try to shoot Shaq. They’ve and who is the oldest player and at that time and for those dog what issue scheck is as you try to sneak underneath the table with may be a little man is a little catch up. And you put it on the guy should do and and you try to make it accurate that you’re spotted cable. And and everybody gains on their glass and everybody looks at their shoes and somebody got. Yeah me one particular job so meet thinking I was a little sneaky. I talked to Don although that and we sit directly across from Buchanan. And I said inferences that the Donald. Let me sneak underneath your chair and I will come across an evil description. Well doubles the great guy but he’s a little to face so. You said. One thing to me and as I am underneath the table and try to get to date and and he’s pointing out today if Marty’s there that people so what if and grabbed his red wine on back to opt in rule it underneath the table let me. I only had once cool I was linked juniors I. I had a backup suit that was like two sites too small bag which is perfect nowadays it’s perfect. At the risk that I would if that would stop. My age suit and shirt was covered in red wine. Soul obviously everybody felt that was funny but apparently felt that none more and he and he’s like oh my gosh I didn’t realize like that would actually help that he felt bad. So it does help me to get my suit up cued. Concierge forthrightly. And that they were able to clean up and get it to mean for the next day but I also remember I was so much agree with Avian and threw it whine at me as a fellow kemba might I had doubled down. And a c’mon number 28 when it sold for that reason when we get to 28 it I’m voting poll that I’m not going. All the just for that reason but anyway. Pressly was a team by the way he yeah married Paul Hilton I’m again I’m gonna attribute that to me being in to climb mountain does not so fourteen is definitely going to be red aero bear we you know we are not even gonna debate that although great although I will say that’s I remember vividly Alan Howard coming in and being likely a very good player for the sabres in the early eighties and revisiting. His bio and seeing what he was traded for which turned out to be nothing. Still bothers me. Because when he got Alexander went to Washington and they got two guys that never really panned out and Republican draft picks or whatever and all Allen did overeat yours was aside from his rookie year with the sabres when he scored just under twenty Ian in just over half a season he scored twenty plus every year in his NHL career. You know. Kind of guys you need right like I don’t care whether you have a guy that it shares or ten years or whatever just give me consistency and now requires that we just gave up on two quick. Well and one guy that hopefully will not give up on too quickly is stressed mr. Ali because he should be as tied for many years so we got to do our daily dose the Dolly in here. Animation we have. Right looking good and 26 cash would be Dolly’s nickname should we call him to try kronor ours that’s obviously it rate. Honored trick or treat cramps and we got to find something three quarter hello Dolly. Tells the that’s that’s what. And did you guys see our the morning after. Video in Dallas mean ribs and PP when we woke up from our hotel room and realize we drafted bestselling us and and we we said we’re going for for grapes. An end. Israel says I’m calling dolce dolls dolls the lake that’s that’s is your nickname. I don’t believe in and the latest beyond blue and gold. You know when you secrets Taylor go up to mom. Street in front guy he recalled dolls they themselves. Dolls palsy a column. Rasmus because I think. Does a lot of things but anyway so I am d’alene and mills that are ranked first and port on the athletic stuff fifty prospect. This. So according to Scott Wheeler he put in a list of the top fifty. Drew had a top ten. Well we can put adopted out here drafted prospects. In the National Hockey League you have rests with Ali not one. Alliance Peterson had to. With the maker cannot Andres that’s the Cobb at three and Casey mills that had four. Bates obviously the Atlantic’s but that list out there. You had to be pretty. Happy seeing that first and Ford were to Buffalo Sabres and that the future look bright in that department yeah I don’t have any problem those spots. I think dialing is that legitimate one. Middle step. I think it’s ahead as the demon units when you’re looking at where they slot I think especially Cobb had announced it does make sense from the pure power. Speed gain any jazz notes that the let’s get right definitely Kevin center and that he. You know I mean and I’d be little more concerned if their bull you know watching you need wingers but violate cabinet senator like having that work course defenseman. We’ve stressed that all year long really talking about them in the that the draft you don’t get a chance to. Draft a player like that and your blue line for area often months in a lifetime perhaps. It’s it’s great to see that sabres logo next to him in the one spot illegal backing you look at this list and I can spoil this list because we are looking for subscriptions for the athletic that the a couple players a little. Parade subscription by the way it is I. I I went in on the Atlantic when it first started. And every day it doesn’t matter if your sabres fan right or bills fan or if you like DNA tell the NFL or. Teams everywhere around us here is good reads every day. I like need cash and a list so he’s very underrated prospect for Carolina they have two good ones especially company cans. Cadbury saw. Who is a Russian player he’s a Minnesota Wild prospect not in the top ten. That’s a notable omission for me when looking at that list but overall haven’t sabre one in four. That’s. I mean we talked about suffering here for awhile and you don’t wanna sometimes see the password but when you look at that list does not make it maybe we’re. This August showbiz on the list two and Phillips. Rome is on the list that numb. Yeah so Dylan’s Rome is the same draft here is Jack eichel and so wouldn’t you think that Jack eichel. Could go would’ve should’ve made that list in some way shape or form when you consider that violence from is on the list so with Jack cycle rest as Dominic Casey mills that. You really have to re. In what could be considered a top ten. Prospect in the NHL no doubt Jack that cannot be considered a prospect but when you have some guys that are still in the same draft classes tat cycle on that list. I think you’re looking at its and while sabres have number one been so bad that they’ve got drafted high and you guys are showing in that list but to. I’ve got really good talent pieces to move forward. One of the much more interesting names on their for me. Is that number seven. In Mira hi scan and if it was really it really became even more interesting when the stars words. Seemingly linked to the air Carlson yes talks because if you’re the Ottawa Senators like I’m sorry the only thing I’m mourning back. In this appeared to if you’re getting rid of Carlson is I’d be all over I scan and we talk about doll lane. Ice can in his only a little bit older. And had just an absolutely incredible season over in Finland and I just think should not be overlooked as we. Are caught up in this Colleen hype. I just think that. Dallas and presumably. The NHL will quickly get caught up in heist Canon’s ability as well and he he’s just you know he. He had the attention and then because he didn’t stay here you know I think people maybe lost track of him a little bit last year. They hit agree he had great absolutely great year and I just think that he’s he’s another one and and you know what for all the the talk about defenseman this year. You know. Whatever Quinn uses able to accomplish this fall. As artists attempting life with economics I mean that’ll be fascinating to watch to. It has a question make him because I look at quick news out there. And I look at the exit Dina out there as well number five Souza Dina slipped to number six and easier and a draft. Soul and I had to scroll down the list so yes very quick any enemy know who went third overall to Montreal is 22. Brady get shocked who went four overall. To Ottawa is when he fifth the 24 on the list. So what. Attracts a teen who want to pick a guy like this when a month later. Some in all people that are experts in the field of prospects. Put those guys so far down on the list and they were drafted so high in this pastor told. All the author of the list rain I mean this is one authors list so. Cocky Niemi to me I think if you look at him title Andrea. And Philip colander to win late in the second round they with three of my favorite players and stressed yet cut in the any. Made this ascension okay he should be higher on that list again he’s a player who can place any traveler OK so. And there’s and Brady could chuck is this divisive. Force in the scouting community some likened some I’m on the Brady Qatar train no doubt I would put in my because again. NHL small areas. Battle skills he has that you need that trade I think that a lot of. We get caught up in this with live folks that follow prostitute called the flash and sizzle and puck skills and everything else. That’s part of the whole thing sometimes you need to play in front of the net. Okay and so. I look at tuning and I’m glad you brought those two. They’re right there was sitting up for me both of those guys begin to dean is elevated because he put up gaudy stats plan for Halifax and Q. You know and look it would help X has done they’ve had Tina Meier and Nikolay healers and you know I mean they’ve been an import factory. It felt. As marched in I’ve known as I mean it can only there to land in an asteroid and yeah but one last thought by the way analyses are down lean one middle step for. I think that needles that it is a more viable Calder trophy candidate this year and queen. And I think that I think you know he’s realized Paterson was number two those are two big time horses that are gonna make waves this year and it’s. I