Thursday, 28 October 2021
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07-26 Howard and Jeremy Show HR 3

Seriously updates on paper look like the worst off what the Vienna well. It’s just not a lot of Reid yeah excited besides the fact that maybe Josh Al I’ll choke up thing. As a rookie bad. If there were me I would want him in the field with the off the line account rock I’d much setback at development by throwing at it that were player. It’s Mike Renner from pro football focus. Was on with the show for the Bulldog if you miss that interview it is an on demand audio it WGR 550 dot com. My money what’s delegate to picked bill’s gonna get The Who stack wanna hear from you eagle 3055888550. To 550. Will remind you once again that on the mend audio really important this time a year at WGR 550 dot com keep up on all the stuff going on at camp. All the special guest the shows that are coming from camp shall we Bulldog there today broadcast live in saint John Fisher from three to seven during. The beyond during the practice or at least part of the practice. Players coaches the GM whoever stops by for visits one bills live our show Mike and Chris. Always check out on demand audio for anything you missed from bills camp because that’ll keep you updated all the stuff that’s happening in Pittsburgh. Self one region text we no longer have breaking sports text clubs we no longer have the thirty club the text clubs all went away which means the Howard picks the bill’s text. Has gone away at that (%expletive) is a shame. I’ve attacks the comes in to text before our picks the bills here. Nick in Rochester writes in running our got to listen I don’t know why it means so much to me. But I’m sitting in my car now and I’m going to be late to work OK he’s just alike can hear Howard picks the bills I thought the tax is gonna end with I don’t know why it means so much it shouldn’t be that much another text or Howard please don’t depress me before this week and kicks off and I had to Rochester today I did did you what football outsiders set about Josh Allen and I’m gonna. The Twitter account yards per pass Liu also be picking with the bills taken number five in the draft yeah. No. Want to know last year read the bills finish with the worst record what do they do with the number one overall. All right well. Prepare yourself. Then. I’m you can’t put this kind of pressure on me final month it’s got to be introduced properly the first day of camp brings whether it. If the need for an appropriate introduction. This is not over the top by the way really it’s not every once. In a great while. Tradition emerges from the depths of despair. From the hot sweaty swamp of summer comes the beckoning of an elite season on the horizon. Goodies and shorts crisp air parking lot barbecues corn ball can jam. Waste of jet fuel Jumbo packages at the goal line the signs. Of the season surround us. Random trips to Rochester to watch special teams drills from falling in love with the fourth string running back. A head coach talking about how well things are going and maybe a player getting pulled over for we. All point to the approaching season the elite season the fall. And of course with that. Football. But nothing welcomes us calling out like the bugler at the Kentucky Derby the call the post. Like the flash of lightning before the clap of thunder like the trust. That precedes. The process. Nothing opens football season more than one tradition one act of desperation. Of prognostication. For bills nation. We humbly present to you. For possibly the tenth here. The first. Official. 28 team. Training camp edition. Of power picks the bills. Tradition. Can we do this tomorrow no. Deborah I’m gonna pick the bill after giving different the ice islands in Baltimore. And buffalo well why would any pick I may be rifle that process Don WGR. Sports Radio 550. QMR calling. You should be up political speech writer like that would State of the Union Address material that was always know it’s rally people around the flag material. That is pick your feet up off the ground because. There’s a week’s worth of dog poop down their material. Thank you can’t put that kind of pressure on me. I can’t be letting this many people down like it’s akin to your level up and down at one time we ever radio show good right about now there are. Lots of people just leave the car and go to work getting prepared to. Yell you leave okay gun take the canal the bills we’re gonna go with AJ McCarron as the starter because short he’s the favorite. If someone else takes first team reps tonight guess what we do it again tomorrow. C Mildred breaking McCarron feel a cough coming I think AJ McCarron is the starter he is the favorite. And the bills will open in Baltimore. Taking on a ravens team that. There’s lot of buzz about Mark Jackson I saw yesterday Mike are awful saying any talk of him getting the starting job. Is ludicrous it’s not happening now he’s banning consistent practice. Sure there’s of buzz about Lamar Jackson but it’s not the level loft. Oh he’s gonna on C Joseph Flacco at least not in the opinion of Michael Roth flow yet knowing careful here Apollo I think so bill holes. At ravens a stadium that they opened in just two years ago. And lost in a very low scoring game the bills defense expected to be good the ravens defense last year was Gooden top five DV OA. The ravens looking for revenge. On the bills who took their playoff spot courtesy of the Andy Dalton’s Tyler boy touchdown opener September 9 1 o’clock bill threatens. You are we gonna do like an over under with a bill score more than three points. I’ll take the bills and a win in week one while feeling good feeling good about this one. AG McCareins knowledge of the raven sure sure optional the end and trusting the process and you know. I don’t I’ve got nothing elsewhere I just think the ravens are bad football team I don’t think the bills are that good either but give me ball giving buffalo over Baltimore in week one buffalo starts wanna know. That haters poems and on their place verbal home chargers and electric atmosphere. To remember that really good feeling it after we won by the way how funny is it that bills ravens chargers the three teams that work in England in week seventeen and a bills play the ravens and chargers kept. I remember that so I watch it. Remember that really warm Fuzzy feeling of winning an opening day and how much fun that week was leading up to the home opener because you’re gonna lose to the charges and now. Loss. To the chargers won and wants and then a couple road games that are gonna be tough. And we get to this point in you picking the bills this is where it’s going to be tough to get shoot a moo. My neck injuries my through this is what we get to move because they go to Minnesota play the vikings are weak theory is that it’s an awful matchup for. Numerous reasons like yeah I what would get me to move you know what decades doctor regularly given to move up the Packers game that game’s gonna be like last year Atlanta. And one that name was and always lost for you yeah I think of how they gonna stop Julio Jones Mohammed snoop they hurt they go to Atlanta. Surprise went yeah I’ll probably gonna feel like that right up until that their decades is better than the falcons defense too and I think at anyway sure I I would take Minnesota and I’d I’d really be hard pressed to move off that. I think Minnesota is right behind New England for lock losses. And one and two at Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers unless Rogers is not playing. Celtic Green Day Green Bay they’re facing threat homely or whoever is the back up quarterback did they bring somebody in this offseason giving greenback. Tennessee Titans. Home for the titans in week five I read this week that one of the teams if you’re projecting. Whose offenses cannot come out of nowhere Tennessee is. On the level with in terms of expectations of three that three. Break out offenses are expected to be maybe the bears maybe the chiefs and maybe the titans got and he changed from exotic smash mouth. To. And opens is Mike Vrabel. They brought in now we’re who’s the coordinator Brian they have. What looks like much more of a passing oriented offense as opposed to exotic smash mouth runs. The titans bills titans met in buffalo okay might met before he was with the Ramses the offense I was gonna say when in doubt guess Norv Turner but Matt the floor. I’m not a fan of the titans I mean I you know. Says the guy who knows the bills were kind of lucky to get in the playoffs last year I didn’t think Tennessee was that good date through fewer touchdown passes in the bills last year I believe. Are gonna like thirteen fourteen touchdown passes. Anyway whether. Off the bills at home win that football game beaded typed in his dubbed. Doug via dubbed then. Two more road games that trip to play the Texans to stretch of playing the AFC south for three consecutive weeks or two over fourteenth they are in Houston. To play the Texans Shawn Watson presumably healthy. After his non contact injury torn ACL and JJ watt presumably healthy merely both have been cleared for the start of training camp. If they’re healthy I will take Houston again that’s one of those games that. If there’s an injury to the quarterback. I reserve the right to flip but for now the Houston