totally agree with Kia Casey notes that. You know looking at the Calder trophy in that race particularly hard for rest and styling to have. The numbers. In India and to be seeing like wow look at what this player has been able to do. I we compared everybody’s compare him to Eric Crosse and across that 24 points I think in his first full season late sixty game right. I mean oppressed with Ollie gets to 3035 points it will be successful Sharon’s adds a little life but. He he would have to have a war as a number one defense and shut down defenseman to be able to say hey. He is the that much battered and everybody else because you know he’s in that role and hopefully the sabres don’t have data and that rule because that’s not who is supposed to be shut on the fence. Casey middles that. If he gets to 5560. Points. Which could could very well happen and I think that would open a lot of people’s eyes if he scores 20/20 five goals obviously Austin Hughes. Forty goals rate and mean economy needed our gimme canary in those guys were in that debate. It was out there but there’s special years cherokees signals that could very well be. One of the best caller do you think QB number two senators start. I think well yeah I do too. But I think also there’s going to be a definite difference between being at home and being on the road and having last change and where is zone starts are especially to start. Who will be the third. Setter will be at number three standard that win. And if Brian Riley was still here which they cycle rally medals that just because you put a rally as the number two senator because of what will hold you may be able to put him in but you’re trying to get medals that that second center minutes ends its own star yet so that he could produce offense. Now that’s a question mark who will be. At the number three center spot to allow. They’ll policy to be able to have that. That that house go room the master Bieber it’s burglar anatomy Burton an absolutely yet but again those these own draws and yeah he can do all that insulate and especially on the road but could it be also a mix between Bergman and teach Dobson. Because he could lead us in a position I younger. Let you know we go through training camp but you have injuries and you have situation where maybe the chemistry is not there yet after just. I think that animals that for me. Is slated as a number 2% and I’m glad you brought page Thompson because he’s kind of a forgotten piece already in the summer we talk about Cherie and we talk about. The other veterans that they got in the O’Reilly deal possible can and Berlin. Page counts enemies total wild card who could score he could score when he for it and maybe not this year but soon soon. Because he’s another guy shoots a tonne and he’s got a huge shot out huge shot another got a complaint from a net he’s got an eighty last year I noticing Mulligan. But he he needed to feel his way into the pro game last year. I think we’ve seen players come back and take a dramatic step in year two of their development on their second their second year of the contract that’s what Thompson’s gonna do this year I think. I think that would be very exciting to see while that was our daily dose of Dell in. Somehow we ended up I think that those of middle Staten at this Johnson which is fantastic that’s what we want and we’ve got the brains. Pat as that might to partners are today and Brian Dobson Chris Baker well we’ll take a short break here because when we come back. We saw left to do buy sell trade which is going to be so much fun today for me ask the question once again so. Yeah you guys better be ready we run down and see what we’re talking about here will collect an area. Short break here maybe a few minutes for five minutes and that was enough time to go to the bathroom and back here and investigators don’t know terrified that intimacy. Usually eat. Welcome back Indians hitters here the last show of the week Friday morning. That’s half hour to be here. And it’s actually it’s been a long week. Yeah it’s increase. Let me. Not go through this show without complementing you on your hair and your facial hair man you look really good shape of those today but do you they. You know that those products beyond getting a different profile view by being in a different share. And your hair has taken on a different profile. Yeah holders Marti. Eight that’s the way I actually had you had a different kind throughout the year until he got it completely cut yet so this is all very fresh. You know sampling of Mardi Gras this. Voices Brian Duff and all the compliment and I’d love in itself an hour and living in the third wielding I introduced myself and say there and a program I. I am digging the hair Q and is in the showers lets us mourn and it is the wreckage or ethnicity and the sabres camp when I look at. I’ve coached a you do about the Bucs again this year that grow less to my if it’s wrong. You at the camp I was thrilled when. Kelenna you know all the kids are on the rise. And he calls me over and asked them you know do you recognize this guy. And I did even have to take my cap off and they actually knew I wanted to go and I was really that was that was really you know nice feeling that is awesome I will say this we’re talking hockey IQ. I don’t know how old this. Young goaltender was probably eleven or twelve and their plants sideways rate or the boards and three on three. And I can recall that cross process and the and and the guy that played. They got into the sauce so they were playing side slide into a I I channel my dinner party for about one idea picked up on. Anyway I came over to get him some water is he was the only goal Leo there is Diane. And I say you don’t like now he knows what the problem is I don’t know Mike Kris. And and this is this has been my assertion that how to change the game forever and create offense. If you take away the markings for the net reminders. You will have on angle goals everything change and I but this can I tell you which denies it’s holding right I. I know you’re speaking my language and he was sold dialed in he was so understanding and it was just. It was so refreshing to hear it because you know sometimes internally can just feel like your mechanics are off I’m not stopping this or not this kid knew why. He wasn’t the same as he normally is day in day out and I. I’m swinging good and oh yeah played on the big ice in Europe or even sometimes you go to rates and have the big crease as the children freeze is not a house circle at Scott. But if you play and the big Kris. I couldn’t play like I really could play net decrease it we went to zone in Switzerland and played a pre season game there before starting. This season in Europe that went to senior to sabres started in Berlin. And we played three games in four nights. And the last one it was eons and I’m playing in net and this and they have jostled and Atlanta metropolitan but those are the only two guys that maybe you’d remember. The building as Pozen. We lost 95. I gave up all nine I suspect that after that I did decrees was so big. That I didn’t know where I was in my net because I could see like blue paint but where it shouldn’t be any group they thought that I need to move over. I would look back and my net would be four feet to the left and I’d be like. What might even do here like I could not find my markers because decrease was still being. Same thing if there’s no creeks you have no idea where Europe and that is the great or bring it up. Two I saw trade. I don’t agree to take the cores are populated from more physical goalies and I love physical. Tenders and that’s it would be out there yet rushing audience that would be great. And it may be hard with the volatility taxi now. If we come back for one year I’d like that I would like thanks in great line that she did I tell you about yes I think so it’s so if we are just Ali had to buy sell trade but this is it that takes up. Run oversaw Nadal out suppliers are high and down and Izod pocket exe and you know I I get a little star struck with some of these. People around the business that I was at the top and one yes so I run X dollars standing there and that night actually I have to ask you question. As for years the rumor is that nine need three. Nor geeks Canadians playoff series that Montreal Canadians found your routine in warm up. That you had to touch every faceoff dot in your half mice. Before leaving. The ice or you know to start. So that they Canadians address one of the Robaire Brothers to stand on dissent arise dot and not let anybody touch that dot so. And that that started a brawl because products all wanted to go cost of faceoff dot and couldn’t do it and start well I said to Ronnie I said I was there. Deem to. I give one and two and and I watch game three when that happened at my buddy’s house I didn’t get to finish question game because I had cat allergies and I had to go home and my eyes were so big. So Roddick felt looks at me sideways goes. You know Marty I have suffered cat allergies one point in my life to its name was Felix cat and got a totally be out by doing what and I thought here’s a guy that I had. Watched growing up right and he was aggressive on that making a joke about getting beat up by Felix pod. He probably thought it was Griese to Mike Taylor is an opening. Myself trade now Ron Axl won’t talk to me ever again. I want to let any right it is fun but I’d still trade presented by buffalo sports where you can buy sell or trade. New and used equipment it’s not McKinley parkway not far from our studio here in Orchard Park so. That is in Hamburg actually. Both sports but I refers buys zealotry and just so you guys know. It’s not I agree I disagree as Koreans like to do it in by a cell or 83. And you have to can give us Europe take on its though. On the first buy sell trade eight raid is the best scenario for boat part in canary in the Columbus. Blue Jackets to resolve their situation by sultry. I don’t think you can trader trades so I’m going to buy this kit IA trade absolutely absolutely I think there’s some significant value