is a better football team if those guys are healthy I think he’s double B in the playoffs this year. So I’ll take of the Texans for adopt. Texans for W so that puts the bills at two and four. After their first six games seventh game of the season at. At Indianapolis. Andrew Luck this upping his workload he says there’s not as much pain in the throwing shoulder is there has been. Lock. Still I still won’t feel like he is a lock to be their opening day starter. Setbacks who knows missile season and his shoulders kind of been a mess but that the it ousted this it would not surprise me Andrew Luck is saying the good things yeah. Right if you if you’re the colts you have to tell Andrew locked in and we got to get old is he an act like it’s okay to some degree I think you would say. Be optimistic put out a good message are you feeling okay. Well action and the colts came out yesterday and said they anticipate luck playing in the pre season opener okay so again maybe maybe that’s part of we’re gonna be positive until his shoulder tells us different. But the plan is trimmed the play and that opener I still think Indianapolis will be of that football team even at the Andrew Luck is healthy they should be last in that division. And I think the bill should win that football game. So three and four. Three and four for the bills at this point and the next game is a big one home Monday night against the New England Patriots. You know. Jordan Matthews is cancer in the locker room I got nothing for this night just. Nobel checked loses his mind Brady throws five picks. Then just Camille lots there three and five. Home for morals potential breakout offense is the Chicago Bears November 4 interest you know I think it’s you look at it and go it’s a very winnable game. Who knows how to Robiskie develops. What Matt Nate he does in his first year as the head coach that they brought in Italy have I think some pretty good players at wide receiver. There are so there’s some talent on the defense of side of the ball. Having said that I like the fact that it’s a home game myself in Chicago won’t be that good football team just yet so I’ll take a bills went over the past four and five and this is were probably talking about an opportunity for the bills to get back in a playoff race. The foreign five the next four games are jets jaguars dolphins jets cut right after jets before the bye week November 11. Yeah and I you know who knows is McAllen playing is Arnold I’ve no idea but I just think I think that there there’s. I think the bills the jets in the dolphins are kind of Bob trauma and hat. So I don’t think there’s a lot of difference they I think they’ll end up like split against each other so I’ll take the jets that when the jets about that’s a crushing loss. You are open to get to five and five to go to the bye we can settle lost at the jets. Four and six coming out of the buy and let’s have the bills play one of their four post Thanksgiving games. At home. Who ran me up bills jaguars this home asleep your camp throughout their whole under four and six home. Doug Maroney and jaguar I’m sorry I have to pick the jaguars four and seven I’d I’d rather not but I just don’t see them beating Jacksonville and the bills offense against that defense is a terrible match status today units put music brought to buy express mark of dubious in the jag worse. Mike Renner joining. Mike shall yesterday immigrant from global focus the jaguars. They lost true man games on their starting while they were so healthy last year right tool man games lost. And I think it was in the last month the regular season did they go like eleven or twelve weeks before a starter missed the game yet yet it was uncanny. I got Julio Jones and that play in the senate played a bunch of cupcakes and division and they got breaks with you know they didn’t lose you are awesome and ended in Atlanta hello Andrew Luck right they got breaks. I still think that defense is going to be super good and I just think again in this match up against what should be a struggling bills offense and their defense. It just doesn’t look like a favorable matchup for buffalo. So four and seven. At Miami. Bill’s fans going to Miami have a nice time December 2 in the sunshine a South Florida we have Maria who can we showed we can do like a little quick weekend trip. Sure. It’s Miami’s head wrapped Miami I’ll take a dolphins went there. For an eight. Home of a jets. All this point I mean we are yelling at each other and saying at this point play Josh Allen as the discussion right should ornate in three out of four at home bright Josh is. It’s this is where you put Josh Al and he’s news Hanson weather and