for. The willing trade partner and it has significant return potentially for Columbus who I I think. I know it sounds strange but I think they can survive the loss by way of a good deal for thinner. By Mortimer guy he absolutely this isn’t this the hard core by on this one as well I think that when the Columbus Blue Jackets. Are trying to get something done and Aaron he’s that. Ready to make that commitment. You can’t take the risk. Make the move it a good young core there have been great blue line. Alan that’s goalies in the business with prosecute him for another year right right yeah but I mean but hey you know what. They gotta do it now so I worry is that the parents 26 and hate to be in this position now to move. Like maybe I’ll under secret John diversity don’t mean yeah that’s why you can’t risk this you can’t do with the islanders well. And it went dead at Colorado district magistrate in raid and ended up winning really bad deal it didn’t look like they were gonna win the deal but. I and going to read this street scenario because stuff for you says you cannot trade the streets of I say if there is bad blood between Pinner and in the Columbus Blue Jackets you have to look fort rate it would be best scenario but. I really I know John toured around and I think dad he again. Sit down and talked to players a little bit that the same situation Babcock and matches and throttled down to work it out I think you’d be best. For Columbus if there and could stay there long term and be best for their fan base. It be best for their young corkum and threw it purely DuBois knows that the players so I think the need to do everything began to keep him there but if there is that bad blood. You have to move on okay but they also added Riley Nash the guy you really all of our earliest so they get they battle after they’ve got to look. Like every team they’ve got some contracts that don’t want the details of a lot of guys that are in good position to help them long term OK and boy how much money is Penske gonna get his deal or. Well and get the eighties when of that. Right you up and coming to set sail nonstop in common anymore. Or because he’s been their it’s at Jones act Gretzky we’re gonna talk Norris trophy with those guys. I regularly I think so I think so okay. Topic Trevor Linden left the cannot stand a better shape that it was win. He came in so Ken Campbell the hockey news wrote earlier this week that. Driver Clinton’s tenure as team president wasn’t perfect and included some mixed messages but the cannot eventually committed to a rebuild. Under travel Clinton’s watch and their future. Has brightened thanks to him. By eight cell or raid that led the left the conducts in better shape than when he first team in. Well if you ask Brendan priced. No because Brendan cross but it weed out there and says good what more moved to go basically talking about demanding with Dayton. Which. I mean I’d I never liked pretty layer to report today across I would guess that never like players that. I’ve had a bad experience because of their own wrongdoing right to go out and asset prevalent Trevor Linden the great hockey mind and green keepers and it’s been a cannot for a long long time playing enough management. But is that even a better place now. After you left. I still trade to. I’ve seen. We need to buy sell trade or that I will put it on hold and come back every. I literally a literally a way back. A regular deposit I have talked my way through this when it contained so I like some of the young pieces I mean that’s like what I do and prospect and took a they have Paterson we talked about god that the kid command northeastern they have some really good young players there. Richard D’Amico who I was a fan of he was at the national program I think he’s moving in the right direction picked up Quinn his they have some nice. Pieces moving forward but it’s what’s their plan yes to be competitive. Because he can talk about prospects all day in the it’s pie in the sky but what’s their plan moving forward who’s going to be with Bo or. You know passer who’s going to be the next layer of support after those guys. You it takes a team to win and we see them like we get infatuated with a single entities in hockey. I’m not sure there are any better. Frankly. While they found a coach. And I bet there’s going to say that and I like the way that all unfolded like Travis put in his time. And I and and again it’s why we preach patience at certain times in our dialogue about. Certain elements of the team and the overall team can see that always rush to judge. Based on what you have or don’t have and one person especially coach learning. On the job the highest level I’d really like Travis green and I really thought it was a good hire for them so I would be wrong based on everything you just said. Because even though you’re not necessarily ready to buy on this and I actually am ready to buy on this because they do like the pieces that are there especially under Travis so. They have a long ways to go. There are some markings on my group that I like oh boy they’ve got it so what got to me and I says there yet they’re still in his transition that has that happened but I’m gonna be an Abaya I’m I’m going to buy it. So. I make it easier. Because I think this question and I am equally that the the effort to just by Bates you and I can just sit on a fan I have certainly October so I’m buying your yeah it’s absolutely good you’re buying. Hewitt is your question buy sell trade the islanders and New York Islanders talking about. Are worried about five team in the NHL this year the founders will not be a bottom five team in NHL this year by sultry. These that they will not be that they will not be unsound that I don’t think that they’ve been goaltending. I don’t think they’re probably your hero match yet that’s going to Wilmington Rob Schneider looks like Ken Dryden Mitch has a lot of work to do it around and I’m Farrah and trying to trying to stay at random letters of. Medical and saying that there’s a lot of work to do their price who actually like rice is he was hung out to trial. And I don’t see how they’ve made any more changes. To their team that their goaltenders not to be hung out to dry again. That it’s all about that I love ourselves. Anders Lee they have some yeah on young up and coming guys I just don’t see what’s changed. Positive that’s gonna help pickle. And that’s the south from Chris Baker are hard sell himself at a south from Brian Duff I’m gonna sell I think that it would have been harder to answer if witness that the elders. Won’t be a bottom tier teams in the NHL then I can debate but five you’ll be here’s an interest in one were all selling well which of by the fact that Parcells going to be a top ten score. Really now because they’ll be by himself I think you may be top thirty that he was like manic when he hit it big year. Because he was drawn better matchups and then and articles can really filling huge void now knows he’s going to be I’m leaving them. I I believe in and cute but he’s got a lot he’s and top thirty all thirty would still be racked up thirty rat on this little end of this segment here so we can revisit it in again this season and it would happen well. Take another break the last went up to show. And I don’t know what we have when we come back we’re just gonna have fun when we Christmas if given yes we will do it yet 16100 Brian Duff and Chris Baker coming up. Yeah so we’ll take a little break here in the investigators on the job fight if the NN edgy and welcome back last segment on the investigators and it is a short one saw. We usually do something like recapped from the future. One bills live is up next Andy and their show usually with what do we learn from today’s show. So let’s do this dune two hours in two minutes. Says recap here two hours in two minutes. Do you think it’s. Well I think that. Personally we need to see Olmert do it this year I think there was a big piece of the puzzle that early in the show. Maybe you don’t need the big goal is move toward in the Buffalo Sabres get the Smart goalie get one to goalie IQ goalie acute get a goalie that’s. Big enough. But that’s strong and fast and athletic and tougher game two hours and two minutes. Thank you for the opportunity to promote Alice Alex rice and these are grand opening because it’s the power of radio never ceases to amaze. Just handling an email in regards to a purchase of a brick and raffle tickets and has got another text vote where was the website again we’re doing get the raffle tickets and all that so. A bomb not unlike every time I’ve appeared weather was with Bulldog last Friday here Howard Simon the week before the areas. Always an immediate reaction and we’re forever grateful for the. Oh fantastic mine doesn’t have anything to do it hockey it’s all about killer whales again. I mean these things are so interesting and if you want to watch a great document area on them black finish is fantastic. And another one because I talked about this turkeys that Netflix show I was watching. And making murderer on that so I watched evil genius which was that this needs a bomber from your Pennsylvania was great. Even remembered a story and I lived in western new York at the time so. Lots of TV going on in the summer and that’s what I’ve learned is especially from 10 to noon every morning M I extra running lots of great TV lesson. Bill scam. They started a regular up for the air conditioner and it and again as I seriously doubt that they’re only guessing that was a big part of this two hour that’s hot and I had over here on this one goes live this coming up next on today’s show Josh Allen. Obviously rookie quarterback general manager Brendan being in. He lets hear from offensive coordinator Brian able. Who is going to be talking and is going to be live look ins to practice with John Murphy and Steve ask your era and that they’ve done this or college so. I’ve got a great thanks guys for coming and Novell updates though no golf update I messed that up that was investigators.


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