stuff. He is big cancel help out in December so I you know what yeah put Josh Allen and and Josh Allen leads them to win over Sam Arnold all old now we’re talking. Five and 83 games ago home against alliance and then we’re having the discussion of why did you wait so long to put Josh Allen record odd billion being Whitman McDermott. Bomb you know I’m not sold on the lions again. You know do a book they have a good quarterback. I don’t know I don’t think they’re gonna be in the playoffs I’m really. It’s just one of those games drum gonna do what you hate that I do. I just I know what the bills are gonna do in my head and it’s get to a certain point in the record so optical laws take a loss the lines here your your not taking it one game at a time now. You were gonna come out of this state Nate you’re gonna liars I did 88 last time and honestly that they’re not quite right now they’re just not to in my mind they’re not that good at the patriots. Yeah right Kate lost him. And then home dolphins to close the season at pitcher to destroy I think of what. What reversed Paul cook anyway well home dot which are when when the final record for the 2018. Buffalo Bills per hour Simon’s first edition. Six. And ten yeah. I think 5116 and ten is where we’re talking kids. The 98 the not a playoff team I don’t think it’s three and thirteen USA today Pete Briscoe doom and gloom. Of five or six when football team. Top ten pick not really a factor in the playoffs and we get to see Josh Allen in the last month or so of the season and that’s how it plays out. Congratulations on picking the bill’s true. Boy that with pace the good news is you’re gonna do tomorrow Nathan Peter gets the first rap OK I’m serious yeah you’re killing me you know that. That put us less unless they said. I don’t think there’s much of a difference right at quarterback to be honest if Pete women’s starts from day one. They’re still going 5116 I won’t make you do to Peter and it’s the first rep it Allen somehow super ever while Josh Allen what a starter Sunday. Okay then we got a different story made. I don’t think it’s going to be stars that your status today Julio Jones is in the news because he’s going to report and they’re gonna work on his contract. You’ll like this package you’re an owner of Julio Jones and your fantasy leagues on home that this from ESPN’s stats and information. The five time pro bowler did you know he has the highest yards per game average of all time. Among receivers who have a minimum of 500 catches all time he averages 95 yards per game. He enters this season looking for the fifth straight season of eighty plus catches and 14100 plus receiving yards. That’s never been done in the history of the National Football League. Five straight years eighty plus catches 14100 plus yards if Julio Jones does it he will be the first receiver. Ever to hit those levels for five consecutive years in the history of and at. Now when you yesterday we talked about how he was holed out at camp the falcons just mean boggled well as we select I files. Semi buckled yeah I mean they’re gonna we’re just 28 team currently yet sure they can. I don’t know what they’re gonna do but they’re gonna they’ll probably give more money to make him happy but they also did say. We’re not gonna addressed the rest of the contract until after the season itself though they’ll talk about with tears left not readers let’s get as a and is available on a with Julio Jones on my team which are yes and it’s there wasn’t concerned there. What this thing play out yeah we had some conversations. And he got back yeah. Like and they know they want and they’re they’re trying to win a super ball he can screw around much but they also didn’t renegotiate it through with a three year deal I love Julio Jones and it’s because. I had in my team three years ago. And the entire reason I drafted him was because whenever people talk with the best receivers in football always forgot to mention Julio Jones that he wants lower falcons games so for one year. I decide no matter what I’m getting Julio Jones because I wanna watch this guy and he’s been a matter player since he is. Awesome look he is so fun to watch and what. Top two receiver and you know. Felt polymer free audio brown. Wore O’Dell okay they’re your arena is in a short it’s a select group yet. And I and the falcons know that too but. This way that this was this is a perfect compromise. Make them happier in 2018 figure out a way to maybe get more money. But don’t go back with three years left on a contract I think it would set a dangerous precedent for them so they they get him back he gets a little more money and they don’t have to worry about redoing the contracts. Maybe I wait to see would O’Dell Beckham gets by the way you know because if you pay Julio Jones now. And no delegates a big raise than Julio Jones isn’t happy after that so it might be Atlanta also buying time. To see what O’Dell Beckham gets and that helps you figure out your contract renegotiation with them. With Julio Jones. 8030550. To join us he did 8550 to 550 who stacked today we we set the who’s decked today who would you pick. Number one when you put your your majority of your stock in who’s first who’s second who’s third you can give us your own who’s back. You know well who’s. You know what kind of the gap there is anyway you can give a strong quarterback who’s decked OK they don’t trio but to do we know you would catch code which lets get to that. And it is color. Text color right now CO LOR. 272881. In the that I hope which in the running for the 1000 dollars in our. National wind cash contest messaging data rates may apply you have until 8 o’clock or excuse me 9 o’clock detects that end. Again color CO LOR. Texted Q seven Q8 81 your chance to what the thousand dollars another code were coming about an hour from now on WGR. I. Talking point and it. Mean we don’t agree on that I think that. Have to play just challenge at the Buick we haven’t got to be sent to you mean you can just see nowadays with the guy’s gonna be you chuck and at fifty yards down field across the body and the road that nobody else you know has ever started saint John Fisher and I didn’t get the call for him are going to be loud I think they’re gonna be sued and it could be ugly because a lot like that here golf. Before him Mitt took a bit before him beat Korda and didn’t have the supporting cast around them out rookies that that they do now in the bill kind of follow the same template. That is Tyler doesn’t Bleacher Report on with show like the other day on demand audio to check it out WG reflective you dot com. Headlines bills’ practice that 530 salvia out there to cover practice now also be therefore are. The media sessions. With Brandon dean and Sean McDermott Josh Allen signed a four year contract yesterday everybody’s rated golf practice today well actually not everybody’s a Jones isn’t. He was placed on the active non football injury list. Has not been cleared to practice yet missed the all all the offseason workouts to do to a couple of surgeries so he’s not ready to practice just yet. Jim Kelly gets a clean bill of health from doctors Hughes is the latest tests and scans show him to be cancer free. The let’s see. Get pulled out strike a little Mac or Donald Earl Thomas among those players not reporting to camp there in. Contract issues with their teams are under contract looking for new deals. Yankees lose to Tampa the Red Sox repeat indeed. The jays lost Mets won assessments that heel surgery there you go those tablets next update coming up at 9 o’clock. Call on your own who stack at eagle Treo 550 so 808552 we set the prices let’s spend some money Oates played against yep. The prices for who’s gonna star quarterback. AJ McCarron 45 dollars Nathan Peterman 33 dollars Josh talent 22 dollars you have a thousand dollars it’s men and how is your portfolio diversify its OK I think AJ McCarron is my favorite for the job right now as I said I don’t. I think you’re gonna go a little bit heavier in to him than I would. But I think McCarron as the favorite in my estimation some buying thirteen shares. Of AJ McCarron right to be the week once started be announced as the week went starter against the Baltimore Ravens as I said I think. Pete even there not 5050 but Peterman is there I’m going to buy nine shares of Nathan Peter men carry it at 33 dollars a share. Almost feel like my number with Josh Allen might be too high but whatever he still their first round pick in and it got the idea. To gimme five shares of Josh Allen at 22 dollars a share and that leads me I think like eight blocks I’ll go by sub CAPTCHA. So hang on hang on Avaya buck’s eight bucks my diversification is not too much different than yours I’ve got fifteen of McCarron. Eight of Peerman and to do love Alan and me I’m tempted to not buy any of Josh challenges because. They said way back at the end of OTAs that the plan will be to run with the threes. They don’t release. Dive holds too much information at all Brian tell anybody anything about their plans but they were willing to say he’ll start with the threes in training camp that’ll be the plan. So I don’t think that that’s gonna come off that for at least the weaker to content that I have no shares and Allen but moms have a couple I I honestly thought. You know yeah I was trying to rip our stranding eight you know a very target to shares whatever but. If something happens that shows up in these next few days he’s with the with the ones at some point the stock goes up. So by low but the you know five shares at 22 bucks at the if he had to get some reps with the ones the value is gonna go up a little bit somebody else is gonna drop and I’ve got five shares of Alan and so that was the thought process on and Josh our. Woolsey practice tonight at what five at 53530. From saint John Fisher which is. Exciting. So you’re probably gonna wanna know. Like who’s practicing today has its real bill fake bill ago we usually do this when we get to training camp but since we don’t have our first show. From saint John Fisher until next Wednesday I was worried about you know names getting up from training camp and and people getting a better handle on the roster so Brayton you can play along as well. Fire up the football music and we will play. Real bill. Fake bill. Okay are we ready Jon and here we go your first name we’re gonna go with doc Reid Ferguson. Real bill. Fake bill Ferguson editorial I thought I’d start out he’s get garrison Sanborn is not to on the roster re Ferguson has long snapper sort voted if you break and went. Let’s go but Ricky Ricky aptly latest jump is your real bill RA fake bill. Ricky. Yes fake. He’s deepened to tackle from Missouri he is a real ill with these judgments Ricky Ricky had to get to know get the welcome Ricky had. Let’s go around. Let’s Jake Clemons Dick climates real bill fake bill. Jake climate Jake Clemons really like one not from the coalition Nate Clements note no really think it’s spelled differently Jake Clemons. One and so yes not take. That’s true he’s actually the saxophone is Denise street dance hall just sorry I’m not I am a big fan of its OJ Clemens is a fake and over again. Let’s go Brandon Flowers Brandon Flowers legitimate real bill fake bill. Brandon Flowers Israel we had a note Braniff largely think the killers yes that’s correct ought to think about say we had a parrot flowers that well we never added Brandon Flowers I think he is I thought you might get that he has nobody is from the killer’s very get all the other us. There is Brandon Flowers right is their quarterback. That sounds right Brandon Flowers somewhere in the NFL there wasn’t. Nobody in this particular instance I was thinking about the singer. Corey Carter ladies and gentlemen Corey Carter or we pocket real pillar. Corey or. It. Court Carter Corey Carter is a real bill and it’s a realist well. She is the backup punter Corey Carter is a real abilities he’s you know all punter he’s in camp by the league is gonna make team but of Rick you guys write a nice role this morning. I am pop out. Some market yes let’s real bill. I’m gonna great need me he’s emphatic that you were rather emphatic that he actually know who this is. He’s won a tight end or something deeper to tackle but he is a real Bilbray got a pool is you’re very confident had you heard his name mentioned it’s yes I actually really okay did you guys would have heard a market is Louis. Let’s go Kent Brockman kids he is anchor on the Simpsons is. Very got very negative fake belt trying to sneak Simpson’s I don’t know I was I thought given a shot how about any wreck mean Eddie. I raise the heat played and hawking asked Stephen Hopkins that’s right he won the Oscar for his performance in the theory of everything — he would be a fake bill there aren’t very good movie. How about. Zach all stat. Real belt you’re violence tackles that result are you’re going bills and famous actors so that I don’t know is tackles that so brutal bill tackles that is a fullback from Winona State football powerhouse Winona State. How about Ike vector. Real well vodka that’s realtor Barger yes I I know because when the bills sent out their pre season media guide. I saw that name Specter into it and thought to myself how do you say that guy’s name and pull some information about Mike Becker net a basket. Yeah he’s a rookie offensive tackle from the University of Iowa. I stuff it’s that group doctor Kent how about Mike Love. There is a love so I’m gonna save real. There’s a lot of love in the world gas. Not talking about the Beach Boys singer yes indeed there is a football player on the bills’ roster his defense event in South Florida so. Mike Love is a real bill I shooting going through and giving you names are getting you know facts on these guys. Mike loved his hidden talent according to build media guide. Once you say a name all of the guy up took his eye he makes the best peanut butter and jelly. We’ll point it doesn’t I think for me obviously because I’m not a peanut butter guy. Don’t tell him I didn’t pan peanut butter he is a large person he is so six foot 3255. And he says most difficult thing about being his size the blankets are always too small. And it’s here for TV shows game throats OK next month. Let’s try helium Cunningham. Real bill fake bill Leo look Cunningham. Fake bill. Brayton real bills or fake then what’s the name again I’m sorry helium Cunningham Imus say take. He portrayed. Dave most doubles she worked in game of throw Alia it. So is how about. David groat David groped real bill think they’ll. Real. It they’ll replace. It’s fake he’s a boy at Fred Meyer’s New York City cop now guy yet. But picked. They’re hard to beer. Care hard that’s real era that’s real real. Get all hot the cute guy gets name to appear you don’t forget about a guy just off beat Toronto on channel two yesterday he has a real built our South Africa he is from South Africa his here you go his first job growing up was. Laying bricks. He’s a Mozy alignment also Lyman offensive tackle from the University of Arizona blue collar guys are hard to this strangest thing he likes to eat. Dear heart DeBoer. Is ground beef with syrup. OK I was gonna say fried snake but is that maple syrup. Scott what kind others any other Kyra right there other kinds of syrup yet but if I said syrup. That means maple surround the gimmick French toast and pancakes and less in South Africa they did at the delicate there’s a different kind of syrup. The delegates he likes ground beef in syrup as simply cooked ground beef up raw ground beef answer that that would be an issue in the last on average element is frank Stein Meyer. Frank Stein Meyer. Real bill or fake bill. By the way. Your hard to Beers speaks fluent offer comes very good message seemed to living in Vick this I have to out matches so he said he could play any other sport you play for the south African national rugby team okay. Think he played rugby at some point in South Africa concede the didn’t play football until years ago. So frank Stein Meyer if I’m gonna stay at stake built. You know take felt yeah he’s the president of Germany. They’re good gear hard to appear like it’s beacon of frank Stein Meyer. The camera and all of the role of foreign sounding name so that you are gonna throw it a lot of Dugas who but I believe you guys would have gotten that one. All logic is it locked and you get did you edit. Beside that I remember Odyssey its name. The Yankees who have can get that you. It’s real you know. I just wanted to work on the printed pronunciation of a lot of the gives you look at that real struggle with that went in the Europeans. 8030550. To join us who stack we’ve given you bars what’s yours give as your quarterback. Rating ranking your who’s back who’s first who’s second who’s third. You let us know an 80305588855252. Don’t and don’t worry it’s fake money you know we wouldn’t ask you the player with real money in lose your house or anything. Speaking of football. This is going to be fun hopefully you’ve sent your recipe in already. Mr. white mr. spot showing yours truly are ready do you taste your best tailgate creations in the country sweet delegate recipe contest. All you need to do is send in your recipe at WGR 550 dot com your country sweet cooking sauce recipe. If you’re one of four eventual winners you’ll get a 100 dollar gift card to market in the square. Countries treat cooking sauce merchandise and gift card to the country sweet restaurant plus you get to talk sports what else. You and I mean it’s very complicated so hopefully they’ll they’ll pull off and you’ll hang out with cell to. So and we get to taste the ear your church your secret recipe. All you need to do again is to enter at WGR 550 dot com the country sweet tailgate recipe contest. Country sweet it’s all about the sauce Jeremy has the pick of the week when we get back top the hour Evan Washburn will join us. And it’s a reporter from CBS he’s I’ve gone on a training camp for one of his stops will be built training camp in Pittsburgh what his thoughts on the quarterback situation and some NFL matters. And 930 rivers McCown the guy that. Roasted slash shredded the bills’ offense in the football outsiders almanac rather than just talk about what he said we figured we’d ask him. Lay out why he is so down on Allen and the bills’ offense because I need a little bit I think a drink next before we can ask him like is there anything that you see that Cilic. And right find out that’s coming up as well on WGR. Time but think of the week. Is brought you buyer riverfront model sells for two exits when he sixteen Toyota Corolla Alley from riverfront. They like new corolla automatic alloy wheels gray in color 7500 miles off course or reliable Toyota. 16995. Ask Martin senior Marty junior by the 2006 Toyota Corolla fresh on the lot now call 861626. Today. For the pic of the week from riverfront all the cells might pick of the week. Training camp. Primetime practice tonight and also up bruise on a lot of this weekend Saturday forecast looks good at a good time Lester bruise on the water planning on attending again. And because time lots of lots of beer available for Saturday forecast seventies. Wife and I are planning on going to we get a picture with you. Do you take self fees at public events. What your take in the picture. Now I’m not take in the cellular salary but you know I mean I’ll try and take a picture you would be Fuzzy in the picture upon taking and obviously we you know one of the breweries the be represented will be a ton represented on Saturday is steel down brewery and distillery and they are in Alec until. And Tom Harmon is here from steel down to hang out talk a little bit about. The company in bruise on the water on Saturday target I should close that microphone first thanks for joining us. Actually hold on. Is a disorder that is that instead of you and the microphone and that one there okay. That they have me as art project should tell us about Steele let’s start with steel down brewery and distant distillery where you are which are all about. Yes still that was started by owner of the oversee he lived in places all over buffalo and is trying to bring that buffalo. Experience too delicate bill so we opened our doors may seventh but we’ve been selling. Beards you know buffalo area since January. So what now what will you have on hand forced out and if part of bruise on the water so Saturday we’re gonna have our super group it’s a nice like I PA’s got a lot of fruit bearing Hawaiian punch flavors going. And we’re also gonna have our kicking back Coles was agreed summer beer. It was a gruesome murder in light crisp sweet caramel next Munich mall street for all the drinking especially if it’s gonna be super and you know you equal off you should tropical. You know I’ll give Russia an easy shot right there so yeah you know I will follow your lead holes is easy to drink as easy drink in summer under okay Kazaa I was gonna deftly dabbling little lines but that’s why wanna ask about the different varieties of beer yet B we’re gonna have over 400 ovaries there I think and then there’s a lot of local offerings so have a great opportunities in Boston so against him how many different. Types of Beers IP based you guys get into our right now were pretty good mix of all different varieties mostly I PA’s and some of the later stuff but we have about twenty different varieties in sample letter tap room. Get agreed sixteen foot screen there to screen for watching sports but measured in inches measured in feet so creatures few years when his roster down. How often are you guys changing up what you have to offered her two appears we’d we brute twice a week we have a new beer coming almost every week right now. Sometimes twice a week so it’s it’s constantly changing and BO. Just a lot of offers pretty much for anyone that which different styles of beer reduce our beer reduced outs porter’s. Cautious line so the whole gamut. OK now your location is ineligible right yet where it’s Cora to nineteen that you 42 rated freshman Tim Hortons sell off. Do you remember exactly. So and and for folks who come out to two robbery in the distillery there’s fruit too right yeah we do a lot of buffalo affair that’s one thing that we went to bring to eligibility elevated pub food so we have our. Are a brick oven pizzas stuffed peppers wings beef on lack a lot of great offerings in different specials are doing every day too so. It’s really kind of a one stop destination for everything very good very good OK so. Again it is an elegant bill and I actually just went your website if you wanna find out more about them it’s steel bounded. EV EL dot com. Has the menus and has all the information. Directions everything else you need to know. And we’re we’re looking forward to seeing on Saturday bruise on the water thanks to be a part of it by the way thanks for evidence art that is Tom Harmon joining us from. Still bound. Brewery and distillery 8305. Dipped to join us when we get back we’ll talk more football heaven Washburn on the way from CBS NFL reporter he’s gonna be a bills training camp. And is give tours will get his thoughts on the bills in the NFL rivers McAllen at 930 from football outsiders on Josh Allen. York whose stack at any point 8030550. On WGR.


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